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weakness among us

When the rain falls from
Heavens that God created,
we accept through Faith.

When a story's told 
of long ago we doubt, Oh  
Ye of little faith ..

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Judge Not

As we stroll through life at a slow snail pace,
Or Lickety split... whichever the case,
Remember to look, sift through your life,
God didn't make junk, not husband nor wife!

The children may stray, get out of line,
Look like pure trash but grow to be fine.
So judge not fast, whatever you do,
Sometimes the problem is little old you.


Contest: Enlightenment, Hope, and Harmony  

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Daffodils of gold wind their way through heaven's green pastures 
As angels whisper through the meadows of my mind 
Fragrance forgotten through the passing years 
Forever dormant, lingers in sphere of time  
Ominously transparent in the shells of life
Done now are things I cannot change   
If only I could return the fragrance that I stole
Letting you know that I seek forgiveness
Soon all the seasons would shower daffodils 

omnis moriar
Contest: Flowers of Spring
Sponsor: Carol Brown
Submitted by: Judy Konos

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"My name's Friday—I'm a cop, 
Just the facts, mam!" 

"That's all I need
To unspin this Webb
Did you do it and why?"

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Semper Fidelis

The Marine faced God  
He had served his time in hell  
"Come unto me Child"   

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Noah's Ark

Noah you must build a vessel 300 cubits long, 50 wide, 30 high and it must be strong
It must carry a roof three stories high, finished to a cubit upward with entrance on the long. 

Use only Gopher wood that is smeared both inside and out with pitch
Then take your family and every animal that I might destroy this world in which:

Evil must be cleansed by a flood of Heavenly destruction 
Ye shall perish too, if not great care, taken in construction

Pay particlar attention to each of my animals aboard
For like me, you are their Salvation and I in turn, your Lord

Noah, I command you Rise! Go! Collect the tools you will need 
For there only remains 300 years to completion of this deed

Tend to every last animal no matter how large or small
For I am the Lord, thy God who created and love them all.


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F inesse sometimes happens along                    

A nd expresses much more than

L ove in his tenderness of poetry

O ften refining true workmanship 

T hat bespeaks words not easily forgotten  

I nfringing into my thoughts 

C ausing me to ponder each line 

O nly to hear a constant drum beat                  



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Dr Rams words are better than gold contest

Gazing over the sponsers searching for what they seek
I find "Dr Rams words are better than gold"
I note this contest is slow to accumulate its limits
of which is readily understood given, Gold verses Soul

This man who is put forth where one must comply 
matches feelings against the rules of impossibility  
Gold is but a tangible asset that when mined becomes liquid
Dr Ram's words are better than gold as is everyone's whom God created.

Contest: Dr Ram's Words are better than gold
Sponsor:  Joe Maverick
Submitted by: Judy Konos

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It's cold and Raining
   I feel embodied with your 
      Love on my shoulders

-  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Contest: leather jacket on shoulders

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Never heard Jesus
referenced as "the late Jesus"
Hmmm, not once, have you?