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Best Albert A. Olofinnika Poems

Below are the all-time best Albert A. Olofinnika poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Smile! though your heart is 
Smile! though your world seems 
Smile! whatever comes ringing,
SMILE! and soon you'll come 

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A little patience,
Tomorrow shall come
And you’ll be a day older.
Just a little patience,
The egg shall hatch
And the chick shall be cock.

A little patience, 
The night will be over
And morning shall come.
Just a little patience,
What shall come shall come
And will not wait.

A little patience,
What was lost could be found
And be possessed again.
Just a little patience,
You’ll have your wish
And your dreams come true.

A little patience,
What looks scanty will be plenty
And be more than enough.
Just a little patience,
What was planted would be ripe
And ready for harvest.

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We are all beautiful,
For we’re all God’s wonderful creature
When He made us male and female then-
God looked and saw that it was all good.

He made some big and some small,
Some are young and some are old
Some are white and some are black
Some are short and some are tall.

No matter where you come from too,
Whatever the colour of your hair and eyes
Or the shape of your head and nose
God made it so and we are all beautiful.

We’re made in God’s image- that’s cool;
Whichever language you do speak,
It doesn’t even matter what you look like
God loves you for ‘we are all beautiful!’

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Though the tide blows rough and tough,
And the tempest rages long and strong,
I’ll keep sailing on and on.

The sea might be slide and wide,
And could be noisome and troublesome,
I’ll keep sailing on and on.

Even when my strength is small and fall,
There’s no going back or slack,
I’ll keep sailing on and on.

Till I see the light right and bright,
And get the primed prize and rise,
I’ll keep sailing on and on.

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No money, no friend,
That’s the usual trend,
When you’ve got money you’re a guest,
For you’ll find plenty of friends and respect,
But if you don’t have it you’re a pest,
They’ll trample on you with no slightest prospect.

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Live Your Dream

Why do you stand down? 
When you are meant to stand out
The world is waiting right outside your door
What are you waiting for?
 Come on, here’s your chance to live.
Don’t let it slip through your hand
Be free to live your dream and stand,
Release the giant within and step out
Let your spirit fly above the clouds
And be who you really want to be.

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To you "the special one" I pray:
May bliss from heaven light 
your way,
With joyful returns of the day,
Hear the shout: hip-hip-hip! 
To you today on your birthday.

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Love You Forever

Do you ever wonder why?
Someone you deeply love nigh
But would not love you back
No matter how much you crack,
Their hearts seem to so out-lie
Even when you are close by.

I didn’t just love you by mere impulse, nay!
But you were given to me one day,
And I gave my heart to you as such,
Even when I don’t know you much,
Your love flows into me endlessly with ray
Since I chose not to go my own way.

You are a gift from the skies,
That I know too well beyond eyes,
When you are away, I feel you closely,
And this feeling; I can’t explain wholly,
You just wouldn’t open the door but sly,
‘cause of doubt, fear, or— know not I?

But I’m going to love you forever
Till setting sun, and I’ll be there, ever,
May Heavens direct your heart aright
So you can come to me and rest without fright,
And joy overflowing shall bind us together,
We’ll be one, as you let me love you forever!

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Sowing And Reaping

Sowing-and-reaping’s rule is pure,
Whatever you give you’ll procure,
When you sow evil, it comes back in folds to you,
And if it’s good, you’ll have it in multiples too,
Each time you give a soul hope,
It appears when you’re on the ropes,
And when you pull a folk down,
You’ll meet defeat on your way uptown,
What you give out is coming; it’s heaping,
That is the law of “sowing and reaping”.

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It's A Tiny Universe

It’s a small world you know?
Maybe you once had some friends or folk
That you could have helped or saved; but didn’t,
Thinking you’d have another chance someday,
But sooner or later, they were gone,
It’s a tiny universe.

Sometimes; might want to do a soul some harm,
Thinking you two never will see again,
But you might want to give a second thought,
Because you never can tell friend,
Someday, somewhere, you might just run into him,
It’s a tiny universe.

What if sometimes you stand afar?
Wanting to throw a stone into the marketplace,
Never allow your emotion to overwhelm,
For you never can tell its destination,
Don’t you think it could strike a kin?
It’s a tiny universe.

Sometimes, the deed of kindness done,
And the heart of love shown
Do come back in manifolds from that man,
And most times from ones you never knew,
Of a truth it pays to act right and be good,
It’s a tiny universe.