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Horses point of view

•	My cowboy has walked me to this horse eating pit-
•	I think I should dance and jig and throw quite a fit-
•	Gators and snakes and no bottom in sight-
•	If I put my hoof in it something will bite-
•	The ditch is wide and the water is green-
•	I’m getting spookier from the reflections I’ve seen-
•	Hang on fat cowboy and grab that saddle horn-
•	This big ole horse is going airborne!-
•	I tried to warn him of the upcoming jump-
•	When he hit the ground he made quite a thump!-
•	He dusted himself off when he got off the grass- 
•	Dirt and mud still stuck to his fat ass-
•	From his perspective he still failed to see-
•	That leap I made surely saved him and me!-

              By Mike  Francis

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Horse play

Horse play

I bucked the cowboy off in the hay

This is a game that horses just love to play

He rolled up into great big old pile

His anger I did most certainly rile

He got to his feet and reached for my reigns

And spat out an ugly comment about my brains

Since he was calling me a big dumb brute

I planted my hoof on his cowboy boot

I watched his eyes roll around in his head

What he yelled will remain unsaid

I was starting to admire this big tough guy

But I still reached over and bit him right in the thigh

When I pulled and heard his bluejeans rip

I let go of my toothy grip

I bumped him hard with my right shoulder

He was now an awfully pitiful looking drover

Now that I've finished what I had begun

I was thinking the life of a cow horse can be so much fun

By Mike Francis

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The way to go

The way to go

Most people would prefer to die in their own bed
Clean sheets, warm blanket and a soft pillow for their head

Some people might like to go reading a good book
Maybe in their favorite chair in some quiet nook

There are those that might want suicide
Because long suffering pain they can't abide

Many death row prisoners await the deed
That might get their rotten souls freed

When it come to my end and I have a choice
The way that I have chosen would make me rejoice

Off a bloody saddle I'd like to slide
From my favorite mount in stride

By Mike Francis

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Life of sin

Life of sin

It's really doubtful that I will die in bed
Most likely I will be shot through the head

I've spent my whole life wallowing in sin
It's a lead pipe cinch that I'd do it over again

I might even get to stand at the pearly gate
But somehow I think they will make me wait

St Peter will read from his sin tally book
Hopefully a few he might overlook

The reading would take most of a week
Getting into heaven looks pretty bleak

I imagine that I will burn in eternal hellfire
I'll regret not hearing the celestial choir

The Devil has always been my consort
All plans for heaven I'll have to abort

By Mike Francis

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Fly Creek

Fly Creek

It looks inviting from the top of the pier
The water is certainly cold and clear

This hot humid day I might survive
If I would just get up and take a dive

Sitting here with my eyelids closed
Makes me feel quite composed

I sit here under the afternoon sky
just watching Fly Creek flow by

It slowly moves along it's way 
Till it ends up in Mobile Bay

By Mike Francis

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Executive decision

Executive decision
I ain't an executive and I'll tell you why
Cause I couldn't wear no suit and tie
Give me my Stetson and my cowboy shirt
My wore out blue jeans all covered in dirt
Put me in a board room
It would spell doom
I'd act real threatful
Then pull out my pistol
Then I'd cock back the hammer
And pull on the trigger
I'd scream and laugh and act real cuckoo
and let someone else clean up the poo
By Mike Francis

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New Horse

Roped my new horse and saddled him up
Put on his bridle and stepped into the stirrup
When my butt hit the saddle he started to buck
He was trying his best to get me unstuck
There was steam from his nostrils
He started spinning in circles
There was fire in his eyes
When his back started to rise
with a twist and a turn he had me defeated
I grabbed for the horn and tried to stay mounted
He changed his direction and bucked extra high
The big devil had gotten his wish and I started to fly
Up through a cloud and into a tree
I know now why this big horse was free
By Mike Francis

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Only Friend

My only Friend

Between now and the bitter end
My saddle horse will be my only friend

Unlike the woman of my past
Our love for each other will last and last

Since I'm speaking of her I will confide
This big ole walker is more fun to ride

When things in my marriage started to go awry
I saddled up and waived goodbye

Into the high country we did fly
Before anyone could see me cry

All I have left is my trusty steed
For the rest of my life he's all I need

By Mike Francis

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Wild Times

Wild horses, young women and cheap whiskey you see
Are certainly not all there cracked up to be
They will hurt your body, your heart and you're head
And if you're not careful they will leave you quite dead
I've got a cow pony a big dog and a canteen of water
I feel a lot better doing what I oughta!

By Mike Francis

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Seafood Gumbo

Seafood Gumbo

Start with a dark brown Roux
Just like those Cajuns do

Next add the bell pepper and onion too
Tomatoes and garlic cloves, just a few

Cover it all with chicken stock
as this will help the flavors to unlock

File' and smoked sausage now go into the pot
Add the crab meat and peeled shrimp that were freshly caught

Serve it over a cup of rice
You'll find the that it tastes real nice

Put in enough pepper to set your mouth aglow
Now eat up that bowl of seafood gumbo

By Mike Francis