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For Jordan, the Suicide King

Passion drained and switching lanes
I’ll wait to take my breath away
It slowly seeps into my sleep
Till dreams are just another day
I wake and find I’ve lost my mind
Waiting for my life to grey
Standard thoughts are tied in knots
Confusion takes my life in vein

Copyright © Nate Smith | Year Posted 2009

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2 AM

Fear of sleep
And a worried creep
Of a world deep
With fear.

Shots and screams
Fill my dreams 
Flaming streams
Draw near

Wind will end
The life I bend
I need a friend
To steer

But sleep will come
Before the sun
And worries run

For flee of life
My problem wife
Holds the knife
I fear

Copyright © Nate Smith | Year Posted 2009

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Escaping demons

Have to run away. Have to get away from this thing I call myself. I’m just a reflection of
my environment and I’m fed up with it. My personality needs an overhaul and the only way
to do it is to remove myself from all the things that pollute it. All the alcohol, weed,
curses, unfulfilled promises, hypocrites, lies, deceit and repeat songs in my head that
never end and never make me feel better about the day. Sing me a new song to change my
life. God won’t help me. Jesus never could. But I live on to prove to myself that I’m all
I need. I’m an idea that’s never been spoken. Resolve and I can take the world on so maybe
I’ll turn out the way I’ve always planned. Maybe I’ll go to Iowa.

Copyright © Nate Smith | Year Posted 2009

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Caught in the smoke

Quiet sigh no one hears
Nothings stay very clear
Make a move to get near
And I’ll run from you

Forget now for later
The worry grows greater
I slip down the crater
And I’ll remember you

But you do not see me
Like you used to see me
The hole is too steamy
And I’ll scream for you

Search around for my side
Let my voice be your guide
Billowed smoke will subside
And you’ll see me and you


Copyright © Nate Smith | Year Posted 2009

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Living in a world of guilt
Cross examining every thought
Slaughtering every thought
On which your world is built

Never gets you very far
You sit and wait
You watch and wait
To hit one under par

But you’ll get there one day
When you do something
When you start something
While your masochism is away

So maybe wait another week
To do something
To start something
And add a year to your losing streak

Copyright © Nate Smith | Year Posted 2009