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Slamming The Super-Duper-Soupers

you want to know a secret
when I write a poem and it's perfect
i dont share it
i bury it 
deep inside of me 
where no one else can see
i mean its perfect
not like this shift 
it's elegant, poignant, 
simplistic, bueatful 
trucking perfect
its not erotic 
but i read it
mentally masterbate to it 
a euphoric chorus 
straight form thesaurus
its just that great
im not being egotistical 
if read, it would become universal 
a meter tethered in clasical measure 
a rythmic flow
with many metaphoric undertows
an iconic harmonic tonic 
to make you feel like an embryonic hedonic youth 
im not being napoleonic
its an actual truth 
factually accurate
high in heaven
it produced a tear in the eye of god
who proclaimed 
not a single flaw
not a single flaw 
and he only saw what i wrote
well, because hes god 
me being me i like to tease 
allow me to be inclined to share a few lines 
blow your mind 
redefine your collective defective perspective
realign your ineffective respective connective tisue

"all my cows milk is homogenized 
all my crows are well organized
all my sheep like to stare and creep 
like to stare and creep"

but you'll never see 
the rest of my secret poetry 
that only exsist inside of me 
cows will always moo
crows will always ka kah 
sheep will always go baah baah baah 
and the perfect elagance 
of my literary inteligence 
will die with me 
never being seen 
qouted, memorised or plagerized 
as i will say with my last gasp 
the next line being twice my last
all you super-duper-soupers can kiss my ***

ok all you super-duper-soupers have been slammed. if you want to slam me back just a few things. make it funny. make it a little nonsensical and definitly make it over the top
and if you do slam me back send me a soup mail or leave a comment so i can go read your slam. 

Copyright © Nathan D.

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As Comfortable As Possible

Closure eludes my clasp 
Love wilts, somehow lasts
The destination beyond my grasp

The dream decays day by day 
Your light, which never fades
Simply stopped shinning my way 

Castrating chains of second chair
Faithfull, I wither for you there 
Sucking stale stagnant air

Barely beating beneath my breast
My heart, now a hospice 
Gently lays it all to rest

Lightly felt faintly heard
Pumping, pain-numbing words
Its over…its over…   its over 

Copyright © Nathan D.

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The Malkavian part 1 perfect version

His mind has all the meaning of a madman that is screaming
Tortured and tormented, a life lived to be lamented
Drained and defeated, his family finally retreated 
Leaving him believing that he was beyond redeeming 
The doctors sent in spoke of hope and healing 
The drugs they administered only made him more demented 
Cemented is the feeling that his life is just an echo 
Of an endless, timeless, all-consuming screaming 

His best friend is a disproportioned bird, appropriately named buddy 
Whose monotonous motion in drinking is somewhat soothing to his being 
Though not potent enough to stop, the persistent pounding of the screaming
Often he stares into the emptiness of nothingness, contemplating the beauty 
of its existence 
Only to find his mind is drowning in a confounding conundrum he can’t quite 
It’s hard to be philosophical when your mental testicles have fallen to the proper 
So sometimes he whispers tongue twisters until his brain blisters
Madmen mask madness in the meticulous mastery of mindless tasks

Buddy was telling a troubling tale, of a dragon drunk off of some dwarven ale 
Who through two days, threw up flames and burnt down the tavern and town 
When the door to his room opened with a plume of plum perfume 
In stepped an inept and unkempt nurse named Nancy
Her green eyes and fiery red hair caused his heart to flutter and flair with fancy
She had quite the quiet voice and was quick to trip over her own two feet 
A bit naïve, she would easily believe anything she had heard or seen
He knew he would make her his, no matter the time nor energy 

It was easy for him to pretend to be prim and proper 
Just a mask to don in order to dupe his doctor
Circumventing the system that couldn’t save him 
He was as he always had been and would be
In constant pain and agony with no desire for sympathy
Just in need of some freedom from his prison and medication
Meditation and mantras had given him the sentiment of a design
On how to inhibit the screaming, and maybe even end it

Four years plotting and planning the perfect moment of promise
A fire formed from a single flamed fueled from an accelerant 
It raced through the halls, up the walls, over the ceiling, killing all the residents
Eighty-eight inmates and staff burned alive in what felt like an instant 
Such little time to search through the bodies, looking for a single person
He found her on the fourth clinging to the bathroom faucet 
He lost his virginity to the burnt corpse of Nurse Nancy 
To his amazed mind, he was astonished to find, the screaming was silenced

just a note I cannot reduce the font so the lines fit without overlapping as they 
do in stanza two

Copyright © Nathan D.

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The Space Between

I gather up all of my courage
My gaze drifts to the evening sky 
All that space there between 
Alien visitation must be a lie 
The sun and moon still shine for us 
Eventually they burn out and die 
Everywhere a sea of murkiness 
With little spots of distant light 
No comfort in their glowing beacons
They lack warmth beyond their sight
All the wisdom in every book 
Can’t make sense out of a starry night 
We may someday sprint off this rock 
Conquer every planet to the last 
Our population my even explode 
An empire that will be unsurpassed 
The only thing worse than a prison too small
Is a prison that is too vast 

Dedicated to the Messiah.....He knows why 

Copyright © Nathan D.

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The Worm Poem

A Certain Kind Of Death 

She was in love 
Their expression of it 
Was the perfection of it 
The way they shared 
What they had 
Was beyond compare
Today is the culmination 
Of their dedication 
Today she is pregnant 
Her heart sings 
Then the phone rings 

At the hospital 
Next to her dead husband 
How is this possible 
Why did this happen 
Grief stricken
But not heartbroken 
She still had a piece of him 
She had to be strong 
For their child
Even though he was gone 
She had to find a way 
To march on 

Pain and spot bleeding
At the hospital again
Getting ready for birthing 
No rhyme or reason 
For complication 
She took care of her body
Took care of her baby 
Its two months too soon
For the child to leave the womb 
Lacking strength and power 
It only lived an hour 
She could only scream 
She could only scream 

No strength to go through the motions
She hasn’t seen family or friends
Trying to find something within
nothing left to give 
No reason to live 
Her mind is out of reasons
she is dead inside
Her memories fading away
She’s doesn’t want to lose them
Tries to hold on to them 
She racks her brain all day 
Trying to find a way 
To keep them fresh and vibrant 

It came to her at a convenience store
A fisherman was buying some worms
She saw them wiggling 
Saw them moving 
She bought all they had 
And took them home 
She knew she had gone mad
But she didn’t want to be alone
Lying in her bed 
Longing for the dead 
She put the worms in her womb 
And pretended her baby was alive

Her days were filled with joy 
They were going to have a boy
Her husband would stay home
He could finally feel him kick and move 
His happiness was there only wish
They would love and cherish 
Every moment of everyday 
The perfect family 
For everyone to envy 
She wasn’t alone anymore 
She didn’t have to cry 
She was no longer ripped and torn 

Her evenings were horrifying 
She wasn’t taking worms out
She was reliving her baby dying 
She never once heard it crying 
Never got to hold it in her arms 
Failed to keep it from harm 
She was useless 
She was helpless
She was hopeless
She should have died too 
She should have kept him inside her
Even if it had killed her 

She decided one day 
To keep her baby 
Decided not to let the doctors take it away
She started to feel some pain 
She decided on a name 
She can barely move now 
She would keep David safe somehow
She’s constantly bleeding and convulsing 
She can feel his life pulsating 
She gave birth before she died
With the worms pouring out 
and of one thing there is no doubt

There is a certain kind of death 
Waiting, for some of us 

Copyright © Nathan D.

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Playing Human

the smile on my lips

is forced and coerced

I pretend to pay attention

give the best possible advice

everyone praises me

I 'm so kind, polite and nice

its all just automation

I rarely actually listen

certainly don't care

all I'm doing

is playing human

blending in

fitting in

I'm so perfectly hidden

you 'll never even

see a curtain  

from where I stand  

majoring in fronts 

put up on a pedal stool

for computing with fools

I'm so perfectly hidden 

smiling from time to time

labeling those 

with  all sincerity

open solitary

passing along an appeal

continuing to fit in

blend in


force  program 

is it just me or

am I the perfect human

for p.d's collaboration contest but I wont say who wrote what part.

Copyright © Nathan D.

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The Worm Poem Sequel

She was in love 
Their expression of it 
Was the perfection of it 
The way they shared 
What they had 
Was beyond compare
Today is the next step
Towards their future
Today they bought a house 
Her heart sings 
Then the phone rings 

At the hospital 
Next to her dead husband 
An accident at work 
Why did this happen 
Grief stricken
And heartbroken 
She had no piece of him 
No strength to go through the motions
Nothing left to give 
No reason to live 
Now that he was gone 
She lost her way 
And couldn’t march on 

She hasn’t seen family or friends
Her mind is out of reasons
She is dead inside
Alone in her empty home
A sanctuary for her to hide
From the world 
From her pain 
From her loss
From her pity and shame 
She longs to join her husband 
But he wouldn’t want her to 
She can only scream 
She can only scream 

One night while she was sleeping 
She awaked to a unfamiliar sound
That of a baby crying
She wondered if she was dreaming 
She walked to the empty room  
That would have been his office
She slowly opened the door  
In the middle of the floor 
Was a baby on its back 
She stepped in to the room 
And went to pick up the child 
Its flesh shimmered and disappeared
And she pulled up a handful of worms 

She woke up in the empty room 
Passed it all off as a dream 
Brought on by the grief 
She went about her day 
She goes through their photo album 
Thinks of all the things 
She wanted to say
Thinks of all the love he gave
All the plans they made 
His handsome face 
Everything taken from her 
She thinks again about dying 
Then she hears the baby crying 

So many thoughts ran through her head 
Instinctively she knew this baby was dead 
But the fear from the night before 
Wasn’t there as she walked through the door 
She didn’t know what else to do 
So she went to pick him up again 
This time his body held form 
She spoke softly to him 
Promised it would be alright 
The baby stopped crying 
She knew she wasn’t lying 
Even if she had gone mad 
She felt a little less sad  

For three months she was a mother
She tried to feed him 
She bought him toys to play with 
She clothed and changed him 
Sang childhood songs 
Held him all night long 
She read books to him 
She worried about his future 
She cared and nurtured 
Bathed him in the mornings 
Brushed his hair just right 
Even on the days she couldn’t touch him 
She did as much as she could for him 

 It was the first day of spring 
The first full sun she had seen 
She decided to go on a picnic 
Packed a single lunch 
She picked up the baby 
And took him outside 
Set him on a blanket with toys
She enjoyed her meal 
Then they both played 
The perfect sunny day 
The baby was happy 
She felt almost as good as before 
More then she dared hope for 

She stood up and started to pack up 
Movement caught her eye 
A form running from the trees 
Headed straight for the baby 
She moved as fast as she could 
Too slow to stop the attack 
But she managed to kick it back 
The baby had shimmered and lost form 
Reverted into a pile worms
Her heart sank and skipped a beat  
Before she could do anything 
The creature moved back in 
She finally got a good look at it 
It was a coyote with silver fur 
The light around it glowed 
“It is unnatural and must die 
So his spirit can cross to the other side” 
She was shocked to hear it talked 
She still managed to reply despite her fear 
“He deserved to live and find love 
To know the happiness I could give him 
But you killed him for no reason”
The coyote circled them 
Eyeing them with hunger 
Slowly bringing himself closer 
She prepared herself to fight 

“His spirit is still here”
Then the coyote sat down 
Stared into her eyes and soul 
“Time is short if you want to save him 
So be quite and listen 
There will be a price I charge 
It will be quite large 
That we will discuss later 
If you accept my offer 
You must do also do everything I say 
Without hesitation or questions
It will not be easy 
But I’ll help you try to save your baby”

Tears streamed down her face 
She felt out of time and space 
“Yes anything, anything to save him”
The coyote sniffed the pile of worms 
“His soul is attached to these
You must put them inside your womb 
And we will try to give him a new body”
She didn’t know why she believe the coyote 
But she did as he said 
She took the worms and put them in her womb 
The coyote started to lick her belly 
Stopping only to howl or growl 
And her belly grew and grew

Pain spread through her body and soul 
It was almost too much for her to control 
But she could feel David his name was David
She could feel him inside her 
The coyote was glowing so bright 
She didn’t even notice it was already night 
She had a moment where she knew 
She was going to die nothing she could do 
But David would survive 
“Promise me you will protect him 
I will pay you back on the other side”
Then her belly ripped open 
Dead worms littered the area 
Once last scream and then she died 
But David was there to cry 

There is a certain kind of death 
Waiting, for some of us 

Copyright © Nathan D.

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Malkavian the second

The constant assault of the silence on his senses is intense 
Hands clenched in fist he wished for noise and bliss
Buddy stopped talking and drinking he begins pacing as he’s thinking 
Tired from walking he knells before the bird and begs him to start talking 
Every emotion emerges inside him as a whisper in his ear 
Tears stream down his eyes, as he cries, victim of his own lies 
The screaming wasn’t the problem only a symptom 
He hugs his knees, bites his lip, bleeds, and tries to listen 

The burnt and hallow hospital once his prison is now his home 
Where he wrestles with his inner demons trying to grasp his own emotions 
Guilt over his crime haunts his mind all of the time 
He dreams of his love Nancy burnt and covered in blood 
She deserved no less than pure happiness instead she is dead 
He bends downs, kissing buddy on the forehead, crying
Dying for the company of his only friend and companion 
He begs god for forgiveness for the sins that he can’t amend 

Blood slips then drips off his bit and split lip into the cup from which buddy sips
Buddy’s head begins to bob, he sobs as buddy’s black beak bares a glob of blood
He thinks, as buddy drinks, that the blood is the key to his friend being freed 
The bird absorbs the blood then stops bobbing, he begins thinking and plotting
His brain decreed a dream where people scream and bleed unheeded by the need to feed them 
He strains his brain as he schemes of means to bring his dream from fantasy to reality 
He felt like a little boy, full of pride and joy, from finding a new toy 
His mind frothed with frenzy as he indulged every fancy, except thoughts of forgotten nurse Nancy 

There is a drug called lysergic acid diethylamide, or simply just acid 
A large enough dose introduced into the system can make the brain rancid 
Though he doesn’t have a P.H.D. or even an internet bought certificate 
He learned enough from books and his doctors, he’s positive he can make it 
An old abandoned building untouched by the fire is perfect for his laboratory 
It has everything he will need, drugs and all, even has a lavatory 
Soon buddy would have more blood then he could ever think to drink 
Soon he would hear the screams that would bring him back from the brink 

All the preparations were complete in time for the Fourth of July commemoration   
When most the city will gather on the waterfront for its yearly celebration 
He was the first to arrive in the morning dressed in his finest Sunday suit 
Purple pants and shirt with silver lining with a black ten gallon hat to boot 
He took a moment to savor the silence before setting up his special stand 
He watched the people mingle and patiently waited to unleash his plan 
When the day reached the hottest he started to hand out toys to the kids 
Super soakers filled with acid, with a reward promised to whoever gets the most hits 

Wave after wave, the children came to get a squirt gun and chase the reward
Wave after wave, the children spread the seed of his madness into the herd 
It took less than hour for every single person to get implanted 
Then he watched and waited for his wish to be granted 
Then the worst thing that could happen, happened, nothing, nothing at all 
As it became nightfall he crawled into a ball and began to bawl 
From frustration to fear his emotions took him to unfathomable despair 
Then somewhere above the clamor of the festivities, a scream filled the air 

Chaos, pure unadulterated chaos, spread through the crowd like wild fire
They committed every act of sin and deplorable indecency their hearts desired
He walked amongst them, untouched, as their leader…..nay their god 
He searched through their twisted minds, enhancing every flaw
Thousands upon thousands, screamed as they bled 
Thousands upon thousands, gone mad and then dead 
Through all the insanity he saw a redheaded angel left untouched
He knew in that exact instant that he loved her so very much 

He walked up to her, bowed, and then tipped his hat 
Brushing her cheek, with a whisper, he renamed her Nancy
He pulled out a chair and sat, setting her down on his lap 
He indulged in the flattery of her beauty, the beauty of Nancy 
He caressed her ever so gently, and kissed her gently more 
He lost himself in the sensation of her skin, the sensation of Nancy 
Unable to be contained anymore, he gutted her and threw her corpse on the floor
He wanted to see how the inside worked while he made love, made love to his Nancy 

With his lust sedated, and his love soon to be cremated, he pulled buddy from his pocket
He set the bird in a puddle of blood, watching him bob as he quenched his thirst
The few survivors left started to chant and incantation he can’t ever remember hearing of
But he joined them, singing louder and louder, letting his voice rise above 
Once again Nancy burned for him while buddy swelled with blood until he burst 
The wood splintered and shattered, showing a growing and beating heart 
And all the blood for miles around came rushing in like a rabid river 
It wrapped around the heart and took form, hell rejoice, Malkav is reborn 

Copyright © Nathan D.

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In My Professional Opinion

I stare at all the stars in the sky 
Like everlasting snowflakes 
No two are alike  
I wonder what god was thinking  
 Maybe they are just his 
Guidance and comfort 
Seeping through 
I look all the trees 
Wonder how many can there be 
Think about insects 
Their number and variety is bigger 
Then my ability to pronounce 
This must be gods 
Overactive imagination
Seeping through 
I watch my fellow humans
And all they are capable of 
Masters of both hate and love 
The material and physical 
And how they love to create 
I have come to the conclusion 
That this is all an allusion 
To god having O.C.D. 
Probably has multiple personalities 
And the devil 
Is just his paranoid schizophrenia 
Seeping through

Copyright © Nathan D.

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the killing season

give me a reason 
to take the pain 
in this season 
of heavy rain 

I was a glass gong 
just waiting to be shattered 
but I feared for so long 
that nothing else mattered

so keep your faith 
and your broken word
no one is safe 
from the double edge sword

now I just want to know
how to be who I was 
but I can't let go 
its not what a warrior does 

so bring on the pain 
and screw the reason 
because in this rain 
its the killing season 

note....I cant believe how many lines start with and in this poem
I have my plate and fork out and am ready to eat crow

Copyright © Nathan D.