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Pitch Black Sun

Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "Annabel Lee"


       Pitch Black Sun

I stand tall though, weak and weary
Mask my eyes for they are teary
Functioning proper,  but thinking un-clearly
In regards to struggles they don't know

The sun is out,  but it's dark as night
I've long since given up this fight
A dark vessel,  merely reflecting light
To disguise feelings I can't show

Would they think me lost for mad
If I dare share the thoughts I've had
For surely, it may end bad
They'd neglect to understand me

He pens me letters,  passed through time
No poet better skilled at crafting rhyme
To reach, into depth, this heart of mine
In this city,  city near the sea

Did the dark master, somehow know
Of these feelings,  I dare not show
Or from his pens, did they grow 
To reflect his spirit inside of me

Can embers still burn, once turned to ash
Blow through time,  escaping the past, 
To create a love,  a respect to last
Can any of this be? 

As sitting under the darkest sun,  I'm left to wonder
Is he the one, to keep me from going under
For upon his pain,  I often ponder
If I was his Annabel Lee

A love left missed,  a denied last kiss,  oh how broken was he
Sworn to her soul,  unable to control,  the fate of Annabel Lee
Separated by death,  death of love, in their kingdom by the sea
Leaving me to question, my direction, and did Poe pen for me

A bond formed over centuries
Leaving great mystery
Of the truth of history
And what it all could be

So as I stand tall yet weak and weary
Mask my eyes for they are teary
I am suddenly thinking clearly
They shall never know

With a sun as dark as night
Me, merely reflecting light
To keep my sadness out of sight
I speak to my poor Dead Poe

Katei - Kathryn Ramirez 

Pt 2 is posted. 

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Beyond the sign

Hello friend, Do you see that man on the corner by the street?
He is holding the cardboard saying "homeless and I need to eat." 
If you're not too busy, come with me on a journey back to 1969.
It will help you to look past his appearence and beyond his homemade sign.

This is the 1960's, where they thrived on the American Dream.
The women were real ladies, or at least in public thats what it seems.
Today is High School graduation, So much happiness is in the air,
But, These young men have recieved papers, and Uncle Sam expects them there.

Do you recognize the bone structure of this boy standing on our right?
He is the one from the future corner, he was Valedictorian tonight.
So well dressed, and raised up right, his sweetheart by his side.
He has no reason to be fearful of the draft, he is filled with American Pride.

Fast foward, Just a few weeks, to him and his young new wife,
Kissing so passionately, pressing pause on their future, and their life.
He is dropped down in the jungle, amist the sounds of live fire.
He sees injured men being lifted out, as the SGT's on the wire.

Just a young boy of 19, he is scared beyond his witts,
Yet, he completes every mission he is given, he never quits.
He holds the hands of friends, who was cut down in their prime.
Yes, this is the same man, the one you wouldn't give a dime.

He arrives back home, in the year of 1972.
His tour earned him a purple heart, he took bullets for you.
once at home, he is expecting affection from his lover,
but, he has been gone for so long she already found another.

So at 21 years old, this veteran is now a man,
He drinks his memories away, everynight if he can.
He gave an eye, and two of the best friends he has ever known.
He never was told "thank you", and he has nothing to call his own.

If you pay close attention to the newspapers of '72
you will see in the protest, they blamed the drafted soilders too.
so here is this man, young, and broken, yet, still not ashamed.
He proudly answered the call, when the draft listed his name.

Only a fellow Veteran, could even try to understand,
That there are no surviving Vets, a part of them died in Vietnam.
When they returned they expected welcome parties and smiles.
Instead they were placed in a new war, but, it was their uniform on trial.

If you still feel the same as you did before our walk.
Go on about your day, forget about our talk.
But, if you have decided, you can look beyond his sign.
Maybe understand his pain, and give our hero a dime.

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Two Orphans In Heaven

There's two orphans in Heaven just walking about the land
Just pulling on coattails, trying to grab a hand
They sometimes look down the wishing-well, beyond the clouds,
trying to find their mommy there walking within the busy crowds.
Each time their tears fall they land right down on me
And it reminds of the babies, whom I never got to see.
So if you're getting tired and your walk here is nearly through,
Please come here and find me, to take these words with you:
Tell them, I do love them and I desire to hold them even now
But I have their brothers here, so my heart doesn't know how 
If you see them in passing please kiss them both...Times three
'Cause those two lil' orphans in Heaven, well they belong to me.
Tell them to just keep watching us, and when my time is through,
I'll meet them at the wishing well, and make our dreams come true.


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our talk

Did you not know, 
I needed you so?
why would you ever leave me?
why not let me go?

I sit here in black,
my minds lost all track,
of these strangers leaving flowers for you.
I just want you back!

I am brushing your hair,
they are starting to stare.
must feel bad for the daddy's girl.
this is so unfair!

Now the men are packing your box away.
"I am so sorry for your loss" they say,
but their sorry doesn't give me my Daddy back!
Now with whom can I play.

Mom's so lost in tears,
While I am stuck in fears.
we never even talk to eachother anymore
I just wish you were here.

Here I sit alone.
Talking to your stone.
It makes no sense to hug your dirt and cry
But, at least it's better then going home.


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Freedom vs Opinion

                   Freedom vs Opinion

I find that in these times, in our countries newest 'reform',
That we have lost sight of our nations reason to form.
our ancestors came here to obtain the rights for you and me,
Now I wonder if they would still consider this nation as free.
I am aware our gun control polices are ineffective at best,
but, it wasn't the gun, it's the shooter, that failed the moral test.
The very same cities, who uphold the most stern of gun laws,
have the highest rates of murder by guns, doesn't that seem like a flaw.
The law doesn't work, because criminals do not go by the book,
it will be only law abiding citizens unarmed, it needs a second look.
The author of the bills, aren't even educated on the right terminology,
I wonder, how they purpose a bill in wrong terms, what's that ideology?
An assult riffle means fully automatic, so they are already banned,
but, the sandy hook shooter was equiped with TWO PISTOLS on hand.
It's not that I don't grieve for their mothers, I am a mother as well.
I can only pray noone else has to live through that hell.
I'm not saying It wasn't horrible, it was, but banning guns isn't right.
Just to clarify that it isn't the weapon, it's the one holding it tight.
A gun takes no action against people of it's own free will.
It has to be aimed and fired before it makes a kill.
This argument is not being made out of my own personal greed.
I just want to have the right to have my own protection when I am in need.
This is the last point and example, that I will give to you for today,
The L.A. riots; what if the innocent bussiness owners, had their gun rights taken away?
How much human blood, would have covered those sidewalks,
we need to address that the law unarms only law abiding citizens, in the Washington talks

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21 in Heaven

I wonder how things work, up there in the promised land,
I am willing to bet that your party there this year will be  Grand.
Maybe there are other angel's tying up balloons and lighting chandeliers,
The love up there is more fullfiling then any we can find down here.
I bet you can dance now, and stand and walk all on your own.
I bet you sing amazingly, and you never have to sing alone.
I bet you have great discussions about all of us you left behind,
I just wanted to let you know, we are all going to be just fine.
See we are more blessed than most others ever get to be,
they wouldn't understand unless they felt love like you gave to me.
so Beautiful, so sweet, you were and are perfect in every way.
and I just wanted to say I miss you, and Happy Birthday!
Don't worry about us down here, you just enjoy your big day.
because, "I'm turning 21 with Jesus" is something we can only dream to say.
our tears aren't from sadness babygirl, this I hope you know.
It's just it's hard for us all to have a love so sincere and then have to let it go.
But, you go on back to your party and dance with your grandpa once for me.
and just know that I am happy for you, these tears,.... well sissy they are for me.
I love you bunches babygirl, there isn't anything I wouldn't give for another chance,
to just swoop you up into my arms, and have another dance.
I know I can't just yet but, please know I honor the memory,
of those days I was  dancing with the Angel the good Lord sent to me,
I know that time has passed now, what was loaned must be sent home.
Just it's hard on your Birthday.... for us not to feel a little alone.

All Rights Reserved

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Giving You My Hand

To the world you may be just another face,
but, for me, you are a true saving grace.
Your lips are sweet honey, I am a little bee.
Without you beside me, I cannot be free.
You're as strong as a spartan warrior, you protect my heart,
How much do I love you truly? well, where do I start?
Each morning, waking up, looking into your deep brown eyes,
I see something more beautiful then dew, on a rose, at sunrise.
No amount of treasures, in this world, or all the galaxies in space,
Could ever buy my loyalty for you, or even a day without seeing your face.
you love me strong, you love me true, you're my soulmate with no doubt.
and all your love and affection, is something, I cannot live without.
It's an addiction really, I depend on the true passion that we share.
It's almost pathetic how I long for any sign of emotion that you have to spare.
I have heard people say "my heart skips a beat" before, but mine nearly stops.
I can barely breathe yet I still wanna scream " I love you!!" from mountain tops.
I am writing you this letter, to try to help you to understand.
There is no one in the world, with whom, I would rather give my hand.

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rock bottom


It's okay to be,  somebody's rock bottom
Just go on and live,  like you forgot'em
When they won't change
Just walk away, 
When there's nothing you can say
Don't beleive excuses, 
Oh,  it's the drug,  that abuses
They'll never change, 
Until you be,  somebody's rock bottom, 
Just go on and live,  like you forgot'em
And pray they change

Look bro,  this isn't vicious, 
Not being malicious, 
Not an attack of foul wishes, 
I've got
 the best of intentions
A matter
Of prevention, 
So let me,  have your attention, 

What you're doing is contagious, 
Livin' life full of rage,  and just, 
Tripping balls, 
Bouncing off them walls,
Sending suicidal text, 
And threatening calls, 
What's wrong with ya'll? 
I guess, 
The mighty, do fall

For me, though,  it ends today, 
Closing chapter, 
And I'm stepping away, 
Nothing left to say, 
You'll still get high anyway, 
No matter, 
What I say, 
You never seem to change, 
I refuse to
Find you, 
Od'd one day, 
But,  every day, 
For you I will pray, 
I will pray, 
That you change, 
But,  now
I got to step away




Look at ya, 
Lost in this insanity,
Livin' for
Your vanity,
What happened to your humanity, 
That stupid drug means more than me! 
Could you let that be?! 

What happened to my brothers!? 
The one's with respect for our mother! 
Where's he at?! 
Bring him to life! 
This ain't you! 
You got a demon inside! 
You got to Fight! 
F@#k!  All we F@#cking do is Fight! 
And it Ain't right! 
Your mistakes Are effecting my Life! 

But,  not tonight! 
Not,  not tonight! 
Not this night! 
Or anymore nights! 
I am reclaiming My F@#king life! 
Don't misread the tears in my eyes
The saddest of goodbyes
But,  I won't watch you die! 
I love you, 
But I can't watch you die!
So i walk away, 
My head held high, 
Guess all I can say, 
Is that I tried, 
Hold on to my pride, 
And say goodbye
Until you hit bottom and find
You've lost your mind, 
I won't watch you die, 
Head held high, 
Screaming goodbye! 

(Chorus 2x)

Katei-dedicated to my junky brothers! 

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thank you Poetrysoup honorable mentions

I hope none of you mind,  but I had an incredible opportunity  to be interveiwed by an explicit  radio station called real loud radio,  from , via twitter @RealloudRadio

It airs Tues at 8pm  on the website.

They asked me who inspires me,  i named as many as i could

Jan allison
Cassarah Nance
Lyric man
Arthur Vaso
Richard Lammourex
Honestly Jt
Robert Lindley

And I beleve i called Tim Smiths name as well

I didnt mention everyone i find  inspiring,  but i did recommend new poets to join the soup and be welcome.  

Thank you all

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The World needs a Poet

I speak amongst friends
I vent this pen
In hopes,  you too join  me

I,  burdened with worry,
Feel awful sorry, 
For,  I hope you too see

Our children exposed
humanity's decomposed
No 'one for all' anymore

Every man for himself
No care for anyone else
Just resource driven wars

Mothers killing babies
Female excess,  few ladies, 
Yet,  silent stays our pen

Child targets on schools,
Meth head is cool,
We ignore,  yet again

Starving is our citizens, 
Quickly helping foreign  friends. 
Silent,  again,  our pens

Christ becomes an outlaw
Demons rise,  And Angels fall
Fame and luxury evil dwells in

All under suspicions scope, 
Spreading fear,  not hope
Purest of dreams unable to soar

What day will we be ONE HUMAN race?
Will creed NOT set the pace?
Thats what I wish for!

Drilling for liquid,  we can't eat
Police Tanks upon our streets
Citizens in danger,  of being unaware

Gold too runs low, 
Bank illusions just a show
Back of lower class left to bare

Many thoughts upon my head, 
Write them down,  they go unread
For no one ever looks at me

So since it takes one to know it, 
And you are a poet, 
Rise and pen with me

Pick up, pick up your pens
bleed out the strength within. 
Together we can make them see! 

We will need to be strong, 
The battle surely long, 
But the world NEEDS YOU POET! 

Use your words to wake
Make no mistake
It can be done,  i know it! 


Inspired by a mystery friend who calls them self "i"