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Do you have a vacancy
cause I’ve got to find a place to put my heart
it’s vacant like a broken down apartment parking lot
will you take my hand
because it’s trembling and about to fall apart
if I can reach the end of this broken down apartment parking lot
I might find a new place to fall apart
and I might find some use for my heart
if I hold your hand I might understand
if I break through this emptiness that was never holding me together in the first place
where do I start
just need to find the end of this broken down apartment parking lot
I will never go back once it stops
the stopping of this breaking and falling apart
do you have a vacancy
a new place for me to put my heart
because its beating and bleeding and falling apart

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The battle

The battle inside my mind
is being fought all the time

I know what I should choose
but I don’t want to lose

any part of me that I have
any piece of me I still have

I have lost and been confused
been broken, beaten, and bruised

I don’t want to feel the pain
I want to enjoy the rain

but the battle is still being fought
even when I think that it is not

it can catch me by surprise
it can lead me to more lies

when what I want is the truth
to live careless like my youth

enjoying the rain
not feeling the pain

back before the battle was being fought

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Another mile

With bright lights and manifold music
With a blanket and a smile
You think about going just one more mile

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it is never enough

you think you need

needing to supersede

you really need


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You lose reality
And gain it back
You get hit upside the head
And take a sack
You have pity for a selfish soul
And fall off the totem pole
You turn your head
And make a grin
You fill the wheel
And the spin
You turn around
And do it again
You take a nap
And hit the sack
You lose reality
And gain it back

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Big Blue Sky

Journey back to the beginning of me
reaching out to anything
anything that wants to hold me
reaching out to the light
finding faith like a child
I'm always looking up
into a big blue sky

there's a mark on a map
it's where you can find me
it points up to a big blue sky
so anytime you need me
look up and talk to me
in a big blue sky

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Shadow started to retreat

There once was a hollow form of a man that set outside his cell
I looked and scoffed at him every night
He looked quiet and subdued as if nobody could notice his shape
Every once in a while his eyes would see light
I followed this man time and again
Wondering where his shadow would lead
Every night I would laugh as he would try to eat
He would just sit there looking at his feet
I saw signs he was neither coming or going
I saw signs he couldn’t tell time
I looked back at my shadow
My shadow started to retreat
I looked in the mirror and that person was me

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Sitting here in paradise without you

Sitting here in paradise without you. I do what I want; 
there is nothing to do. I’m drowning here in paradise without you!
There is nothing left to have. Should I refill my glass?
It’s good, yet overflowing. I need someone to share what I’m holding!
Nothing is good if that is all you see; it’s not as fortunate without you and me!

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Opposites Attract

That’s the prettiest girl in the world and I’m the ugliest dude ever, the two of us should get
together, because opposites attract! This is the strangest situation; will we pass the test; will we
survive the operation: who will clean up the mess? Stitch the two of us together when we are
newlywed. We finally made it to our room, sipping honey on the moon. This is the beginning of
us, we’re a funny looking creature when we are together. I’m the blood running thru your veins
you’re the blood running thru my veins, and life should’ve always been this way: life should’ve
always been, this way!

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Letters from me

There’s a light on in the hallway, up broken stairs to a broken room;
and a candle burning past the open doorway, burning in my room.
There’s a grim shadow of the chair on my wall, bending in the afternoon.
By the hour, the clock begins to fall. The light burning, surrounded by letters from me;
a constant dullness of surroundings, and constant static on my T.V.. I go outside on my own two
feet, on black asphalt driving down a darkened street. Surrounded by letters I always meant to
send; knowing how each road bends, but never knowing how this relationship would end.
Waking up with a siren and police lights surrounding my car! They’re knowing I’m guilty 
by looking at me, with my black eyes shaded and an empty scar of my feelings for you. Peering
out my cell window, light bending shadows in the afternoon.