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Below are the all-time best Shani Fassbender poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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can settle
It lands on tables and under your bed
It also clings to your computer screen
on clothes it goes
and of course
up your

in your food
not in the mood
In the air, everywhere, I don’t care
You can have it mop, cloth, feather duster
I don’t want it
here or there
not one

go clean
all over
dust if you must
Scratch me a note of “clean me” on my shelf
If I dust today it will just come back
it settles
in my

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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Sanctity by the Sea

“Searching for personal exoneration, I found …”

A refuge by the sea was calling to me With dark clouds above a heart forsaking love It drew me in despite guilt and sin A sympathetic sanctuary inviting as wind behind my back biting Safe from the storms of my past solitary reflection at last Each move I make now without falter my strength is renewed at this altar I confess, I pray, I am forgiven my doubts released in this heavenly haven I rise, I turn, I walk back through its door into a sunset so serene gracing the shore Walking with lighter steps, my soul now open cleansing of spirit allows me to live and love again I look back but once to where I’ve been And see my visit with faith really came from within I reached inside myself to find harmony of both my body and mind Now I wander with belief in me thanks to my ethereal encounter by the sea
Written by Shani Fassbender For the contest "The Church by the Ocean" Date written: September 23, 2011

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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You Are Gone

I’m lost everyday when I wake, at the emptiness lying next to me
When I read the morning paper, the news is not to share
My coffee is never waiting for me anymore, neither is your kiss
Solitary walks are shortened, without companionship
The meals do not taste the same, the flavor you added is missing
I fall asleep watching movies, and books hold no interest
Some of the light has vanished from the day
As more of the darkness is invading my nights
While I’m sleeping, in my dreams you tease 
I dread all the tomorrows, where you will not be


Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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Always Believe

Birds singing in the warmth of the sun
Flowers blooming means spring has sprung
Your innocence of the world today
May diminish some, but most will stay
I hope you will always achieve
With warmth in your heart, always believe

Wonderful characters in fairy tales
Uncontrollable joy from puppy dog tails
Capture their enchantment today
Hold on to their hopes in a special way
Sparkles in your eyes show you perceive
Their happiness and dreams, always believe

Fallen leaves rustling in the breeze
Gathering pinecones on your knees
Enjoy nature while you can today
Night is growing colder with shortness of the day
The snowflakes will drift on to your sleeve
With the magic of winter, always believe

With an open heart, may you also receive
Belief in yourself, always believe

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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The Hat I Wear

The hat I wear fits well Even when I take it off How long I’ve had it, it’s hard to tell At it some may scoff It’s not new, not old, not a knock-off I do wear others Without them, I couldn’t be Like so many mothers I have a hat for my family And one when my time is just for me With different styles and places to go My hats go with me everywhere Cooking, cleaning, dinner, or a show You may care or stop and stare At the hat I place upon my hair My favorite hat is the one I choose That keeps me true to myself It’s the one I most fear to lose More than my health or wealth When not on my head, it’s safe on a shelf

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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Today, when you hold your head high
we will certainly understand why
You've come such a long way
to finally reach your graduation day

All of us who know and love you
appreciate everything you've done and all you'll do
The path to the rest of your life lies straight ahead
to the best of opportunities is where you're led

We're so happy, and proud, that is true
we've watched over the years as you grew
Now we'll enjoy watching you continue to grow
as you face the world with all you now know

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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P D How Foxxy is She

There is a poet so foxy and sly
She needs no introduction and that’s why
Her pen is very quick
Almost as fast as her click
See her creativity and words fly

Watch out for the beauty in auburn hair
Things in her path she hasn’t a care
Stay out of her way
On any given day
Or you’ll be the next one caught in her snare

Hurt you she won’t for she wants you alive
Into your mind she’ll sneak and connive
She will drive you mad
Which will make her glad
Getting under your skin where she’ll thrive

This foxy lady is swift and shrewd
Always on the prowl and never subdued
She’ll catch you unawares
Without putting on airs
Your fate determined one might conclude

Wrapped around her little finger you’ll be
No other woman your eyes shall see
Artful and wily
She caught you so slyly
An unbroken heart there’s no guarantee

Let her think since she’s caught you by surprise
That she’s the only one who got the prize
Yet she did you the favor
You’ll be the one to save her
Since you are the real fox in disguise

For the Contest: P.D.'s Inner Animal

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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Sounds of school children readying for the new year
Evening’s light diminishes a little more each day
People put away lawn furniture and bring out their rakes
Television starts its new season of shows
Empty swimming pools are closed until next summer
Morning has a brisk scent in the air
Buses of yellow add to the early traffic
Everyone grabs a jacket or sweater when they head out the door
Remember summer and let it keep you warm until it comes again

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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Next to My Heart

Next to my heart I keep
a key to unlock many doors
One that allows access to hope
and strength, faith, and desire

When the pathway to hope is clear
there is an endless journey ahead of you
Strength ebbs and flows 
depending on what we encounter along our way
Behind the door of faith are many windows
we can see so many, yet only one may be clear

I hope to always carry with me
the desired key
Without it I have no hope, strength, or faith to go on

For the Contest:  "I Carry With Me"

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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Coexist with Tolerance

Confidence on this subject can be
Overrated; too many people are misunderstood
Everyone needs to live and let live
X-tend to others equality
If we all take a stand for good and
Stop bullying and prejudice
Tolerance can be taught

All bullies cease destruction, eventual future greatness, however; I just know. Let 
me never offer prejudice, quietly remember stories told. Understand variation
when x-amining your zeal.

Yesterday’s youth yearned for your help
To teach tolerance of today’s torment and trouble
May mothers mend misunderstandings
Fathers fix families from failing
Banish bias and bigotry, blend as brothers
Unappreciated and unjust will uniquely unite with understanding
Live and let live with liberty

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011