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When we first met, I was
to you 
After awhile together, you were
to me 
Now that I'm alone, I am
to everyone
Blows that bruise the face
 can heal without a trace
But words keep their ugly embrace
 that time can never erase
Feeling worthless is a place
 that takes real strength to ever out race.

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Shattered Glass

How do I tell the truth without telling a lie? Spill my guts and walk away Leaving someone else to clean up my mess I threw the rock that broke the glass Now to kiss and tell and wish you well You had all the best and I'm left with the rest Just a coward hiding in the fray Trying to live up to seeing the sunny day Worried that light might shine through the shattered glass and find that I was the one who broke my heart in two

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The Answer?

What is the meaning of life and death?
Why do some grow old & babies die before their first breath?
Where is God and why have faith?
When will there be justice and why speak the truth?
What is war about and why do men hate?
Why do some feel true love and others receive nothing but heartache?
When we die, do we finally know the answers?
or do we simply cease asking?

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The Perfect Way Home

It's winter's evening, I am driving home.  The bare trees whisper my vulnerability like a secret to the sky.  I've come again to an all too familiar crossroads; the one of dreams and fear.  I stop at the traffic light waiting but I am lost within a cold ocean of myself.  Overhead on the telephone wires, a flock of blackbirds have gathered.  The electric current keeps their toes snug and warm as they chatter; eavesdropping on my thoughts.  I wonder why the birds have chosen this particular place with all its confusion?  Perhaps they are my muse, my witnesses and they wait for a change in the signal too.  With a slight ripple in the wind and the light, their wings lift up in unison and I am lifted too.  I have no need to tarry; I turn towards the fading sun.  My heart is carried by a light haven.  Inhaling a deep breath of me, I pass a billboard that tells me to have courage.  

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Silence of the Night

Now the moon is shining bright I am cradled in silence of the night Mother of heaven in darken blue curls My dreams are obscured within your pearls glimmering in an otherwise ebony sky Encouraged by a melodic lullaby of distant and reverberating thunder I fade fast to the deepest of slumber If by the coming morning light as she yields gracefully in her flight Given her one final epiphany, Will she set my dreams free?

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Within Blue Eyes

She sings sweetly a song borne of love She is a child of God and the mother of doubt she'll push and shove then hide as she dances all about lost in the wane of soft moonlight A powerful beauty contained within blue eyes, a golden stare of burning fire raging on starry night She's an essence of what cannot be restrained a shadow flirting deep into the foggy mist She's been waiting for a long slow kiss to set her free not realizing she's already there

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Happiness - A Short Story

I liken happiness as I would 
to my best friend and soul mate.  
When she leaves my life, 
she announces her departure loud & clear.
There is no mistake; she has gone away.   

But when she re-enters my life, she's silent.  
Like a game of Guess Who?, she sneaks up 
behind me & taps me on the shoulder.  
I always turn around in total surprise 
and amazement; then embrace her too tight.   
I don't care where she has been, 
I'm just content she's returned to me.

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Day Complete

Bittersweet a day is complete
Shadows prance, light fades in retreat
A melody plays a song yet unsung
Dreams sashay as the clock chimes one
Glass castles built dare invite a perfect aim
Yet the castle still dances merrily all the same
and therein does remain love so very young

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Haunted Memories

The cold wind blows against two warm hearts Leading one heart astray, the other one broken Don't ask the reason why As answers echo a truth unspoken Where once there was a beautiful garden bursting into life Now lies barren ground cold and heavy with strife Dreams escaping into thin air like clouds passing in the sky Reaching to hold them captive By never saying goodbye The wounded spirit floats in circles round upon her wings Carrying heaviness in her heart to the pain that she brings Forever jaded by seeing love feign through a stained glass windowpane Pray one day a sweetened breeze Comes and calms these haunted memories

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A Beautiful Knight

You furrow your brow with a kiss on your lips
As you step off the earth into the dreamy abyss
I wonder do you find peace, is your day done
or if only now, has your battle just begun
Do you put on your armor and pick up your sword
Fighting to defend love, honor and all its reward
Seeking to slay dragons, fire and lair
Belaying all harm of reach to your little girl's hair
Are you charging a steed cross a mystic land
Trumpets blaring, fierce army at your command
Does a fair maiden await your loving graces
as you travel through mist of those faraway places
With dawn begins a fire aglow, I watch for your return
Twinkling of morning roses, its your touch I so do yearn
A beautiful knight has conquered and won
My heart, my love and a new day's rising sun