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Best King-Galaxius Stravinsky Poems

Below are the all-time best King-Galaxius Stravinsky poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Loves fanatic sports.
Games littles coach.
Short esquire ethic.

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Inset inshore gruel insight evoke.
Droll dresser dream.
Cocky linkups occur.

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Sweet happiness lasts forever solid.
Eyes beaming proud.
Smile showing teeth.

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The most private parts of my thoughts out- express other ways more clearer. 
Especially when I stand here quietly looking at myself in the mirror.
Such a splendid piece to explore. Viewing myself in great detail is hard to ignore.
From head to toe, even the fingernail shows how God's creation is made very well.
Throughout the years I held my infant child, nieces, and nephew up in a mirror, until 
all smiles would gleam, making sure I taught them to love themselves from infancy, 
creating beginning positive self-esteem.
One should not frown upon or be critical concerning these kinds of actions.
I cannot make the situation any clearer. Again, my most private personal time is 
spent looking into the mirror.

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Candy potluck sweet.
Puree organic patty objects foods oatmeal plant.
Poise raffish jelly imbibes candy.

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Plain Jane

No wearing a uniform, no selling beauty products, nor knocking on anymore doors.
Wanting to wash dishes for a temporary or fulltime job is not insane. I'm just a plain 
Burgers and fries. Tater tots. What is new? What is not? My ultimate desires are 
Curiosity sometimes runs amuck.
Don't continue to make the situation worse by causing yourself to get stranded or 
You're an ice king and selfish in the sack.
With a heart like an onyx of the deepest black. What are your thoughts, honey?
People say that seeing people's struggles in life to you is a joy.
That small part of you must harbor a miserable little boy.
A little birdie told me a secret about you not so far in the distant past.
Part of it is being bereft of cash.
The crow-like one said that once you're done with all the damage, what's left of the 
existence from everything else will be nothing but ash.

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Blind Leading Blind

Woman wisdoms faded.
Blind leading blind.
Sight forever loses.

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Vouch uncloak tomes.
Tooth topcoat retro.
Parry purport perks sourf.

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Funny lovable woman.
Clear valleys paths.
Smile asunder laugh.

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Large sherbet bowls.
Fruit filling taste.
Aroma desired treat.