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Potter's Field

Bursts of misty rain  
Silken dewdrops on each stalk  
Rest on  bending grass

Details | Jennifer Cahill Poem


She slowly uncoiled her gray streaked hair that fell to her waist. She removed her 
spectacles to see more clearly the windswept icy snow clinging to the branches. A 
pause, settling something deep within; then her gaze shifted to me.
I reached out, but found my reach was frozen, too stiff to touch her. For if I touched 
her, the burden we shared would lapse and slide away, slinking off to be buried, 
uncoiled under the ground.
A pinched, dour expression settled her features into a mask that would never 
betray the inner darkness which created a shadow of an existence. A mask that I 
must wear as well, to ward off the hopeless life within me, growing every moment of 
the day, days upon days retreating into the too long nights, hopeless to survive in 
the world we have created, together as “want” and “ruthlessness”.
“I carry no idolatries, no false hope.” A breath are these words as I receive them, 
knowing they are too bold to give forth a safe humility.

 The nurse, starched clothing as stiff as her countenance, paused, a look of 
condemnation briefly shadowing her face, the sun passing in and out of the clouds. 
She could not help herself. No matter the role we are chosen to play in this world, 
we are not free of a deeply flawed human nature, ice softening dangerously on a 
winter’s pond. I turned away.
I  came to hours later, the rejected life in me  gone, a searing through flesh never 
immune to a free will taunting, tearing the fabric of life so fragile. I would not cling. A 
passing briefly witnessed, a single brown leaf blown by the window in the darkened 
room where we sit for tea, hopes slowly elapsing like the sea waters
Tomorrow we can only envision; today we must let go of a part of us we will never 
again possess. A coursing through the veins of life no more, we push, and push, an 
existence wishing to sink into the yawning chasm of what is unknown and coming 
for us.

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Be Still

And the westerly wind,
Will blow a sea of waving grass
And the sea's fine mist 
Will breathe drops like dew
And the sinking suns
Will cloak the sky's horizon
And the moons of Autumn
Will beckon the golden fertililty of the harvest
And the violet tinged edge of night
Will cry for the white bursting of the stars
And the carved thrust of the mountain range
Will challenge the forever yielding blue
And the hovering tunes of the dawn's awakening
Will mimic the lullaby of my dreams

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Color of Winter Sky

Obliging black arms, their crooked
specter fingers, cut freezing as 
they reach for winter greys, blues of skies

untouchable. Shaking, bending- dance,
mulish winds. Sweep lands. Violence 
admired, loved. 

Art, framed with my eyes green as last 
summer’s carpeting, where they were rooted.
Embroidered. Weaving native life. 

Grounds milled, the purest white hush to
lull earth. Charming. Persistent as
memories, dreams.

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Note the sighing of day's retreat
Color the grey blackness of night
Drunken thievery, my feat
Of gleaming lights, beckoning frights

To begin to stir in this sea
Of a waning tumultuous falling
Baptized with his promise to me
Survival his only calling

No white bursting of the stars
In this sea of a fading fading grasp
No redeeming god, no ark
Messed up with each other perhaps

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An Irish Redemption

An Irish Redemption

Downtown lights glimmer off in the beckoning distance
I watch them twinkle a dewiness as I lie
Safe and sweet in the fresh softness of the Irish linen
Watch them lights reflect starry halos off the deep dark bay tonight

This harbor a mirror to my soul
Glittering black, like a miner’s coal

Wood carved cherry oak, plush vinyl, rain battered glass, a setting
To remember I insist
Their voices hovering, yet their songs I am forgetting…
To know I cannot resist

Ebbing tide retreats, a salty mistiness on my skin
I see his wings caress as they unfold. I see his prey.
A quick dive to catch, and then…
He and I fly away.

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An Untitled Triad of Haikus

As the tide rushes
Forward, brown black seaweed strands 
Wrap the graceless leg
Silver scaly fish 
Catch the light of the sun as
Silken drops of sea

Slide off the pale hand 
Lifting to wave to those on
the retreating shore

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October Sunlight, in the Evening

sky like a blue dome   
cups the gold-orange peel that  
inks shredded colors  
as it slides beneath  
toothed edges of green pines   
and lavender hills  
and steals lingering shadows-   
black figures slipping through light  
and disappearing 

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Untitled Triad of Haikus

The lone rain puddle  
Catches the shimmering moon  
As it mimics the sun  
And mirrors the dreams  
Of our long ago youth  
With days eroded   
Like the shores upon   
Which we strolled, listening  
To the crashing waves 

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dusky skies blend the colors

Dusk by the curving river caught		   
me unguarded only this once:		   
Wrapped around my core and spiraled		   
Upwards as I glimpsed the entwined		   
webbed crosses sifting sinking sun		   
like twinkling dewy light breathing		   
an evening song.		   
And as coffee colored canoes passed, I thought		   
of a parade I watched when a child,		   
contrasted only by the drummers’ beat.		   
Streams of colors		   
blended with the descending dark,		   
and the vision on the river lingered.