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Life is full of twist and turns they start from the day we are born. When we are born 
there is a lot we don’t know. But the older we get the more are knowledge grows. Life 
is full of twist and turns so many I don’t know what to do but let’s hope we learn from 
our mistakes. Life is full of twist and turns we never know what tomorrow will bring. Life 
is full of twist and turns I can’t answer all the whys in life but if we worry about that it 
might bring are demise. Life is full of twist and turns you cut your wrist because at life 
you got pissed it can really put you to the test. So let’s give it a rest instead of 
spending all of our life competing with the rest. Life is full of twist and turns some will 
never understand what their purpose is here in this world. Life is full of twist and turns 
happy you may seem but deep down inside you want to scream. Life is full of twist and 
turns you go to sleep and have a dream then wake up and see nothing. Life is full of 
twist and turns you go to lunch and want chicken but are served stake. Life is full of 
twist and turns you get ready for a date and they don’t show. You call them up to ask 
them why but it hurts so bad you just want to cry. Life is full of twist and turns I hope 
by now that you have learned if not you will get burned because life is full of many twist 
and turns and unexpected things.

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Please don't judge me

Please don't judge me based on my religious preference, my hair, what I wear, or how I speak. I can promise you, I'm different than what you'd expect. I don't expect much, though that's still too much. I'm not sure if I like myself as of now, but I'm working on it. If I don't care, you shouldn't either. So you can keep knocking, but won’t knock me down, no love lost, no love found. When you so good, that you can’t say it cuz it isn’t even cool for you to sound cocky anymore,
I am myself nothing more, nothing less.
I wouldn't exactly classify myself as "normal". I can careless what you think of me. I don't like associating with drama queens, troublemakers and just stupid people.
I'm not perfect. To be factual, I'm very far from it. My point of view on things are different than most. I have values. I have a brain; some of you kids should certainly invest in one. I will treat everyone with respect, if they treat me the same in return.
                                         Here is the reply
sometimes people only gain self gratification by making other people seem bad when all they are doing is verbalizing their own shortcomings and pointing them in someone else's direction, they think by redirecting there self image will make others not see who they really are. But if you have brains you can see it and they will not to play into it, then eventually it will all crash down on them :) leaving you shining.

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The rules of love.

Kiss on the lips = I love you
Kiss on the ear = You are special
Kiss on the nose = Laughter
Kiss on the cheek = Friendship
Kiss on the forehead = I will comfort you
Kiss on the neck = I want you
Kiss on the shoulder = You are wonderful
Kiss on the hand = I adore you
Kiss on the arm = Hold onto me
Play around with hair = Can't live without you
Holding hands = Happiness
Playing with fingers = Tell me you love me
Smiling at each other = I like you
Wink = Flirt with me
Looking around = Hiding true feelings
Arms around waist = You are mine
Tear drops = I'm losing you
Crying = I lost you
I love you = I truly do love you, and I will forever.
Forever = I mean it.

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No Love Lost No Love Found

I like being the guy no one can have. I’m strong for not only myself but for those who I surround myself with. I will not put up with people who try to push me around and tell me what to do. I’m my own person, I can handle things myself. If you’re in my life you’re in it for a reason. Those who were left in my past were left there on purpose. I don't need you to live my life. I love many, but trust few. best friends are those for a reason, they are there for you when you need someone to talk too, someone to hug, someone to keep you company, and someone to stick by you and be strong for you even when you can't be strong for yourself. I live my life for myself, and for no one else. I will do whatever it takes to reach my dreams no matter how hard or how long it will take to get there. I am young, I am wild, & I am free.

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A handful of trinkets all that remains of the life you lived. Everything you touched 
cherished and did lost forever to mildew and decay. Just a tiny fragment of yesterday 
they are all locked away in a back ward dungeon. Sitting here realizing the legacy you 
left behind is nothing more than ashes, dust and a memory in my mind. The legacy you 
left behind.

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my grandpa

here is a poem about my grandpa. there are many things i can say about 
my grandpa he was loved by many mater where he went no what he was doing he always showed his love . my grandpa touched many peoples hearts and lives. i don't think my grandpa had no enemies.To him every one was like family. No matter how busy he was no mater what time it was he would always find time to talk to you and in some way his words would comfort you. Even if u was just having a bad day grandpa new what to say to make that day better. Grandpa loved many things he loved to fish loved his wife family and many other things but most of all he loved JESUS. And always told others about him. i learned a lot from my grandpa but of all the things i can say about my grandpa there is three things that he taught me most. 1 he taught me about JESUS 2 he taught me how to love. and 3 he taught me how to respect. i know if u ask any one that knew my grandpa they would agree that in some way he had a impact on there life. i am so thankful that i have a grandpa like you.i want to say thanks for making an impact in my life and for showing me what life is all about.LOVE YOU ALWAYS GRANDPA.

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I am a plastic girl in a plastic world even though i am plastic the girls think i am fantastic. The clothes they make for me they are plastic to even all my shoes what am i to do. Theirs plastic every where even under there. I am in a plastic world come along and see while you play with me that everything is plastic. I have a cat and dog they are plastic to everything is plastic what am i to do. Yes i have a boyfriend he is plastic to i call him plastic boy he lives here with me in my plastic world. I got a lot of friends they are plastic to i hope it is ok if they play with you. They all live here in this plastic world. Would you want to live here with me in this plastic world. I am old school that is plan to see are you sure you want to play with me. I am just a plastic girl in a plastic world.

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I sing a song of praise I sing it for many days. If you learn my song of praise then you 
can sing it in many different ways. I hope it will be remembered for many days the sing I 
sing my song of praise to Jesus Christ the KING.

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Lying on the same bed holding their breaths.Even though makingup was in their hearts each guarded their pride.Each looked sideways glances mingled exploded in laughter.When anger was a crease in the brow and silence a catastrophe.When making upwas a mutual smile and a glance a gift.Now just look at this mess that you've made of that love.You grovel at my feet and I berate you and can't let my anger go.My lover get rid of your anger proud one.What have I done out of anger you haven't offened me.All offenses are mine so then why are you crying yourself hoarse in front of me.So what am I to you you're my darling no I'm not that's why I'm crying

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Happiness is a child's laugh

Happiness is a child's laugh, a soft kiss, or a gentle touch. Not necessarily in that order. My life has had many chapters - some wonderful, some heartbreaking - but all of them have written the story of the person I have become. I haven't always loved the book, but now I can see it has a happily ever after.