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Details | Nichole Anderson Poem |

one last day

The second I see the final day,
the moment I breath my beats away
my heart growing slower 
by each second I stay
with each less breath 
I have one thing to say,

this is't suicide
this isn't shame
this is one way
to remember my name
my story and how I became
your unloved child
on Earths deadly terrain

I would look 
into your lying eyes
and beg to see the man
that I despise
I would ask of you
the honest truth
on how and why
you killed your
daughters youth
hopes and dreams
for nothing I've seen
is what it seems

Father if I just lived one more day
I would make your life Hell,
I would make you pay
for I am a child 
whos voice was stolen
and didn't have a choice

I'm not the happy poet
everyone wants me to be
I just wish for you to know
the things in which I see

I would tell the world 
with my final breath
To stop this deadly game
for I am a child of envy
and my father delivered the pain
with my last beat
I brought an end to his game

here lies me,
a child driven

Copyright © nichole anderson

Details | Nichole Anderson Poem |

our first Valentines

I opened up my box of chocolates,
I could tell you that dropped them
you handed me my flowers
that got crushed by your hands
and my ear rings didn't fit just right
your work called you into tonight 
   but that's okay, I wouldn't want it
any other way, to tell you the truth
I like to watch you stumble, 
but I don't want you to fall
  You forgot to wear the watch that I
just bought you, and when you woke up
all you did was want to fight too.
But that's okay I wouldn't want it any other way.
    I like to watch you stumble in your over sized shoes
knowing that you try so hard to impress me with everything you do.
but you don't have to, all I want, all I need is you.

        So I tossed out the chocolates
and threw the flowers on the bed, I put in my ear rings and this is what I said.
"I like to watch you stumble, but never see you fall, I like to watch you wake up
and yell than not see you at all, I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Valentines Day."

Copyright © nichole anderson

Details | Nichole Anderson Poem |

the unnamed

reality is not for me
for the truth is to dark 
for the eye to see
every little line 
that was crossed 
by he
who shall not be named
be changed nor slienced
but it is I who is stuck
in the mindless violence
in which is forever unchanging
so blinding and staining
he was one
in many I was supposed to trust
but he was another who was
bound by lust
and lost by favor
he who dared to question
save her?
no instead he just let me slip
and sink in a tainted sip
of poison 
that touches my lips 
that makes me scream
and ever so lifeless
here I am
stuck like this.

Copyright © nichole anderson

Details | Nichole Anderson Poem |

A cowboy is

A sweet reality, The cowboy image
A laborer wore what he could get
ready- to - wear,
would make city men quit
hand me downs
and second hand clothes
discarded garments
by men who stuck up their nose,

in a ranch or range
they'd stay the same
so Still, so proud, 
this typical cowboy
could easily fit in with a crowd
but their sense of self dignity
kept them off the ground
where as city men
always fell down,

filled to the brim
in honesty
a cowboy 
suits were for the rich
and poor hearted
the origins of the cowboy
was never truly started,

for in my mind 
this wonderful man
so moral and true
has to be a dream
This cavalry issued
every silent night
where he fights to stay awake
while city men turn out the lights

The cowboy needed to know how to ride,
rope, saddle, and bronc'
then they had to use their bare hands
like a real man to build shelter
for the animals in which they keep
then as the sun rises 
the cowboy catches sleep

Copyright © nichole anderson

Details | Nichole Anderson Poem |


Trail, error 
here I lay as I fall one last time
posting another poem
into a beaten lie
here I lay within the hands of time
as the people before me,
I fade into the past
the thought of my life
never seemed to last
 trail, error,
stranger, anger
what I needed was a home
but because of you,
I'm never alone
even in my own head
so father kill me
I want to be Dead

Copyright © nichole anderson

Details | Nichole Anderson Poem |

here lies judgement day

H-e whispers in the dead of night
e-very word was woven tight
r-ight into a web of lies
e-very act to hide the despise

L-ustful thinking
i-n a deadly man
e-ats away at a familys plan
s-weet salvation died away

J-ustice never had a chance
u-nderneath his painful trance
d-eep into the empty mind
g-rounded into a broken line
e-at away at my trusting heart
m-end me back to just restart
e-veryday it one more stitch
n-o morphine could 
t-ake away this twitch

D-riven out of my own home
a-nother new house and another day alone
y-et where does his judgement lie, by his side.

Copyright © nichole anderson

Details | Nichole Anderson Poem |

you and I forever

Your voice holds tightly to my heart
Onto the void you filled from the start 
Until wounds stop my lungs from breathing 

Always will our hearts be beating 
Never to see the two souls less than one
Down past the memories that can not be undone

Intertwined within hope and love

Free to be more than what was expected
Other memories were detected 
Rest your weary eyes and see
Everything that we are to be
Vast pictures come to mind
Enter the silence that leave none blind 
Re-enter the life within the hands of time,

Copyright © nichole anderson

Details | Nichole Anderson Poem |

keep out part three

As we walked out the door, a small girl looked in my eyes she was so pretty and
Just then did I know it was time. “ Mommy she looks like an angel!” she just 
As the girl twisted her hands through her hair I gasped. She was like seeing heaven
And as fragile as glass. She blinked at me and now I didn’t want to leave.
“Mommy she’s God’s Angel I like this dream!” She smiled again and said a statement 
I liked
“Well you’ll be back tomorrow, I am glad you had a nice day, when we get out you 
can go out
and play.” That night I went to bed thinking about the girl I seen the look in her 
eyes it was like a dream.
Mommy looked in my closet and under my bed, tucked me in and then touched her 
hand to my head.
“Sweet dreams.” She whispered as she walked out the door. Sweet dreams indeed 
for everything and more.

					The End 

Copyright © nichole anderson

Details | Nichole Anderson Poem |

He lies

I cling to my ignorance
and stay close to my ways
for what I write will never change
my heart is unable to set me free
to become the child I wish to be
my innocents was stolen
and I never had a choice
but now I am ready,
so this is my voice

Picture this,
early morning wake up
to see your father by your side
seven years old 
your fears come to life
you see an image
of a monster in your sleep

two years later 
and not much wiser
your now seeing 
a monster with a lighter
his voice is known
but still not placed

twelve years old
and you finally 
place that face
you father
lights up another cigarette
and burns it to your skin
your eyes start to shut
from the drugs
he's fed you again

thirteen years of age
and your acting strange
you know the things
that only brings shame
how do you tell them
what he did
he was your father
you were only a kid
you'd be outcasted
and he doesn't do it 
that often anymore
only every other night
because it makes you sore

fourteen and you finally say
no longer will he have his way
for here comes the judgement day
and I have won
my life no longer
will come undone

I finally let the secret slip
and to the hell I'm in now
I drink another sip
of toxic to my life of lies
the drugs I take 
are better each time
but they still aren't enough 
to keep you out of my head

you come back each time
with more and more thread
to stitch  the web you weave so well
but I still watch as you burn in Hell,

you be the judge of my childhood strife
would you be honest and say
you'd keep your life
I am sixteen now
and can't stand the crowds
I watch my back and
write poems like these
my dad was a killer of dreams
and a lustful theif

Copyright © nichole anderson

Details | Nichole Anderson Poem |


My sanity in constricted
by all the lies,
and the non convicted
my hope was faltered
and my truth will fail
this taste of honesty
has become so stale
my lips colorless
my skin pale
my eyes were covered
by your lustful vail
and your lust was satisfied
by my undoing
and my broken will
you took it upon yourself
set out for my kill
or murder
and no one ever bothered
to ask you
"Would you hurt her?"
so shall I sit
here by myself
and now I shall know
I shall never have help.

Copyright © nichole anderson