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Moon Said To The Sun Aeon Sphere

Charms of Dusk,
A Pure Baptist touch,
Display lurk of a rush plus battle scares
Of blood and rusk what have this man endure,
Even, if this is a man or by luck a higher evolution of a being?
Orion sire from resurrection of most bitter defined
What is being?
Deepen the touch of the man of literary erupted,
Powers of king’s powers of rings could dare to touch great barriers to discuss
Future of youth design to up hold generation haven witness sure a creature only, 
Mythology to have indigestion years of years on end of generation on anarchy
Devolution of a tone of a rowel stone of eyes to brush and look,
What is being?
This was a warrior of the highest status,
Reincarnation 10 years of a millennium on the break off end
Greatness of evil dares not to evoke sin of tear to jerk to tears away,
At revenge of a sting of moral tongue of numb of blood & dirty learn in another realm
Of a death ray,
What is being?
He was a wake from chained of musk body tone build like a statue of pure marble,
This would be a battle of war of wars to end wars
Seas felt like empty towers has he was storming to thunder to walk,
Mountain lift and trees flatting what power be stole in this mystic creature
Wait to amaze we all would know,
What is being?
Blood in the street footprints left of dead mystic foes
Almost in roll of red roses of a garden that stain the street with blood,
He picked them off one by one that splatter like a ring of salt and ashes turn to dirty
Left the sight for the dead to walk,
And set sight of the ultimate evil that evil of destruction should envy him
And once more Orion stood to meet the question,
What is being?
This ultimate foe and his self-war craft at it fitness as prediction,
By the Sun and the Moon he was their son and he knew
The beginning and the end as it was predestination,
For this event to take toll
What is being?
“The Moon Said To The Sun Aeon Sphere”.

Copyright © Louis Borgo

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Water & Rain

Water and Rain moves me,
Soft but notes the ground,
Mother Earth sound bites out loud

Copyright © Louis Borgo

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Spanish Harlem

The mood the breeze the night you had to make your moves just right now that is groovy baby The sounds the barriers the grip to tap of a foot to the Snap of a figure things where in rhyme Oh how it feel to be living for the day Of the game was to be played the player was the day Was up daddy o smooth Smooth down to suit & tie down to crease of the hymn of pants Down to cold jet black shoes now that my friends is style They was groom cut down trim just one more reason To step in the name of love You talking about Harlem Nights You talking about a lot people founding there wives I’m not here to tell you about history you can read all about it But Poets was established Actors was established And some case is Cookes was established So I ask what is the difference between freedom and opportunity? The information is there you just got to read all about it If I had a choice how of what to be called I choice to be called black folks Cause black people know how show you a good time Harlem Nights be easy A poet and still running

Copyright © Louis Borgo

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She's mad at me today

Hand gesture, she  do know she will have to speak for me to understand right,  now she pasting back and forth and I surely don’t understand uh huh and mmm-

Then complete silence I can’t tell at this point if she want something to drink or at this point I should apologize for something I don’t know what I did wrong as men we reallie don’t know what we don’t wrong-

I wonder if she told her mom about me well in my case I did not have a dad so it is under stable if she did mention me-

But that look that she gives me sometime it is just unexplainable
Now “She knows” I like her in  her abercrombie jeans, tank tops and sandle devastated to be steady it would  be ecstatic if she could make eye counted,

 Now im thirsty if it is. if it may what if we was kindred spirit. all I can say is take me way-

Copyright © Louis Borgo

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Was the golden age oh you can believe that

Word on word never seen a disc jockey do the dew how you do them jump jack son

Can I say I remember coming out the womb who do Whodini I just say Im a 80’s Baby

You had the boom box can’t forget about the electric slide it was a time to rejoice 

I’m a 88’er can you tell me about your year of birth let go of my Legos man.

Copyright © Louis Borgo

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That's how you gain respect! ! ! ! 

AND IM HURT AND STILL TOOK YOUR MAN For Move For Move Rebound What Son.

Talking about running the city, we will talk about that later Man after your lesson

BECAUSE IF IT WAS FULL COURT FIVE ON FIVE AND IT  BASE line it would be Styling what's up hang time.


Borgo Baby

Hold ON 'RECAP' what was the lesson-

10 years of trading and building 
techniques and incorporating skills can one say 
it was a waste of time 
or waiting on the right time, 

just to pass the ball down to protégées  
just a pick up game first one to 11 by 1’s

Somebody read the paper.
The City That Im From.

Copyright © Louis Borgo

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She Knows

The type of person I am I can come off the bench and make An A,
No scout report need it-
She knows
When you look at my eyes is you looking at the color of my eyes 
or my eye brows
Because if you are looking at my eyes then what 
you can tell about me is my personality but if 
You looking at my eye brows
You know my field of expertise even from birth if you ever heard of the saying
She knows
They say left handed people are smarter then right handed people so my 
question is do you eat 
Because you are hungry or do you eat to live 
and also it is a lot of ways to 
Burn calories so how would you know if a man would  pick you up something 
to eat? 
Or was it   
Rhetorical question If I would have to ask 
I say she can probably already tell
She knows
I’m not saying this is the army or even that I’m reserved but what I will say 
this goes out to 
Um it may concern- wondering if you would ever say ha
She knows

Copyright © Louis Borgo

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Girl Next Door

Question Have you ever seen a woman you like blush, now that is attractive I never reallie understand woman in till I got out of school It was this one girl that for some reason like natural selection I would just stare at And she would just fall to sleep during class intend of thinking of class I wonder what is she dreaming About I said to myself officially she does not know notice me in the very last day of class and schedule Class she blurt out Louis are coming back and I’m think to myself I’m a senior officially Not but did again she was just a junior how was she to know if she did not ask? All I know I treated the girls I know with respected and gave them candy I do have older sisters you Now and All I know guys hate me and the girls was just mean girls glad school was out Well to my delight and shock and relieve high school being over and life goes on and A few years later I rent an apartment and year or two years later and odds of all odds she move in my Neighborhood and next door (snake eyes) I don’t mean to role play but Think Like A Man If only if it had sequel it was like She was the “Single Mom” and I was “The Momma’s Boy” but to straighten out the facts About a momma’s boy well in my case I know how to Cook, clean, wash, dry, fold and hang clothes all I would need to know is Would you like cream or sugar with your breakfast because I came here sever And yeah I get it and no it is no such thing as a perfect man if it was how would We show growth to age of age of maturity my good mate But to clarify a detouring I could not imagine she was more shy then me First look and words that come to mind is still gorgeous- And one day I was walking back from the mail post and just when she was coming Out I bump into her and ask her how was her day and the impression of words to found Words of her to say was sensation and a vibe when down my spine when she said good and You that’s that’s good real good I’m still question today did she stutter when she said that must been The heat- Then next week her car broke down on her and I said to myself it’s The battery, engine, or the sensor sense it hot outside Then I seen her son couldn’t be no more than the first grade went to the back of the car And try to push the car it was the most hilarious thing I ever seen But it does build character and he does have his basketball I’m sure he will do just fine By the following week she had another car I notice I never seen a father around and I also Notice she work so hard but how would I ever get odds of asking how was your day ever again And I did not want to be one of those guys here now and gone tomorrow I remember when I was her son age that was the last thing I won’t it so I left it alone knowing I would be leaving to finish my degree in a prestigious university (with god blessing) I stay up to break of Dawn With school work and trying being an entrepreneur and looking outside And she would have back light on For whatever reason thinking doesn’t she have to go to work tomorrow But the question I ask in few months if I would have knew the girl next door but I said to myself I only what the best for you and for some reason When I think of woman I think of Lyrics It’s the weekend of the fourth of July and if it has been like any Other year since I started college than the one place I go on Sunday with my Father I’m sure she know where I will be just my way of trying to say hi but this is a New millennium of woman I don’t think the day I bump into her was an innocent and I don’t Think that she kept the back light on for nothing but I bet she know that “love so many people used name in vain for better or worst I still would put you first”, If only if I had knew The Girl Next Door- 7-5-14

Copyright © Louis Borgo

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Moon Said To The Sun

Moon said to the Sun, 
Have you ever heard of a rising of a; Son.
Rising; like no other dynasty a sure sight to watch.

Come take flight.
Unparalleled to any dimension that decide to go Ape, 
What a species, 

Like a horizontal that meet's no parallel to meet one dimension 
In size, and or shape and left turn to speechless.
And rising; it shall come.

It shall be name Orion, 
A warrior like no other, known for such things as hunt and moon, 
Peace; grace the sky.

My son Orion; 
This shall be the beginning of a dynasty, 
Known only as the Sun and Moon Dynasty, 

Let the Bronze Age grace the heaven for years to come, 
And star to the Milky Way shall one day form, 
What is being?

Copyright © Louis Borgo

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My In Heritage

To know your history is to know your literature a lesson to learn, which will Stand the test of time and what one founds of their in heritage no matter how enduring and grim it may seem it something you should embrace- I came from a small city with big roots and routinely I was ask “where are you from”, especially from girls, if it wasn’t that it he thinks he cutie? And I’m asking why I would say something like that. Or He thinks him smart, God!!! I’m just answer the teacher question? But when I got older, older woman told me they probably think that ascent was sexy and I’m thinking where in high school what do they know about sexy? Man is her computer seat warm? America woman I just don’t understand them? I wonder what they do if they heard me speak a few difference language at same time? Thank god I’m quite because it not like they can read my mind. But it got me thinking from and questioning My Roots- What I found was the name Borgo had many difference Ethnicity & meaning with it as well as nationalities and that Borgo is Small Island between France and Italy. And if history may not mention it was a Borgia who captured Napoleon? How do I know where did it take place? BorgoBaby- No wonder I like Caribbean woman and it is this one that get my heart beat beating up to 400 beats per seconds if that is possible I can’t say it is a forbidden love but what I will say is breaking the ice and melt when think out loud? And yes she knows my name but why ask not why but why are some lyrics so deep my dear? Remember some old friends asking don’t you make beats? As I have some bread and tea. And that Bourbon is a drink, a Pecan Pie and a Street I’m thinking man if I have girlfriend What date it would be- Then I dig deeper and found the prime sources that seem to let to these events the Borgia or borja married into royalty which happen to be Louisa Borgia who married Philp De Bourbon or Philip V of Spain. He was rejected as King Louis legitimate son because born out of wedlock but later accepted but Philp never forgave and where he could have been both king of France and Spain he was just the king of Spain. Question I ask do any one know today the real reason why France has no nationality? Hurtfully to write or hear but i heritage mean full name as should other take to one, I have heard rumors that true bloodlines of nations of Kings that don’t rightfully take the throne it is a reason for that but not my place to say the way history is written is just to say to remember men wrote history but literature holds another tell? Who can tell the differences, but one question for god I always ask Why so much war my lord, I truly feel like a man without a country and Just walking away- I myself never came from money I start literally from nothing but as I got older I was given legitimate connection legitimate ideas and principals and the understanding of wealth but so trying of spending night and days with no day off of a seven day week wonder if I can make those principals work for me as sick as I am there are reason undefined why I do this things and money is not the endorsement my life is more complication then eye may receive to capture but if you listen you learn more than just hand written if you get the drift- I was never told of my in heritage put as one will it something like a scare or tattoo I had to found to adjust to my nick name is “Jason” but my full name is Louis Antonio Borgo III as I’m about to fall to sleep and lost all aim of conscience I see a email with my full name spell out in question how did they know I was search for them and if I ever be accepted from this other half as I am a man literally without a country and in love with French woman more than American the phone rings and a woman from Canada called speaking French I drop the phone and finally I fall to sleep and As I sleep dreaming could anyone imagine wanting to go home but where? Remembering the ringing noise of girls ask ” where are you from”...

Copyright © Louis Borgo