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Best Judy Konos Poems

Below are the all-time best Judy Konos poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Forever will I long for you 
Remembering your love each day
Enabled me to make it through  
Each time I shipped away 
Do not be afraid," I said, 
Oblige me in this task I take
Many people depend on me 
Soldier's love do not forsake

Come to me in the dark of night
And I shall know you believe 
Let me hear your silent prayer
Let your love help me achieve


Copyright © Judy Konos

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A Weakness among us

When the rain falls from
Heavens that God created,
we accept through Faith.

When a story's told 
of long ago we doubt, Oh  
Ye of little faith ..

Copyright © Judy Konos

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Edwin Hofert Tribute


There comes a time in our life
when we simply "must let go"
hoping that encouragement
has been our chance to show

That childhood must not remain
embedded in your mind
You are so much older now 
and in this chance you'll find

A new life does await you 
in the days of warmth and night
for by your coming home
That makes everything so "write"!

Edwin seems to have disappeared again
I pray he is not lost in depression 

Copyright © Judy Konos

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Infernal Revenue

RING RING...Hello IRS ... 

What's your take on a dependant child? 
My boys 40, ain't worked in a while! 
I got 8 more kids inside da house,
the boys bride and my second spouse.

First ran off with a traveling man, 
Raising her kids best I can, 
Calling to ask if this is true? 
Lost my job!... Can I.O.U.?

Copyright © Judy Konos

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As Bold Aries Full Moon Eclipse unfolds  
with aggressive behavior to morph the sky  
bleeding into the clouds subjective feelings  
like blood soaked passion all too soon to die  

October 3. 2015
SuperMoon Eclipse
Eve Roper

Copyright © Judy Konos

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Judge Not

As we stroll through life at a slow snail pace,
Or Lickety split... whichever the case,
Remember to look, sift through your life,
God didn't make junk, not husband nor wife!

The children may stray, get out of line,
Look like pure trash but grow to be fine.
So judge not fast, whatever you do,
Sometimes the problem is little old you.


Contest: Enlightenment, Hope, and Harmony  

Copyright © Judy Konos

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Dirty Socks

The Day will come when you won't shift    
When being  "cool" is but a myth
Though now you may not understand 
For it won't happen til you're a man. 

Those dirty socks that mattered not 
Still smell of cheese and morbid rot 
Are but a memory that will never fade
To carry with you through each decade

You'll someday wonder how mom and dad
Stood beside you through the ugly bad
Who wondered what you'd turn out to be?
And if, from you, they'd ever get free?

To all who feel that your kids are adrift
Teach them soon to learn how to shift
To enjoy their days of being young
For this is a song you've already sung.

Good Luck!

Copyright © Judy Konos

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Call Of The Wild

Jack London's Call of the Wild

First brought to our attention in the year 1903
by a name that somehow jolts illusive memory
but how can we recall something so long ago
when we were never born, how then could we know?

Perhaps nature revealed the need to study more
black wolves upon our land reaching on to shore
or was it but an interest to avoid daily routine
the fascination of wolves that we have never seen?

This calling of the wild could it be an illusion
a mere excuse to escape then lost in delusion?  
whatever the reason feelings scream beware
always be afraid of the wolf who isn't there!

Copyright © Judy Konos

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I see them from various countries, they stand  
Unwavering loyalties yet with pen in hand  
Like us, they forget, days of troubled time
And raise Poets Sword to enlighten mind


Copyright © Judy Konos

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MBWC (last login captcha)

Many times I've felt frightened and alone                       
Besotted, I've lost values thus my home
What changes the way our hearts react?
Choosing carefully to keep souls intact!

Copyright © Judy Konos