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The Wall

We haven't spoken in so long
The wall has been built up
Big and strong.

But now I'm reaching to You
And I feel no sign coming.

Is the wall too high,
Can you see me?

Do You realize I need a guide?
I've been gone so long, I hid.

But now I'm here
I need a sign.

I'm reaching up to You
Please hear my cries.

Now I realize all the pain inside
Now I know what it feels like...
To have light, but also hear nothing.

Details | Isioma West Poem

Land of no days

I'm flying so high
Feeling the clouds go by
Yes I'm flying
Real high, waiting ‘til I find my place
Flying to a land
Of dreams and no worries
Where the sky is always blue
Some rain, no snow
Where the heat is low 
So baby would you like to fly with me
Fly really high and touch the sky
Darling won’t you come and see the world?
It was made for you and me.
Rainbows light the sky
Pots of gold sit at the end.
Touch the moon, 
I’ll be your air
In this land
Disasters never exist
The heaven and earth will always keep peace
And remember
That there are no worries.
Come with me to the land of no days
Fly with me, hand in hand
And don’t worry ‘bout falling
To the ground
My love will keep you flying. 
You can swim in my love
You never have to leave
Go with me to the land of no days
Fly with me hand in hand
And don’t worry ‘bout falling
To the ground
My love will keep you flying high
This land was made for you and me
My love
Will fly in harmony
And, darling,
You’ll never want to leave.
Let’s fly, fly away
To the land of no days
No worries
And no tears.
Love, Laughter, Joy will sing for us
While our love goes on and on

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Breathe Again

The suffocating pressures are not lifted from you
Like burdens that took over your body.
All of the fears and tears have been purged effectively
And now you can breathe again
Freely, easily.
You had been tied to responsibility and people’s misunderstandings of your feelings
But now that you have been unbound,
Spread the wings of life and take flight into freedom.
You are now on your own
And now independence has become your close friend
As well as sense and morality. 
Breathe again.

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The feigned glories of war
With the fluttering flag
And the romanticized figures and bloodied bodies
Put a beautiful and patriotic image in your mind.
But the horrors of war are not beautified
With sugary words and hope.
No. The sight of it, feel of it
Can leave you trembling and wishing no more.
Once the ideas of a beautiful war diminished
Into the deepest, darkest depths of our minds,
We saw the terrible cause of discord.
Would war ever end? 
Though we have attempted peace since WW1
We have fallen short and ended up 
With more soldiers and more fatalities.
War is the violent compromising of two conflicting territories.
A way of foreign policy that causes mishap 
And reluctance.
It causes weariness in civilians—
But will it ever cease to exist?
Is there no other way?

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Fear can consume you wholly.
It takes your mind into the darkness of its wrath
It taunts you when you face it.
Fear will take over you if it gets the chance
And once you turn to it,
You are lost in the vines of hesitation and helplessness.
Fear will wrap its emblematic arms around you
And pull you deep within yourself.
Fear can keep you from anything
And that is what it wants.
It is up to you to pull yourself
From its damaging grasp,
For your fears are just as afraid of you.

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The Dancing Shadow

I am stitched onto this physique of flesh
Gracefully following whenever I can
Dancing in front, behind, or to the side.
I love how I see myself
Shaded grey
Shaded black.
The beauty of movement
The beauty of vision
Enchanting and mesmerizing
Swaying end to end—
Caught in a frenzy of twirls.
Defining the curves of her nose
Her lips
Her hair
But without the gift of becoming a mirror image
The true color
The true direction
The true ways of a mortal
I will always be
Her dancing shadow.

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Her ageless face
Her jet black hair
The way she wears confidence and composure.
The long hours she works
The long sleepless nights
The way her thoughts race like bird wings.
Her kindness
Her beauty
The way she smiles and laughs.
The long days of fatigue
The long years of pain written on her face
The way she says that we are everything to her.
Her anger
Her independence
Her wisdom
Her determination
The ways she speaks her mind.

My mom will always be in my heart.

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It is empty and cold here
Even with all these people.
Like a big blur in the corner
I stand and watch the commotion.
They laugh, they smile, they speak
And no one remembers me
No one acknowledges me.
It is dark
Even though there are lights everywhere.
And I, the shadow; the ghost; the figment of imagination...
I watch.
And watch.
And then it is truly dark.
Everyone is gone and I stand.
It is truly warm.
And the silence is the loudest commotion of all.

Details | Isioma West Poem


Shivering and alone
The clouds have covered the gleaming sun
Like my tears had covered my blooming smile.
Variations of grey in the weeping sky
Like the variations of feelings in my thoughts.
Why is it so cold?
The warmth has been sucked out of the air
Like the happiness was sucked out of my day.
The cold is harsh
And will last long
Like the winter storm beginning in my mind.
Perhaps the sun will shine again
And break the barriers of the strong clouds;
The growing cold.
Perhaps the cold
Will go from here.
Or it will hide until another time.
It was never afraid to face the light of day.

Details | Isioma West Poem

The Good Side of Things

May hate dissolve
May fear shrink back.
Murders cease to exist 
Fighting turn into embraces.
May peace be our dedication
May prejudice slip out of minds.
Acceptance of all people
Giving room to one another.
May kindness wrap our hearts
May trust overpower jealousy.
Lies become innocent 
Opinions become respected.
May anger become happiness
May promises become reality.
Peace becomes reality instead of an idealism
Love remains true.
May this side of things one day subsist.