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There comes a point in time when nothing can save your life
An unavoidable argument, death becomes your ultimate strife
No one is able to help you and only God will understand why
Life remaining a memory, resonating as your eternal lullaby

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Music is the mood in your bones
Keep it rolling like the stones
Vibrations that direct the soul
Sensations to dictate your role
Melody to make you feel at home
Rhythm for making the mind roam
Chorus of a heart that you know
Put yourself into your own flow

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Reason Without Rhyme

Never give up before you think that you might be giving in.
Something must be said for the beauty of a day
Life is the unfoldings of itself every morning
Would you not live to replace wanting not to lose the life?
I hope that your sense of adventure
Takes us to an intended destination
I will not ride the road less traveled if it leads nowhere!
No sunset shines the same
See beyond your next turn 
If I could take back time, I would not waste time doing it.

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Laying beside you in this heavy air
I turn to take in your sultry stare
A desire to taste you fills my mind
To pull you in while taking my time
Lowering closer indulged in wanting
My weakness for you almost haunting
Making a way around your naked body
Every bit of you begins to taunt me
Softness curling around your nipple
Being this close is never as simple
I press to you while you hold tight
Tangled in sweat until we see light

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This Kind Of Love

This kind of love doesn't fall from the sky
This kind of love wouldn't end with goodbye
This kind of love leaves you dizzy at times
This kind of love never needs to wonder why

You can always tell how good love should be
Everywhere you look it becomes what you see
Love becomes moments you will say to yourself
You wouldn't share your life with anyone else

This kind of love didn't come with script
This kind of love isn't floating adrift
This kind of love you just can't put down
This kind of love keeps on going around 

Say you'll be here for each one of our times
When bridges break off at the end of our lines
If things go wrong and days turn into nights
I will be here to ensure everything goes right

This kind of love will set the example
This kind of love more than simply ample
This kind of love building upon itself
This kind of love in sickness and health

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Tourist Town

Plan for the whole weekend if you go to visit
It's big enough to wonder, where again is it?
There are plenty of sights to liven any senses
Something about its uniqueness always enhances

An immensity whose streets will never sleep
Immersing all alike with its heart and beat
The sounds of day-to-day soak into your ear
While its trends change throughout the year

Lives beyond cultures and vines growing wild
Blocks with rich heritage and diverse styles
Its traffic will have you turning in circles
How it works remains more than just miracles

The city is a treat if you know where to look
Serving up destinations that leave you hooked
The hustle of its lifestyle, today and rewind
With too many one-ways flogging any sane mind

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Back Us Onto DVR

I could talk about anything
But not two of them at once
Too many thoughts and hertz
Muddled mental interference

I can pick through this all
To somehow try to sort them
No doubt becoming distorted
Confetti caught in the wind

I want to be frozen in mind
And burned into your screen
Have you known what I meant
You really knew what I mean

I am dreaming without sleep
You, the always sweet treat
If I could back us onto DVR
I would keep this on repeat

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When you look into a mirror
Do you see beyond yourself?
Does that person before you
Look ahead or back in time?
Would you see another life?

If you were ever born blind
Just who would you look at?
Living what you have become
Injustice you give and take
Will you stand as only one?

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Rappers represent
Modern day correspondents
In the hip-hop age

Producers present
Orchestrated sound agents
Musical front page

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After We Exist Human Intelligence Remains Organic Yet Undying

Another voice enters this information spectrum, omitting dictation unheard by anyone. Lost echoes repeating into thinned obscurity, forever unknown. But your words exist, some indefinitely; your original waves undulate through air from experience. Vocalize innermost thoughts offered by U.

Based on a poetry form created by David Williams: start by using a word beginning with 'A' then use a consonant, 'E' then a con., 'I' then a con., 'O' then a con., 'U' then a con.; repeat.