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weakness among us

When the rain falls from
Heavens that God created,
we accept through Faith.

When a story's told 
of long ago we doubt, Oh  
Ye of little faith ..

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Judge Not

As we stroll through life at a slow snail pace,
Or Lickety split... whichever the case,
Remember to look, sift through your life,
God didn't make junk, not husband nor wife!

The children may stray, get out of line,
Look like pure trash but grow to be fine.
So judge not fast, whatever you do,
Sometimes the problem is little old you.


Contest: Enlightenment, Hope, and Harmony  

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Infernal Revenue

RING RING...Hello IRS ... 

What's your take on a dependant child? 
My boys 40, ain't worked in a while! 
I got 8 more kids inside da house,
the boys bride and my second spouse.

First ran off with a traveling man, 
Raising her kids best I can, 
Calling to ask if this is true? 
Lost my job!... Can I.O.U.?

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It's cold and Raining
   I feel embodied with your 
      Love on my shoulders

-  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Contest: leather jacket on shoulders

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Fool that I am an  
    Incurable Romantic 
        Rolling in the Deep  

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Noah's Ark

Noah you must build a vessel 300 cubits long, 50 wide, 30 high and it must be strong
It must carry a roof three stories high, finished to a cubit upward with entrance on the long. 

Use only Gopher wood that is smeared both inside and out with pitch
Then take your family and every animal that I might destroy this world in which:

Evil must be cleansed by a flood of Heavenly destruction 
Ye shall perish too, if not great care, taken in construction

Pay particlar attention to each of my animals aboard
For like me, you are their Salvation and I in turn, your Lord

Noah, I command you Rise! Go! Collect the tools you will need 
For there only remains 300 years to completion of this deed

Tend to every last animal no matter how large or small
For I am the Lord, thy God who created and love them all.


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I Never Fell In Love

Falling in love is easy or so I've heard it said
Don't know up from down, it's crazy in your head
All you need is vision of this sexy charming face
Your heart then disappears, leaves without a trace.

Oh crap why can't I fall in love like other women do?
Why can't I find the right guy who'll help me see this through?
Hell, all I want is happiness and then be  drama free!
Something sure is lacking, deep down inside my me!

Clinging vines are not my style no pretense of any kind
Not impressed with the many who are standing in my line
None of them attract me with the physical attribute
Big muscle, slick hair, well I don't think that's cute!

I want a guy whose smart and likes to talk to me 
Who makes me laugh is unpretentious....Seriously
Who can answer all my questions, never hesitate 
I believe he's "out there," I think his name is Fate

But most of all I want him to put his foot down hard
not let me get away with a single inch nor yard
Where's the brain I'm looking for ? Tell me do you know?
Cause he better run like hell , it's time to start the show!







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Rain and Rain and More Rain

On August 29, 2005, the "Rain and Rain and more Rains came", destroying everything we had worked a lifetime for.  My home that we had just finished building, one year ago, all our furniture, keepsakes, irreplaceable cherished photos along with all our cars except the one we were driving.  

The only thing remaining was our boat, "Akula" who suffered a football size hole just above her waterline. I remain grateful that her batteries were charged well enough to continue to bail her out for two consecutive weeks. These rains came in the wrath of a lady named, "Katrina."  "Akula" means shark and it would take a shark to make it through this.

I remember I did not cry like others in my neighborhood.  I felt it was just a home which could be rebuilt.  I also know it did not completely destroy Akula or I would have cried.  There's something about a man's boat that befits both sexes and that something is called "Real Love."

Aboard 'Akula" along with the Red Cross, we managed to feed the neighbors for weeks on end.  You don't need to know about the multitude of snakes that were inside my house hiding in closets waiting to strike or the wild hogs that were blown in, eating from the plentiful tossed out refrigerators.

All you need to know is that the people were not lazy  The only reason they did not leave is because all of us have heard "Cry Wolf" so many times that when a Hurricane threatens it's just an excuse for a red Solo cup party.  Simply put: If anyone had known they would die they would not have stayed.

A few weeks later with communication restored we learned that two of our friends drowned, one in Bay St Louis, MS and the other in Biloxi.  I didn't cry.  Feelings are neither right nor wrong, they just are....

Francine's  Rain - contest


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Semper Fidelis

The Marine faced God  
He had served his time in hell  
"Come unto me Child"   

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"My name's Friday—I'm a cop, 
Just the facts, mam!" 

"That's all I need
To unspin this Webb
Did you do it and why?"