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A Letter Home To Rome'

My dearest Claudia, 

     For eighteen months, I've been at this Jerusalem outpost.
     "Tis you and young Julius that I miss the most.
     This wasn't the adventure I set out to seek-
     At least, not until this past week'
     A local rabbi rode a donkey into town,
     While people were throwing palm branches down.
     Many proclaimed Him to be their "King."
     The Jewish leaders vehemently denied such a thing'

     They arrested Him and a riot ensued;
     My squad was called in to get the masses subdued.
     Back and forth, they sent Him- through several mock trials.
     The prisoner maintained His silence all the while.

     "He's a traitor to Rome," the priest and leaders cried.
     And the crowd wanted Him crucified'
     A "Royal robe" they made Him wear
     Then His own cross He was forced to bear.

     With a thorny crown jammed down upon His head,
     It was off to Golgotha He was led.
     Lifted up between two thieves,
     The day turned black and I wanted to leave'

     Then I heard my Centurion say something very odd:
     "Truly this is the Son of God'"
     Buried in a borrowed grave- as if in a womb-
     I and my men guarded that tomb.

     Then some time during the middle of the night,
     The rock was rolled back 'midst a blinding light'

     In the morning some woman came to that "prison,"
     But two beings inside said "He has Risen'"
     This week's events have so drastically changed my life.
     That I was compelled to tell you of them, my beloved wife.
                                                                                           Your Husband Octavius

                                                                                     Arthur Ball (h.S.L.P.)
                                                                                     April 16, 2006

Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2009

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You've Got Mail'

I got a letter the other day;
The Postman delivered it in the usual way.
No return address I could see;
Who could possibly be writing to me?

I took the letter into my desk;
Made some room amidst the mess;
Used the opener to get inside;
Suddenly my eyes opened wide.

The letter was from my Father above,
He wanted to tell me of His love,
He told me I was special in his eyes,
And He sought me out like a worthwhile prize.

He's been watching over me, night and day.
And His spirit has guided my way.
All things are working together for my good,
I know He will do that which He promised me He would.

"Will you walk with Me, dear child?"
Comes His challenge , soft and mild.
"Yes, my God- give me your word,
I receive You as my Saviour and Lord."

I got God's letter through the mail,
And I know He can never fail'
My heart already knows revival.
Thank you- whoever sent me my first Bible'

                                                                  Arthur Ball (H.S.L.P.)
                                                                  August 25, 2002


Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2009

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Body Unity Times Two'

I have taken many walks through this great and lovely land,
I have walked through her deserts, on her mountains and her sand.
Many are the people I've met along the way,
Each carrying the bond of love for the U.S.A.

With skin of many colors; and ethnicity differs too,
But they're as much Americans as me or you.
We have a common flag, and one President to lead;
And equal opportunity for all to learn to write and read.

Traveling through most states, their laws are pretty much the same,
The state I'm about to enter looks like the state from which I just came.
People love their families- husbands, kids, and wife,
And there is great appreciation for the freedom in our life.

Immigrants arrive and step upon our shores,
To partake of liberty's freedoms- because we have wide open doors'
For some this 50-state union is the land of their birth,
Every patriotic heart thinks this the best nation on earth'

Religion is an area in which not all agree,
But I'm guaranteed the right to worship in the manner best for me.
Some folks may be soft-hearted; others tough as old shoe leather'
Yet, when disaster strikes, you'll see Americans pull together.

Our states are separated only by map-makers lines,
The common values we share are ingrained in our minds.
The Church is also a single body with members far and wide;
Each one is looking past the obvious and seeing Jesus inside.

The Church has people in every separate nation,
And God's people can be found in each denomination'
We have a common leader: Jesus is His name'
And He sees each Brother and Sister as being exactly the same.

Just as in America, it's the people who make our nation;
Likewise it's the Christians who make the Church' Now, that's a Revelation'

                                                                                             Arthur Ball (H.S.L.P.)
                                                                                             September 18, 2005


Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2009

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Having a good time'

Everyone at one time or the other have had a good time.
The world is round, the sun will rise, and all think things are fine.
For some of us in America that pretty much is true,
Are we really having a good time? When are we going to realize the sky is not blue?

There's a quite haze hovering over our dear planet.
It's groaning, rupturing and spewing out it's anger, it's a warning we just don't get.
The earth is being drilled, dug into, for it's natural resources.
So what happens? It fights back, hurricanes, tornadoes, and  bad weather of course.

Earthquakes, rumbling worldwide, polar ice caps shrinking,
Don't know about you, but it gets me to thinking?
God formed this planet for us, not for us to rape it.
He made this paradise for all of us, to find the Holy Spirit.

Having a good time? At who's expense? God's of course.
He gives us love, wisdom, and of course we make matters worse.
We should be grateful and thankful He lets us even have any harvest,
Anything we can have, if we follow His lead, that's the Lord's real request.

Respect this world and all that is in it.
For it given to us from God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
Reap our harvest, return to our Christian Roots and values, see and hear.
Having a good time in the Lord's world, no war, no pestilence, no hunger, and 
especially we have no fear.

Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2011

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An Unknown Man In A lonely Grave.

                                Let me say that the family involved still tend the grave to this day;
There in the brook, face down he lay;
While the log train slowly continued on its way.
When he fell, he had hit his head.
Yet no one realized that the man was dead.

He'd been to town for some fun and drinking,
(Or so those who found him later were thinking.)
The ride back to the logging camp was pretty rough,
And the train's vibrations probably threw him off'

Two hunters in the woods in a light rain,
Came across his earthly remains.
Who he was they had no idea,
But they knew they couldn't leave him there.

They dug him a grave in the midst of the wood,
With a river rock for a headstone, it looked pretty good.
Every year, these two returned to care for that site,
Clearing the brush and making sure all was right.

They continued this task as long as they could,
Then others took over tending that grave in the woods.
The annual trek requires about an hour all told,
But the satisfaction of serving is worth more than gold'

His name, his family, or the place he called home,
Have, for more than a century, remain unknown.
Only God knows whether he was lost or saved,
But be certain that He knows the man in that grave'

We will all end up like that logger some day;
We will also be forgotten in a similar way.
Our lives should impact the lives around,
So memories will linger, once we're placed in the ground.

Tooting our own horn isn't the point of this story,
But rather, being remembered for displaying God's glory.

                                                                                      Arthur Ball(H.S.L.P.)
                                                                                      June 15, 2006

      God Bless all at poetry keep up the great poems, Amen Robert.

Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2009

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The one who gave me life,
(With the assistance from his wife).
He was there when I entered this world,
With squalling lungs and hair that curled.

Whenever I would fall flat on my face,
He would lift me back into place.
And say "come on, my beloved son,
You can walk; your journey has just begun."

He had to correct me from time to time.
To keep me from getting to far out of line.
He also showed me the way to go,
That is why I love him so'

We have covered together very many miles,
Shared heartaches, tears, and plenty of smiles.
Though I sometimes ignored those arms open wide,
Often I saw in his eyes- great pride.

Times I was downcast, he was always there,
He taught me what it meant to care.
Through my life I've tried to honor him,
In every place that I've been.

I've come to realize that his love,
Is a reflection of God up above.
And I proudly proclaim That I am Glad,
My Heavenly Father gave me my Dad'
                                                                         Arthur Ball(H.S.L.P.)
                                                                          Father's Day
                                                                         June 17, 2001

Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2009

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Another Page in the History Books'

Thirty one days, now December is done,
But that also closes out two-thousand-and-one.
As we consign this year into history,
We should be sure to give God all the Glory'

This year began like almost every other,
But it didn't end the same.
A day in September changed lives all over;
God was still faithful- Praise his dear name'

We mourn and we pray, and share our grief,
Yet these events didn't take God by surprise.
He has met us and blessed us and given relief;
Love and compassion shown to the world's eyes.

But His mercies are new every morning;
Through Him we have no fear.
In a few short hours there will be dawning,
A fresh clean new year'

Praise more and worship more.
He knows what is best.
And we can trust Him to keep us,
Healthy, happy, and blessed'

As we turn another calendar page,
My prayer is for you.
To anticipate His returning,
Perhaps in two-thousand-and-two'

                                                                               Arthur Ball (H.S.L.P.)
                                                                               December 30, 2001

Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2009

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The ballad of ol' Joe'

*Come and listen to my tale about a man named Joe.
Who was Jesus Christ? Well, he didn't really know'
Then one day he read John, Chapter three;
His eyes were opened up and he began to see.
     Pearls of truth, that is; wisdom, pure love'

First thing you know, ol' Joe did repent,
Of things he had done and places where he went.
His life turned around in such a drastic change.
That family and friends thought he was really strange'
     A loose cannon, that is; three bricks shy of a full load'

Joe began to read, and he began to pray;
The Lord began to show him a new and living way'
He taught Joe how he could walk in love,
Just like his Heavenly Father above.
     In Holiness, that is; sanctified; uprightly.
Ol' Joe kept a-studying and he kept on a-growing'
By his testimony the kinsfolks knew where he was goin'.
He would witness on the corner and even on the stairs,
When persecution rose up, he didn't have a care.
     Total peace; surrendered; anxious for nothing'

Joe loved to talk to people- that became his ministry.
He turned many souls from a God-less eternity'
And as Joe advanced in his earthly years,
He became ever more thankful for Jesus, so dear.
     Wonderful counselor; Saviour; friend'

Now it's time to say goodbye to Joe and all his friends.
They would like to thank "y'all" for kindly droppin' in
You're each invited to join Joe for all eternity,
To worship at God's Throne and praise His Majesty'

                                                                                Arthur Ball (H.S.L.P.)
                                                                                March 4, 2007

*With apologies to " The Beverly Hillbillies"



Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2009

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A Family Affair'

According to the precepts of God's awesome plan, 
Marriage defined is one woman for one man.
Perhaps they have no child; perhaps two, maybe three,
Yet God calls their union by name,"Family."

When you add in aunts, uncles, and cousins,
And various other relatives by the dozens,
They are all connected like branches of a tree,
You have a unique extended family.

Down on the corner each Sunday morning,
Another group is slowly forming,
Gathering at the church with the white steeple,
You will find the family of God's people.

In the Bible book of Ephesians, chapter number three,
The apostle Paul describes a great mystery.
Which previously had been concealed,
But which, in due time, the Holy Spirit revealed.

That the Gentiles should become the fellow heirs,
Of the marvelous promise the Jews had shared,
Two great peoples, united as one,
Through Christ Jesus, a new family was begun.

God's family is open to everyone,
Who receives and acknowledges what Jesus has done.
He died in the place of each sinner on Earth'
And we enter His family through a new birth.

                                                                     Arthur Ball (H.S.L.P.)
                                                                     July 23, 2006

Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2009

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eye opener'

Daylight is breaking;
  The city is waking;
   It's time to arise.
   Wipe the sleep from your eyes'
   A homeless man, on a bench in the park
   Stayed awake through the dark
   because of his fear
   That violence was near.
   The shop owner out sweeping,
   Doesn't see the the girl weeping.
   Who feels she's been used, 
   and viciously abused.
   At the twenty- four diner
   There's already a line of whiners.
   Folks awaiting a seat.
   And something to eat.
   The night shift is over;
   Workers rush out the front door.
   Ready for the trip home to bed,
   To rest their weary head.
   Yet the new day has just begun,
   For the young exec on the run.
   He has deals he must make'
   Can't afford to be late'
   People, people everywhere.
   Empty hurting lives- does anyone care?
   Jesus desires that they all be reached,
   They won't darken a church to hear the pastor preach.
   So he sends us out to plant a seed.
   To be salt and light to those in great need.
                                                                Art Ball (H.S.L.P.) December 10, 2006

Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2009