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Moon Said To The Sun Aeon Sphere

Charms of Dusk,
A Pure Baptist touch,
Display lurk of a rush plus battle scares
Of blood and rusk what have this man endure,
Even, if this is a man or by luck a higher evolution of a being?
Orion sire from resurrection of most bitter defined
What is being?
Deepen the touch of the man of literary erupted,
Powers of king’s powers of rings could dare to touch great barriers to discuss
Future of youth design to up hold generation haven witness sure a creature only, 
Mythology to have indigestion years of years on end of generation on anarchy
Devolution of a tone of a rowel stone of eyes to brush and look,
What is being?
This was a warrior of the highest status,
Reincarnation 10 years of a millennium on the break off end
Greatness of evil dares not to evoke sin of tear to jerk to tears away,
At revenge of a sting of moral tongue of numb of blood & dirty learn in another realm
Of a death ray,
What is being?
He was a wake from chained of musk body tone build like a statue of pure marble,
This would be a battle of war of wars to end wars
Seas felt like empty towers has he was storming to thunder to walk,
Mountain lift and trees flatting what power be stole in this mystic creature
Wait to amaze we all would know,
What is being?
Blood in the street footprints left of dead mystic foes
Almost in roll of red roses of a garden that stain the street with blood,
He picked them off one by one that splatter like a ring of salt and ashes turn to dirty
Left the sight for the dead to walk,
And set sight of the ultimate evil that evil of destruction should envy him
And once more Orion stood to meet the question,
What is being?
This ultimate foe and his self-war craft at it fitness as prediction,
By the Sun and the Moon he was their son and he knew
The beginning and the end as it was predestination,
For this event to take toll
What is being?
“The Moon Said To The Sun Aeon Sphere”.

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She's mad at me today

Hand gesture, she  do know she will have to speak for me to understand right,  now she pasting back and forth and I surely don’t understand uh huh and mmm-

Then complete silence I can’t tell at this point if she want something to drink or at this point I should apologize for something I don’t know what I did wrong as men we reallie don’t know what we don’t wrong-

I wonder if she told her mom about me well in my case I did not have a dad so it is under stable if she did mention me-

But that look that she gives me sometime it is just unexplainable
Now “She knows” I like her in  her abercrombie jeans, tank tops and sandle devastated to be steady it would  be ecstatic if she could make eye counted,

 Now im thirsty if it is. if it may what if we was kindred spirit. all I can say is take me way-

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That's how you gain respect! ! ! ! 

AND IM HURT AND STILL TOOK YOUR MAN For Move For Move Rebound What Son.

Talking about running the city, we will talk about that later Man after your lesson

BECAUSE IF IT WAS FULL COURT FIVE ON FIVE AND IT  BASE line it would be Styling what's up hang time.


Borgo Baby

Hold ON 'RECAP' what was the lesson-

10 years of trading and building 
techniques and incorporating skills can one say 
it was a waste of time 
or waiting on the right time, 

just to pass the ball down to protégées  
just a pick up game first one to 11 by 1’s

Somebody read the paper.
The City That Im From.

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She Knows

The type of person I am I can come off the bench and make An A,
No scout report need it-
She knows
When you look at my eyes is you looking at the color of my eyes 
or my eye brows
Because if you are looking at my eyes then what 
you can tell about me is my personality but if 
You looking at my eye brows
You know my field of expertise even from birth if you ever heard of the saying
She knows
They say left handed people are smarter then right handed people so my 
question is do you eat 
Because you are hungry or do you eat to live 
and also it is a lot of ways to 
Burn calories so how would you know if a man would  pick you up something 
to eat? 
Or was it   
Rhetorical question If I would have to ask 
I say she can probably already tell
She knows
I’m not saying this is the army or even that I’m reserved but what I will say 
this goes out to 
Um it may concern- wondering if you would ever say ha
She knows

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Girl Next Door

Question Have you ever seen a woman you like blush, now that is attractive I never reallie understand woman in till I got out of school It was this one girl that for some reason like natural selection I would just stare at And she would just fall to sleep during class intend of thinking of class I wonder what is she dreaming About I said to myself officially she does not know notice me in the very last day of class and schedule Class she blurt out Louis are coming back and I’m think to myself I’m a senior officially Not but did again she was just a junior how was she to know if she did not ask? All I know I treated the girls I know with respected and gave them candy I do have older sisters you Now and All I know guys hate me and the girls was just mean girls glad school was out Well to my delight and shock and relieve high school being over and life goes on and A few years later I rent an apartment and year or two years later and odds of all odds she move in my Neighborhood and next door (snake eyes) I don’t mean to role play but Think Like A Man If only if it had sequel it was like She was the “Single Mom” and I was “The Momma’s Boy” but to straighten out the facts About a momma’s boy well in my case I know how to Cook, clean, wash, dry, fold and hang clothes all I would need to know is Would you like cream or sugar with your breakfast because I came here sever And yeah I get it and no it is no such thing as a perfect man if it was how would We show growth to age of age of maturity my good mate But to clarify a detouring I could not imagine she was more shy then me First look and words that come to mind is still gorgeous- And one day I was walking back from the mail post and just when she was coming Out I bump into her and ask her how was her day and the impression of words to found Words of her to say was sensation and a vibe when down my spine when she said good and You that’s that’s good real good I’m still question today did she stutter when she said that must been The heat- Then next week her car broke down on her and I said to myself it’s The battery, engine, or the sensor sense it hot outside Then I seen her son couldn’t be no more than the first grade went to the back of the car And try to push the car it was the most hilarious thing I ever seen But it does build character and he does have his basketball I’m sure he will do just fine By the following week she had another car I notice I never seen a father around and I also Notice she work so hard but how would I ever get odds of asking how was your day ever again And I did not want to be one of those guys here now and gone tomorrow I remember when I was her son age that was the last thing I won’t it so I left it alone knowing I would be leaving to finish my degree in a prestigious university (with god blessing) I stay up to break of Dawn With school work and trying being an entrepreneur and looking outside And she would have back light on For whatever reason thinking doesn’t she have to go to work tomorrow But the question I ask in few months if I would have knew the girl next door but I said to myself I only what the best for you and for some reason When I think of woman I think of Lyrics It’s the weekend of the fourth of July and if it has been like any Other year since I started college than the one place I go on Sunday with my Father I’m sure she know where I will be just my way of trying to say hi but this is a New millennium of woman I don’t think the day I bump into her was an innocent and I don’t Think that she kept the back light on for nothing but I bet she know that “love so many people used name in vain for better or worst I still would put you first”, If only if I had knew The Girl Next Door- 7-5-14

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Moon Said To The Sun

Moon said to the Sun, 
Have you ever heard of a rising of a; Son.
Rising; like no other dynasty a sure sight to watch.

Come take flight.
Unparalleled to any dimension that decide to go Ape, 
What a species, 

Like a horizontal that meet's no parallel to meet one dimension 
In size, and or shape and left turn to speechless.
And rising; it shall come.

It shall be name Orion, 
A warrior like no other, known for such things as hunt and moon, 
Peace; grace the sky.

My son Orion; 
This shall be the beginning of a dynasty, 
Known only as the Sun and Moon Dynasty, 

Let the Bronze Age grace the heaven for years to come, 
And star to the Milky Way shall one day form, 
What is being?

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A Spirtual Warrior, prayer

God of most spoken literature and default, 
muted delima, 
frozen and site as peace was the crown, 
to lead.

Light of revealing smiles, 
I as a man look to heaven above, 
Like a sonnet of defrost ice, 
that prove there something is stiill above my kinging thoughts, 
and lost material.

Last of the saints and many eyes held high, 
founder of revolve plate stand still do to lack of gravity, 
my thought grow in patient of rules, 

like the souls of the warrior priest, 
stunt and honor, 
 only to the heavens to trinty meet  this deed. 
what more can man i ask but plenty lost hands of trees. 

bless it and translation the belly of the beast from east, 
with such sand to mount a 1, ooo diease fill find beads, 
god where is this hand? 

bless it again to know the words of the garden
 and the creature that once live, 
 i hope that history never fold in meaning as we see fit! 
counterpart, business and chancher what wars could be for saw through man eyes, 
I question the fold of the deck of cards, 
please reap to the barrier of lost soul.

Dividend in passage ultimately salavation, 
start which the eyes of our lords lost and barring fruit, 
hearts of all hearts look to know what a saint is but for me...,  
my self would dine last to see chance of man will and god, 
 bless me again for the words i speak once again, 

Moving the crown to frowns of the holy spirt, 
dampated from the fire of the well, left with mystery of? 
or you could call it a sinner misfortune, 
rich with style, 
appeal in darkness and swim to profanation, 
sparkle as wine should, 
noise loose to up due a  crowd lookes to ruinies, 
the color of sky and sweep the wind to ashes and the sky is left roaten, 
where is the 
hand of god

fruit left by limits, 
the staff of wrath shacking to point to the direction of lost tactics, 
fitting as the back of quick sand what obsession, 
could hear this angel sing, 

This the legacy of a thosand saint march, with white horse and the immortal weapon  
where is this last son that the bible speak of, genesis 2: 13, 
the river of gihon seek sin

good grace, food and shelter, 
salt of lost throne, 
keys that hold no barrier where is a lost soul to at sea,

what men of all men would endurance such hurt, 
in the eye of the kindom it not women that knows there place but better yet the soul 
of a man, 

bless the hearts of all men....

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Walk With Me

Falling on defy ears, tight behind lose sin The path I walk, look, and mark of wrath of thorns of a great fine, Blood stain it and imprint on dark black sand please wait in till the final tear drop Occupant tent and sure as the tide felted up the Substances like quick sand to the beads of a prayer Like grieve to mark a man of good deeds unlock the lens like a Key to a vision as they come and goes Walk With Me May faith be the keeper and wait of that of harnesses hands Of that of psalms left stifle to straight and hinder up warded Shrine to wisdom to bliss to the dawn of heaven I yawn I look up ward To kin of thought of spirt to knowledge to pass deeds of fatherhood to children to stomp And yield to know of righteous of a path wait for a witness I collect my thoughts Look adjourn to a shooting star carrier out a prayer of just this moment of time and say Walk With Me Knowing I may not be right my brother or nor shall you my brother But sitting side by side there is no other feeling, Breaking bread even is such a sound decision, To wake and dine that Deepings of our bond, We may not be brothers that of relation but that of the spirit of our descendants, I have spoken of my forgiveness knowing of you and of the spirt, all that I ask is Walk With Me

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Money Or Value

Money is a Asset but to the demeanor can it be that of accessories

Money define days declined,

 Value raise quality potential of wanted items or is that of itch of 

 A better quality of life

Money define days declined,

But the question that tanks is the demonor of the structure of a social 


To much of a demeanor what is the current of a dollar from where you    

 Are from-

Money define days declined,

Today i read a interesting artical about "basic income" or

  Universal income is it a lost voyage to mention 

  But of today as of fine wine of a barrel it was something to a less 


Money or value-

To insulted my intellgience is to insulted your intrigued

  Why much you feel so inferior-

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Achilles Awakening

I tipped the beast I tipped the forest how was i supposed to know of the warrior.