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I've notice life moves way to fast.
You blink,a day,a moment has past.
Like just yesterday it seem,I've held you for first time.
Must remind myself it will be seven years this September.
I remember you were crawling everywhere.
Golly I went an blink,now you're handing me baby frogs,
can I keep it mama please.
Now we have three.
I've also notice with every new blink,
comes a new moment soon to past.
I'm anxious yet,partly afraid of what the next blink will bring.

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The Promise

sit down here by my side
she says..I need to ask you something
I need you to promise me
you will never forget me when I,m gone
I answer will I forget to breath,
of course Ill never forget you
promise me not to make the same misstakes,
as I did.
promise to love more than hate
promise to forgive but not forget
promise me you spend all extra time with the  little ones.
once their grown it's to late
promise me you let God back into your heart
yes I promised all this to you.
she says now seal it with a kiss goodbye.

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needing a shooting star

Looking into midnight sky,
searching for a shooting star.
I really could use a wish or two right now.
I would wish to rewind time,
so I could tell  I'm sorry for  ever hurting you.
And to say I love you to your face.

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Saying my goodbyes from afar

Greatest man I ever known..
I couldn't seem get along with for to long..
Told that's because we are so alike..
At first I use not like hearing that..
Now I'm proud to say I'm alot like him..
I only wish now we had gotten along alot better..
That ok though that's how it goes..
Now greatest man I ever known is forever gone..
Dad even though we never gotten along..
I want you to know..I alway's loved will be greatly missed.
  This poem is for my late father Charles Ellis Strength (aka Slick)

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Greatest Day

The greatest day in my life started out with,
alot of pain and some pushing.
In the end left me overwhelm with joy.
Holding the most precious package in my arms,
was the greatest day in my life.
Seem's like million diapers and a few years later..
I keep having greatest day everytime,
I see you smile or say mommy I love you.
That with a hug and a kiss,
turns any bad day into a good day.
The greatest day of all will always be,
first day I held you in my arms.
Than again everyday with my little man,
is the greatest day in my life.

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Nothing is bright and pretty.
Everything seem dark and ugly.
I don't see anything worth busting my back for..anymore.
Always alone now.
Maybe it's best this way.
I'll just bring someone down.
Like a toy not quite working right,
I'm broken..without you.
Nothing is right with me,
without my second breath.
Life is dark without my star.
Hopefully one day to be fixed,
Untill then I'll be left broken.

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Wishing I had earplugs,
so I wouldn't have to hear you.
Shut up,quite,silence,
you have no idea what it means.
Words keep flooding out of your big mouth.
Talking about nothing I want to hear about.
Sady I have no duck tape.
I would have used it long time ago.
About to snap,and cause drama.
Only to hear about it later.
Here comes our plate of food.
Oh silence..only if I thought of it earilier!

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Soon To Be

Belly getting as big as a house.
Use to eat like a mouse.
But now eating for two.
Can't wait for day to change a diaper or two.
It be nice to hold you.

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Hurt's Don't It?

     Heard all about what she did to you.
New's flash it same thing you did to me.
    I don't feel a bit sorry for you.
Only sorry I didn't get to see your face,
   when she crushed you.
About time you gotten a dose of your own medicine.
   Answer me this.
Hurt don't it?

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One Got Away

I had the biggest kind hearted one hooked.
But I wanted to keep fishing,
so he jump off the hook,set us both free.
Now I'm wishing I stop fishing,
when I had him hooked.
Like a dam fool I let the one that matters loose.
Now I stop fishing,but it's to late,he's not biting.
One I want to keep now,
is the one that got away.