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The Whisper Of The Wind

The leaves they dance... the leaves they fall.... the whisper of the wind
One more season... one more year... the change, it now begins
For many years your presence felt... the trees prepare to sleep
As I wonder at your work... your voice begins to speak

The trees they bow as you approach... your power now displayed
I close my eyes and drift away... my thoughts of life replayed
Breaking through the whistling wind... another I do hear
Who is this you’ve brought with you....  whose memories I hold dear?

"It’s me my love... I’ve heard your thoughts"…".I sought and found a way"
Please tell me where you’ve been my love... what do you have to say?
"My time did come"…"I had to leave"…"so much you do not know"
What power brings you now to me…on winds that billows blow?

"I only came to say hello"… "to see you one more time"
Times did change…I did move on…another love is mine.
"Listen to the words I say" …"and cherish memories all"
I’ve thought of you so many times…your memories often call

"The wind it blows"... "I must now leave"..."but hear these words my love"
"Enjoy your life"…"Do all you can"…"Until your journeys done"
"Your voice will speak to her one day"..." when winter winds do blow"
"The voice within the whispered wind"…"only she will know"

"One day the leaves will dance and fall"... "and she will think of you"
"Your life will be remembered then"…"the voice will then be you".
The leaves they dance... the leaves they fall... the whisper of the wind. 
One more season…one more year…..the change…it now begins

Copyright © Jon Arno

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To Love Another Day

Sweet tender thoughts go through my mind     
I now can fly away
She gave me strength to soar new heights      
to love another day

She ran her fingers through my hair
and kissed me on the cheek
I struggled hard to hold back tears
composure tried to keep

She brought out feelings I had lost
so many years ago
She'll always be a part of me
of this I surely know

I turned to see her one last time
before I walked the isle
She waived her hand to say goodbye
oh my...that lovely smile

Copyright © Jon Arno

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The Candle

The candle burns so strong and bright
My days go slowly by
The future beckons  "follow me"
I know… I’ll never die

The candle weeps yet shares it’s light
I try to find my way
The journey now begins for me
I’m strong… I’ll never die

The candle now is worn and tired
Lifes troubles show the wear
My paths are short and measured now
I’m scared… that I might die

The candle now is small and frail
The light grows very dim
My days are surely numbered now
I know… that I will die

The candle flickers on and off
The Usher at the door
My loved ones gather round my bed
Today… I’ll surely die

A puff of smoke is all that's left 
My life was far too short
But yet in spite of what I was  
I now am more alive

We do not die as many think
We simply change our form
The test of life is over now
"Well done and welcome home"

© Jon Arno

Copyright © Jon Arno

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The Serial Killer

He lurks in the shadows... while watching his prey
Waiting and hoping... their death be today
They don’t know the monster... has them in sight
The victim soon down... by his power and might

The news said another... had just lost her life
Found by the river… her death by his knife
The doors are now locked... and fear seizing all
Police asking questions… please give us a call

Mary Jo Sharpe was another one sought
She fought for her life... but she also got caught
Her mother was called a quarter to 10
The killer is loose...will soon strike again

Where is the monster?... When will he strike?
Walk with your friends... please stay in the light
The stalker is out there... he might look for you
If you are his victim... he’ll not leave a clue

Bring in the psychics... the people do cry!
Maybe they’ll find him… they have a third eye
The monster is laughing... he’s taunting the law
Another night out… he’ll strike with his claw   

The Killer was caught by Detective Malone
He staked out the alley….he caught him alone
“How did you find me? I never left clues!”
The Judge sent him singing the behind bar blues

Copyright © Jon Arno

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Eyes To See

Today was much like yesterday
another day to hide...
The feelings anchored to my soul
carrying wounded pride

I try my best to wear the mask
and hope she doesn’t see...
Yet deep inside my heart I know
my love has eyes to see

It’s hard to carry on each day
when all I do is cry...
But even though you see no tears 
there is a flood inside

Copyright © Jon Arno

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A Ray Of Hope

So many times I've thought of you
and whispered out your name
Then drift on into memories
the heartache still remains

I've had a lot of time to think
on how it all went wrong
I beat myself up pretty bad
you know I'm not that strong

I'm clinging to a ray of hope
our paths will cross once more
A second chance to be with you
just like it was before

Tonight I'll pull the pillow close
pretend you're here with me
I'll go to sleep and dream of you
and hold you endlessly

Copyright © Jon Arno

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She sits upon the hightest point
to deal with crushing blows
A place where she can be alone
and where no one will know

A place with perfect solitude
to contemplate her loss
Where she can cry or scream out loud
and no one comes across

She looks for meaning to it all
no answers can be found
She replays moments in her mind
but silence all around

The wind blows gently through her hair
some comfort from her pain
But soon her troubles reappear
and then it starts again

She knows her life is different now
but where to go from here?
This wasnt how it should have been
her heart is filled with fear

Copyright © Jon Arno

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Ringing The Bell

Alone in the cold…from morning to night
The soldier of God …they fight the good fight
Ringing the bell…ringing the bell

They give of their time…for others who hurt
Their duty is clear….the mission overt             
Ringing the bell…ringing the bell

Making no judgment…they guard the red pot                 
Some shoppers give…while others do not
Ringing the bell…ringing the bell

Their motto's the same... for many a year
Doing the most good..a lone vollunteer
Ringing the bell…ringing the bell

Copyright © Jon Arno

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For thousands of years
In darkness they walked
Sons of the Highest
The women they stalked

They soon will be freed
From prison below
The chains will be loosed
Again they will go

As sure as it was
Again it will be
They’ll take who they want
To do as they please

Copyright © Jon Arno

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My Bucket List

I have so much I want to do
before I'm laid to rest
I want to see and do it all
complete my bucket list

I want to shout from mountain tops
and sail in clear blue seas
To travel all around the world
and see the Redwood trees

My fear is that I'll wait too long
and then I cannot go
The years they now go flying by 
and aging takes its toll

The time has come to set aside
the life I've come to know
Fulfill the dreams I put away
so many years ago

Copyright © Jon Arno