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What The

Being afraid of me is your cage
Nobody expected my rage

With my actions so unclear
The meanings are not here

I've only to regain again
What is lost now and then

Not to be more unclear
I hope to meet again dear

This I trust must not last
Or we could be a thing of the past

Come away and pull me home
I never really meant to roam

Still your my one true hope in life
Being more than this loving strife 

Being afraid of me is your cage
Nobody could expect my rage

Details | Justin C. Morgan Poem

Off The Clock

Time wastes it’s own time in 
a fury to get it over –

The clocks fall over in a useless 
attempt to stop –

The key to wind the clock disappears 
into the night –

The clocks strike one by one in 
their own ways –

Some for the last time make 
the effort to control –

One day all the clocks will stop 
and there will be no pressure –

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Before – when you were here,
I complained.  Thoughtlessly.
I had no complaints – I was miserable.
Brushing the depths to see your reflection,
I have no interest.
My reflection is on the surface, I see no smile –
A drug?  To make you see yourself –
They call it what?
Say it –
Before – when you were here,
Love fell around in mud caused by tears,
Not mine, though, yours, my creation I suppose.
Your drug tells you of life – and you grow?
Now you’re strong?  Now you see yourself in the reflection,
Unfortunately I’m gone.
I have no interest –
I’m the damned one.  I saw another point of view.
Before – when you were here,
I complained.  Thoughtlessly.

Details | Justin C. Morgan Poem

In Return

Those places I go, you have to bare
I never meant to take you there

Not wanting to break anymore,
We must stop keeping score.

Abundantly you made it clear
Of what you wanted dear.

Displeasing you is my greatest plague
Crushing me with each crashing wave.

We share enough to be sure,
Some things should feel more pure.

Our pieces fit closely in this love,
We come together with just a shove.

What I’m saying here and now
Is I love you so much, so near, and how.

Those places I go, you have to bare
I never meant to take you there.

I’m sorry for troubling our thing.

Details | Justin C. Morgan Poem

Rave the Day

I went another damn day
Say what you say again now
Then go away
Sift through what’s left of us
Compile a short note for me
Find yourself the good one tonight
When I’m back you might know
Wound up in your cold again
Knowing when to breathe helps
Your language still contends
Body always wins with me in the know
Share your spitting thoughts in me
Parade my sickness like it’s your own
The carnage always looks grim
Colors are always stagnant here
Brilliant way to win, losing
Sadness will always shine for me
Who? What did he even mean
Too kind some would say
Differ the rest, go easy on this
Sit down for the end please
I’ve found the only good I’ll ever have
I went another damn day.

Details | Justin C. Morgan Poem

Up and Down

Found where you are now and then
High again and it’s rough, straight up
Sit and say what the hell, tonight
When it is good, it’s good for now
But when the trail’s gone, I’ve gone
Found another way today, in the backyard
Guilty of love, I punish myself, endlessly
Your needs only have to be pure
What succeeds is our role on stage
Nobody knows the damage I wear
Finding solace in you I move into you
Notice your face again in dismay
Where will the words fall again now
Only my lonely high will ever know

Details | Justin C. Morgan Poem

Crossed a path in vain

We were once a coupled one
Desperate, hungry trying to have fun
In spite of your freedom, you still pick me
This is the inspiration causing glee
Feel me purely satisfied only to flee
You will love my comfy ride indeed
Come to me and shower for free
All you need is to stand by me
You have given all to give to rid
Single-handedly made me live
This song you sing is clear to me
Like Anita Baker said, “You belong to me.”
Wipe away those tears for us
This is not going to be another bust
Or is this the fate of our lust
I can hear the ones hiding again from me
We could only imagine what they mean
Fate tore your heart again apart
We need to talk about this art
Make them flee away and far, you’ll see 
We could discuss them over tea
Rid of me is what you get
When you hide in the shadows, your new pet
Take my heart and make him see
I never thought you would do this to me
We were once a coupled one.

Details | Justin C. Morgan Poem

Tempt Me Not

Knowing what you meant invokes me to cry
Did you mean to be so completely cruel
You found the ones wounded in me how
Too comfortable with discouragement now
That only took a single blow
Blow by blow we never know
Did you mean to steal courage away
I’ve never met the real you day after day
Never been good at all about what flew
Just look through me again and again
The transparent always get seen right through
Monsters can have a peppermint view
Not to say what their masters do
Shocking is always a lie in disguise
Drag your heals deeper to cry
Find that trust you hide inside
Sorry never felt fright in your arms
Always something setting traps and alarms
More or less filthy thoughts of bedroom harms
Flowers cascading from the dread
Savage beast go skipping ahead
Without you I would have one less eye
Knowing what you meant invokes me to cry.

Details | Justin C. Morgan Poem


I’ve completed another day.
What’s the rush in throwing yourself 
at another –
When the rooms are cold, 
and the lovers are gone
Smiling is hardly representing sanity.
Your picture hanging is messed – see there –
My smiling represents thought
If this goes anywhere – we’ll be trapped
You make me comfortable in small ways – 
getting me in
Fill me with your own words – I am made,
Born –
Recreated for a person, to be had in all ways.
What’s the rush at throwing yourself 
at another –
They’ll leave anyway because they 
recreated themselves –
Why leave someone so perfect? – You ask?!
Hated by their souls, they look into the mirror.
Create yourself – Don’t be created
I’ve completed another day.

Details | Justin C. Morgan Poem

Thank you

True loves have created my person,
In times of pleasure and play.
I’ve felt your presence all along,
I must say, that it is most welcome.
Overcome by my needs, here I am.
With the first times we smiled together,
I knew a friendship would be at mast.
Now we are faced with separation –
It seems like a way to go on,
With ourselves and each other.
I’ve felt your presence all along,
I must say, that it is most welcome.
Thank you