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The Anxieties of a Widow

May stretched its legs into grave.
The thunder heralds the rains.
A hut on the bank of Kanoli canal
Is not re-thatched this year.
Her infant’s illness made the doctor gay
With all the wages she had kept.
Summer takes the last breath,
But the coconut leaf thatched roof
Is not re-thatched this year.

As the widow stands on the threshold,
The rain clouds gather over her sky,
And the wind scatters terror in her corridor.
Will the tattered roof be flown away?
Will the rain drops make pores
On the roof of her life?
Where will her child crawl and smile?
Question waves are thus getting high;
Her canoe is ready to be tossed.

(The summer season ends in the month of May and rainy season begins in the month of June in Kerala)

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Chinese Fishing Nets

Death hangs on the poles
At river banks.
The sun smeared smiles
Grow grim grins in the night.
Being loosened ,
Chinese fishing nets
Sink down with baits
To lure in to the fate.
Wide spread death does wait
Till the sudden lifts.
Wet joys dry, and wriggle
In breathless net.
At bottoms lie hidden nets
To snare when care slip.

 (Chinese Fishing Nets are common at river banks of Kerala.These are a kind of nets hung on poles.At night ,these are lowered and laid at the bottom of the river.In the morning.these are lifted up with fish) 

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Death drops

Reports on reports by dailies ;
Sympathies on sympathies ;
Still cripples on cripples
And corpses on corpses.
On plantations, diabolic showers of Endosulfan.

Innocent raptures, its colour changed,
With the poison mixed.
Brains drained ; heads swelled ;
And like exclamation marks , tongues did
Jut out of the mouths.

Dribble drops of pesticide :
Legs and arms coiled ,
And eyes, its wires melted.
Plantation village looked
Like a collided car.

Vultures in the sky hover;
Coffin makers get richest than ever;
Keep toys and cradles in tears fore ever;
Darkness so thick ; and rays come out never.
Death falls in drops : where is the umbrella?

(Remembering the victims of Endosulfan pesticide in plantation villages of Kerala, 


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Nostrils are the steps to soul.
Paddy farm, just reaped, smells.
Same old unique smells
Climb up the attic of soul.

Full soul shines in silver
Above the leaves tide.
....Footfalls of cat eyed maid
With a pot on her shoulder.

On embankment in field,
Her anklet resonates.
Old untouched love beats,
Then my soul gets wild.

On solitude smells paddy,
Old white skirt flutters
Below black blouse hers:
Truly soul smells paddy.

written on 02/03/11)

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A Girl Who Sells Peanuts

She floats on the saffron shore,
Holding a bamboo basket.
Her heart beats 
Within the shelter
Of peanut shells.

Toys and textbooks ;
Picnics and pampering s ; 
All collided on a roadside wall,
But death dropped her to be tossed.

The girl in a dirty frock –
She sells parched peanuts
For coins and eye pricks.

“Peanuts”, “Peanuts” – her withered call
Haunts her parents in the dungeon of a grave.

Her pale figure walks away with Time Teacher.


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To My Child

Neither look at the pined behind,
Nor waste the eyes at far away.
Today hides in its thorax
What you seek for,
so dear,never be a musk-deer.
Stoop to pick fair and true.

Black poisons have been kept in bottles
Beyond the horizon, 
But fear little if you care a little.
See the rapture, my dear,
Of grazing buffalo,
Which will be slaughtered next day.

When your lamp gets dim,
Fuel it with old pleasures.
When the snow freeze you,
Dissolve it with warmth of home.
When you lose precious things,
Think of the time umbilical cord broken.

Never miss your white ticket
On the way ,my child.
You will follow me,
Sometimes, I shall you.
Since farewell tears are garbage of emotion,
Be always happy,my child.

For 'Children' contest by Debora Guzzi
(Musk-deer seeks musk without knowing the fact that musk is kept within itself)

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Funeral of the Boss

Scaring silence in
Intermittent scream cracked.
Gather kith and kin ;
Sacred chants wash them with the body ;
And the schedules are hacked.

Two cotton pieces
In the nostrils inserted
For the under worm princes
To play with ;
And envy in pity stranded.

Millions of rupees
Were not enough ; now satisfied
With a shroud worth a hundred rupees.
This silence and serenity
Are not fitted.

Myriads of reflections holy
In the minds gathered,
But only till the body
Is taken to the grave.
Then all the same pastures returned.


Details | Fabiyas M V Poem


A.S.D.F……..he typed,
Again did it, again, again………
Tick….tick, tick….tick……minutes sicken.

Soon his nearby seat she took,
A new student with hairs black,
Just a glance,
Next day, a smile, sprouted silent roots.

She got up and turned;
Her shampoo smelling hairs patted
On his face,
By chance.

That night on red bed his,
Fancy dress contest of fancies.
In love birth pain,
He does roll, twist, turn…………

He is earlier student, day next,
In attires newest.
But she came never,
Vanished in the life clouds.

Still lingers shampoo smell.
His solitude pokes the sensorium,
Recollections….tick….tick, tick….seriatim.

(Set against shy rural background)

Details | Fabiyas M V Poem

It's Like Mrs Chakki's Base

‘It's like Mrs.Chakki’s base’-
It’s a saying in a countryside.
Her husband and camels
Walk together in the desert.

It’s his first return :
Riyals bless the soul of their dream
With a body ; a base of house
Takes its birth on the canal bank.

The oasis allures him again :
He flies over the Arabian sea,
Leaving the base with Mrs.Chakki.
Dream balls roll in her eyes.

She awaits in sweet expectancy,
But the postman passes by,
Like her days,
Holding not out a letter for her.

The decades slip into
The barranca of past,
Leaving wrinkles and silver streaks
On her dreams.

The time partitions every hole
And every chink in the base –
Mongooses, bandicoots
And rats get due shares.

“Will he ever return, Chakki?”
Silent answer fills her eyes.
‘It's like Mrs.Chakki’s base’-
It’s a saying, and an ember as well.


Details | Fabiyas M V Poem

Missing Couple

Beginning unknown :
Still the canoe floated
The calluses paddled.

Sunny days and moonless nights
I have watched them floating
On the river meandering.

The canoe rose and fell
On the wavelets ten thousand times
During the springs.

Black the hairs were ;
Many winters passed ;
Now snow white being exposed.

Narrow escapes
From the maelstroms unexpected,
And forward floated.

A long voyage ; two together ;
Funeral feast smells ;
They drink to the lees.

A long missing : one doubts
They rest under the holy *banyan tree ;
Empty canoe tied to the tree.

*Banyan tree is a holy tree for Hindus.