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Doppelganger,My Clown

 As I was sitting in the park, one dark cloudy day, I was troubled in such a worrisome way.
My complicated life had me down, upon my face, a grimacing, tormented frown.
When I looked up, what I saw, was a stern faced clown, uninterested, suffused, withdrawn.
He was sitting on the bench, so sad, so frayed, his hands clenched tight, as if he prayed.

A look of torment upon his haunted face, it seemed he was uninterested, out of place.
From his eyes, tears were falling to the ground, I was astonished, I was so astound.
His face seemed to be frozen in time, but then again he reminded me of a mime.
I understood immediately, we were the same, both of us being in the same mind frame.

I tried to smile and to my despair, we both stared at each other with an equal glare.
I wondered what this message could possibly be, was this fate being directed to me?
He nodded his head, looked up to the leaden sky, he read my thoughts, I silently sighed.
I realized in an instant this was foreseen; so petrified, I felt like a frozen ashy figurine.

The clown still seated on the bench, his eyes steadily fixed, on me, was he totally
That tormented look that was upon his face, continued in silence, showing no reflective
Understanding, I smiled; I knew that this was my ghost, sent to me by The Divine’s Holy host.
No longer worried or concern; my troubles lifted, that gloomy dark cloud has been adjourned.

© Juanita Warden 7/12/11


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Missing you
Lost in deep thought

Breaking heart
Memories mirror

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Getting to see the white tunnel
Eyes transfixed with anticipation
Love ones gone before, awaiting
At the entrance, filled with inspiration
Smiling faces starting to appear
Arms outstretched from long lost loves
Entering the arch, feeling the warmth of love
Sensations felt from the wings of doves
Walking the roads that are pure gold
Meeting the Heavenly Father, on the throne 
Living in paradise all my days, as foretold
Angels flying all around, singing hymns intone. 
    ~~~A.D.--- After Death~~~

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My Last Hour

3600 Seconds

I would pray and ask God to forgive me for all my shortcomings.
I would thank Him for the many blessings He has sent my way. 
I would ask Him that He be with all my loved ones, guide them, 
and give them the faith they will need to carry on. I would tell Him,
I understood, that, “His Will Must Be Done”.

I would gather my children and let them know how much I love them.
I would ask them to keep and pass on the values, I have taught them. 
That I understand they will be unhappy, not too grieve to long, that death 
is part of life, we are not promised any tomorrows.

I would sit with my husband and let him know how much he means to me,
how much I love him. I would thank him, with all my heart, for the last 22 years.
Let him know how happy he has made me. I would ask him not to grieve for me,
in due time, find someone else. I do not want him to be alone.

I would go sit on my porch swing with my husband, family and smell the fresh air.
Until death, I would be with Him because "I am Going Home".

Juanita Warden
Copyright © 2011 
(All rights reserved)

Robb A. Kopp
Contest, "My Last Hour"

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Remembering, The Afterglow

Sitting on these train tracks, wondering,
Are you dreaming of me, as I do you?
Do you remember our love as explosive, thundering?
Sitting on these train tracks, wondering,
Is your heart still throbbing as mine, still rumbling?
Can these ambivalence notions of hope be subdued?
Sitting on these train tracks, wondering,
Are you dreaming of me, as I do you?

Juanita Warden 
Copyright © 2011(All rights reserved)


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An Angel In Waiting

:      As she sang her song she looked all around
         Angels in Heaven did she surround
     They flew in and out, through Heaven's doors
         They were busy doing, Gods daily Chores'.
      She wanted to be an Angel, an Angel with wings
         She wanted to do all of God's daily things
     "I want my wings now" she said, with a sigh
        " I have waited and waited, I want to fly"
     The Angel with blonde hair was sitting nearby
        "You have to walk darling, before you can fly.
      Wings, my Dear you have to earn.    
         There is so much more, you have yet to learn.
     Up here in heaven we take our time.
         Slowly and surely we make the climb.
     You have forever to get your wings,
         For now, my dear, we need you to sing.
     Your sweet voice is what is needed to greet
         The new souls that are entering Heavens' Retreat.
     At first they are lost until they find their way
         That's why we need you here, singing everyday.
      Your sweet voice tells them they are here with God.
        Its makes them feel welcome and safe inside. 
      So see, My Dear, you are needed right here
          To welcome them all, with your good smiling cheer".:

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Life's Lesson

:In our lives we’re are taught and learn many things,
Life itself is a lesson, with everything it brings.
However, lessons learned have to come from deep within,
Living the experience, remembering where you have been.
We have to love ourselves, before we can love another,
We need to know the values of our neighbors and brothers.
We need to know that happiness is internally ours,
That life has its cloudy days and cold misty showers.
That it is up to us, to release the power, that within us strives,
The love and affection that each of us have, never dies.
Those challenges in life happen, they are sent to us for a reason.
Throughout the years, they follow us, in all four seasons.
Therefore, we take a stand and face our dilemmas head-on,
Learning from experiences, in life, what lessons have spawned.:

Juanita Warden
Copyright © 2011-07-14 
(All rights reserved)

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Rare Stone

A very rare stone I am indeed
One that heals our world in need
I would skip over waters so blue
To get to places that are overdue
I would take away all the hurt and wars
Take away all that has been ignored 
Put love in the hearts of mankind
Giving wisdom to all that are blind
I would bless all the lands
Famine, would be strictly banned
I would use my different hues
To take away all forms of abuse
All diseases would disappear
Peace and harmony would rule the sphere
The Father would be back in our lives
There would be no more undo strife
I am a healing stone, found all around
Determined to be always abound.:

Copyright © 2011 Juanita Warden
(All rights reserved)

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Hearts are Hearts

When someone gives their heart to you, entrust it in your hands
You need to treat it gently and always understand
That hearts are made of flesh and blood, easily broken when hurt
Hearts are known to run away, only to revert 
That hearts that have been broken, are sometimes slow to heal
And most hearts always have feelings that are deeply concealed 
That hearts come in many sizes, big, medium, and small 
But it makes absolutely no difference; it's a heart after all
That hearts are hearts, no matter what the size may be
They still feel the hurt, the pain, and they cry and make silent pleas 
That hearts will open up real wide, as if they have big eyes
Sometimes closing just as fast and acting in complete disguise
That hearts will sometimes fool themselves into believing what's not true
And hearts almost always suffers from the lonely heartache blues
That hearts can be tender, caring, loving, and cool
But hearts can also be mean, vicious, cruel, and make you a fool
So when someone entrusts his heart to you, always keep this in mind
Make sure that is what you want before you let it intertwine
That hearts let love inside with all the good intentions
Not ever anticipating any wrongful or painful interventions

 Juanita Warden 

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Swinging On A Star

On a pedestal
High in the galaxies space
Your love is still bound
Warm arms of loving embrace
My life with “YOU” never ends.

Juanita Warden