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Best Raskin Bobbins Poems

Below are the all-time best Raskin Bobbins poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Respite from the storm

wind whips the weeping willow
a wolf rests deep within 
watching snowflakes waltzing

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Could this be love

	Could this be love?

A kiss from a will o wisp
Elusive like stars that wink

Billowing like a silk scarf,
Delicately against your skin

Wishing at sunrise to see
It’s colors rustle and captivate

Like winsome eyes on a pillow
Or joyous laughter from a place

Past the shadows that sparkles
With an effervescence of fireflies

Making your toes tingle finally
And you say beautiful, beautiful

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Fleeting season

Downy feathers
Lightly float
Like dandelion seeds

And again
The fall 

Reveling in the dance
Of monarchs wings
And jackets with 
Downy feathers 

Like the advent of
Lightly floating 

I muse

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Silly spring alliteration

A pig in peplum and pearls
under a pergola twirls.
Pendulous petunias sway
while percussion plays.
Whispering spring breezes,
a tickle in my nose, i sneezes.

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Kernels of kindness
Incandescent kindling
A climbing, curling
Conversation or
Creative cloud kisses
Expressive grins emerge
Like kites of curiosity
Candles of eloquence
Keeping us warm

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alliteration medley

telling tendrils twine
a lovers loop of longing
until finally touching

a shimmering swine
swirling and slick
hard to get

a tangible tableau set with
tasty taters and tomaters
touching my tongue with a tang

belligerent battles belittle
brains badly, but burlesque
beauty is a buoyant business

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Interlude in a coffee shop

To sip coffee with you,
Reading the newspaper,

Sitting close
Steam rises from my cup,

I relish this moment
Cherishing your smile,

Examine your face,
Lines, changes over the years

Still, I look in your eyes
And see the young man,

The hearth is still warm
And I’m thankful for that.

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I am diaphanous, dappled
and dimpled in sunlight.

A lady of the lake waiting,
my spirit graced by vigor.

Smiling, romance tickles my nose.
I am giddy and dance in this oasis

of brightly colored blossoms,
veiled in the pollen of love.

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Baseball season begins soon

In a field of dreams
The scent of cut grass
Hung like beams
Ball thrown, bat cracks
Smiles and eyes that gleam

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Tune of the nightingale

Tune of the nightingale

Lyricism illuminated as you lumbered,
it was in your locks beneath lamplight,
a lilting ambulation, a melody elongated.

With a veil of longing, filling
in the solitude of a bramble
a chill, snow fell. Flawless

I thought, I of the nightingale
listened to the melancholy loneliness
with a wistful smile, a soul’s duel. 

Knowledge of my own inabilities 
of love’s deliberations. Liberation
flew on philosophy, to be or not
or not echoed blindly in the flurry.
Recollections nestled in a swirling trail.