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Little Sister in Front of All

She sits in front of them all.
Her nerves eating her alive.
The butterfly's in her gut are trying to carry her off.
She wont back down though.
My little sister stands out there alone.
She stands out there with the world to prove.

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Watch her ride.
Going on her own way.
Red hair streaming in her wake.

Watch her ride.
Still she wont stay.
Riding on till her legs ache.

Watch her ride.
Happy and gay.
Riding on with no mistake.

Watch her ride.
Simply for her own joys sake.
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As I walk the long road.
Alone in my thoughts.
I discover my own way.

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Am I worth It

May I please know you?
Will you talk to me?
Does what I say scare you?
Is my point of view that hard to see?
What thoughts does it give you?
Do you agree?
Is this talk destroying you?
Do you care if I cant be?
Well forget you to.
I will just keep on trying to be someone other than me.

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Little Critic

Little voice inside my head.
It likes to kick and scream in my skull.
It enjoys yelling cruel things like how I should be dead.
Its little words are never dull.

It loves to beat on my poor brain.
It enjoys stabbing the back of my eyes.
It tries to convince me that i am not sane.
Really it is no surprise.

It likes to annoy me.
It loves to see me have a fit.
It takes so much joy from my misery.
I wish it would just quit.

A funny thing though it is only a fact.
My horrible detractor can be seen in any mirror I look at.

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Hypocrits Hallelujah

I follow you lord with all my heart,
so i shall kill others in your name.
I will be the officer who enforces the laws,
even if they are unlawful themselves.
I will be the jury who convicts those before me,
even if they did nothing wrong.
I will also be the executioner,
even if being so means I sin.
All this I do in your name oh lord.

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These are the days of darkness

A day of night full of blight.
These are the days of darkness.
Death is being carried on angles wings.
These are the days of darkness.
No children playing in the streets.
These are the days of darkness.
Temptations of sin in every corner.
These are the days of darkness.
Unknowing evil in us all.
These are the days of darkness.
The time is now don’t you see.
These are the days of darkness.

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The Great Yellow Monster

The great yellow monster is on it's way.
It has come to take all your children away.
Don't you worry though.
Don't you fret.
The great yellow monster will bring them back at the end of the day.

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What now old friend

I am so sorry but what was I to do?
I fell so bad that I am happy she hurt you.
The thing is though that I loved her first.
Each time she turns away it makes my heart burst.
She was happy with you at the time though.
That is why I thought it best I go.
Now I see the rejection hurting you.
I don't know though what it is I should do.
Should I help you when her back and condemn my heart to unholy places.
Should I go to her and leave you to these faces.
I don't know, I don't know.
What do you do with a heart that refuses to grow.
I dont want my actions to drive you away.
I realy dont know though what I should say. 
I still love her I really do.
At the same time though i see that so do you. 
So old friend what do we do now.
Which of us will be the one to go out with a final bow.

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champaine bubble romance

 You sit up at the bar,
drink in hand.
It tasted pretty good,
but its going to your head.
That person in the corner walks on over,
and begins to whisper sweet words in your ear.
They get you to come with them,
with your fuzzy head.
You wake up in the morning,
with your head pounding.
Who is that in the bed.
The truth is your champagne bubble romance just popped.