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Why I Write

I write what I can't say
sometimes there's no other way

I write so I don't forget
when it's gone I'm left with only regret

for things I lost
for tiny thoughts

for things I need
that are meerly seeds

seeds that grow 
into the pages of my soul

Details | Tulisha Blackshear Poem

My Rainbow

You call me your pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow
what about looking at
where the rainbow began

At warm loving colors
of yellow and green
cool and fresh orange and blue
the colors I see when I look at you

Colors of arch
half of my ole heart
a picture completed
by the love that is seeded

Shine bright; Rainbow
Shine bright

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The Ride

I was all alone and afraid
you said you'd be my friend
I tried to run away
you said "give me your hand"

It seemed so far away
way too far for me to reach
you siad "Ill meet you all the way"
and I gave you my hand

They say life is a rollercoaster
full of ups and downs,
fast, slow, full of twists and turns
you gave me your hand and said lets run

Thank you, my friend
for taking my hand
and sharing this scarey ride
that we call our life

It's easier with you here 
helping me through my fears
better buckle up real tight
as we begin another ride  

Details | Tulisha Blackshear Poem

Old House Song

Crossing over the threshold
creaks as loud as thunder
wallpaper peeling from years of old
like all of its memories of yonder

The wallboards and the floors
just bursting to tell
their many stories of yore
that only they knew too well

An old fireplace in its grandeur
with cracked bricks and holes
still has the same majestic hearth
heart of a loving home

Now leaning in sadness
empty and all alone
with loving care and tenderness
will again be a beautiful home

So as I strive to bring
its beauty back to life again
I can hear the old house sing
its proud song as it did once then

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Can you teach an old dog new tricks
More than chasing balls
Or chewing up sticks
Everyday brings something new
So what do you think 
It will teach you
Will you learn to love or to hate
Will you give your heart or will you wait
Hold on to your past or let it go
Will you wag your tail or tuck it low
If this old dog could learn one thing today
teach me kindness to those
who come my way
Without barking or barring of teeth
But a wagging tail for those I meet

Details | Tulisha Blackshear Poem


standing in the pouring rain
all of a sudden the snow began
largest snowflakes I've ever seen
yet still came the rain, how can it be

I've seen it flood like a river
and snow so hard it makes you shiver
but until now I've yet to behold
the pouring rain in blustery snow

Details | Tulisha Blackshear Poem


there is a place I like to be
a neutral place inside of me
not good or bad, not happy or sad
but somewhere in between

when things get to be too much
the fighting, stress, anguish and such
I close my eyes and sail away
to escape the pressures of the day

a tropical beach with sand so fair
I can hardly wait til I get there
to my hammock on the beach
where cares of the world cannot reach

salty breezes and sands of white
lazy days and peaceful nights
Corona and lime close at hand
I lay and watch the sun descend

so when reality comes to call
I close my eyes to escape it all
for you see my best defense
is an island I call INDIFFERENCE

Details | Tulisha Blackshear Poem


driving around with no place to be
looking for solace, I need some peace
away from the bustle of to and fro
so I take to the comfort of the back roads

back roads are solid, always there
when you need to be without any cares
looking ahead all that I see
is this gravel road, and open country

visions of farm land all freshly plowed
blood sweat and tears you should be proud
proud you live in God's beautiful country
land of the proud, home of the free

so as I drive I'm reminded
the cost of freedom, those behind it
so I can be free to travel alone
on this nation's great backroads

Details | Tulisha Blackshear Poem


the tongue is a double edged sword
nothing hurts more than the spoken word
harsh words can cut clear to the bone
sometimes it's better just to be alone

I'd rather be beaten with sticks or with stones
battered and bruised with broken bones
than to have my heart ripped out, torn and tattered
and treated as if my feelings don't even matter

so take your harsh words that cut like a knife
and control your tongue, I don't need the strife
all that I ask for is a little respect
so choose your words wisely, try using some tact

I too have feelings, just the same as you
and your words leave me with open wounds
so think about others before you speak
and about the havoc your words can wreak

always be aware of the feelings and needs of others and think before you speak
cause you never know the hurt you may cause

Details | Tulisha Blackshear Poem

My Gift

I have no pretty packages with big shiney bows
to put under a tree with lights all aglow
No gift certificates full of money
just a worn lil heart full of love for you honey
They say tis the season for sharing and giving
so I give you my heart for as long as we're living
Every day is Thanksgiving and Christmas too
as long as I get to share it with you 

You bring me joy and love all year long
with you by my side, how could I go wrong
So here is my gift that I give to you
my heart, my love, and my life too 

I hope you enjoy this gift that I give to you
all of my love, loyal and true
So to answer your question, so honest and true
yes, my darling, I will and I do