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Best James Loggins Poems

Below are the all-time best James Loggins poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Darling Little Girl

Ever since the day you were born
I loved you from the start
And even though I may never see you again
You'll always have my heart

Even though your mommy and daddy fought
It all wasn't your fault
They just had a lot
Of growing up to do

And just because we haven't seen each other in a while
That doesn't mean I don't love you anymore
Just the thought of you leaves me with a smile
And it makes me want to just run over to you

And hold you in my arms and never let go
But before you leave me to go with your new little sister and daddy
There's something I want you to know:
I love you with all my heart

You are a part of my life
And my entire world
And no matter what
You'll always be a darling little girl

Copyright © James Loggins

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Carpe Diem

Uncle John Waterhouse once wrote: 
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
That means carpe diem
But if you’re not so daring, seize the day

You can seize the day by
Sucking the marrow out of life
Because one day, we will all keel over, die
And then become nothing more

Than food for worms
We all do what we can
To enjoy the life we have
But if you do not understand

There is a phrase I want you to remember:
It is something that you should know
This is how it goes:
Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

But again, if you’re not feeling so daring:
Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future

Copyright © James Loggins

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Going Fishing

I need to unwind
I need some sun on my skin
And some peace of mind
I got a cooler,
A fishing pole and a boat
I’m going fishing

Copyright © James Loggins

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Oil and Gold

There was a farmer
By the name of Jim Laramie
Who owned a small farm
With his loving wife Sammy

He was one cent away
From losing his farm
But all that changed one day
When he was out in his garden

His shovel hit something very hard; 
It made a loud clanging sound
He dug up with his bare hands
What he had dug out from beneath the ground

Was a piece of shiny gold!
He could not believe what he had found
But that was not all
Soon he heard a low rumbling sound

Oil erupted from beneath his feet!
His wife witnessed the whole thing
As she sat in her seat
From the front porch of the house

They soon sold the farm
To the big oil and mining companies
And were paid $10,000,000
Now they are both knee deep

In money, jewelry, and cars
Now they are as famous
As any of the Hollywood movie stars
All because of oil and gold

Copyright © James Loggins

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Sea of Tranquility

Deep inside my soul
There lies deep peace
I have not one worry,
Thought or despair

I just want to lie here
And zone out all
The realities and the issues
That life can sometimes bring

I choose to try something new
Something that I admit is
Not totally new at all
I choose to be something

That can be considered
As a type of stoicism
But the other part is
A philosophy I came up with

I just enjoy sitting in this bed,
Taking breaths with my eyes closed
And enjoying my time 
In this sea of tranquility I am in

Copyright © James Loggins

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Rebel Child

You are so young, so carefree
And I wonder sometimes: 
Why are you with me?
It is something I do not know

All I do know is:
That you are everything
But as much times as I have tried
You will not wear a promise ring

The people who have met you
Tell me that you are a preacher’s daughter
Bathed in the blood of the Lamb,
Baptized in muddy water

You were once an innocent little girl;
Your mother’s pride and joy
And your daddy’s whole world
But all that changed

When you started high school
You became so carefree and wild
But no matter what, I love you
And you will always be my rebel child

Copyright © James Loggins

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A Boy from Texas

There was once a boy from Texas
Who slept every night in his Lexus
He was once a talented high school football and track star
Whose bad luck caused him to sleep in his car

He just started roaming around
Wandering from town to town
Hoping to have a fresh start
And find peace within his heart

He once wanted to travel the world
But after he lost his girl
He became a traveling gypsy
Wanting to forget his history

What can he possibly do?
To help himself from stop feeling blue
This boy from the Lone Star State
Wants to go home and stop this lonely trait

That has plagued him for over ten years
So he is drying his tears
And going back home to Texas
In his black Lexus

To make things right
He will arrive there by tonight
He is going back to the town of Silsbee
And making things right with his girl and his family

Copyright © James Loggins

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It's Heritage, Not Hate

My ancestors served under Robert E. Lee
And not a day goes by
Where I have to see
All these know-it-all experts

That say the flag is used for hatred
Especially in the Ku Klux Klan
Well I have to disagree with them
Because not only do I belong to Dixieland

But it's my heritage
That is at stake
It is a heritage
That I will never forsake

Or ever try to forget about
It makes me absolutely sick
When I have to see all these experts
That are so thick

When it comes down to the Confederate Flag
I am proud to that my ancestors fought for it until the Date
April Sixth in Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Five
And this I have to say: it's heritage, not hate!

Copyright © James Loggins

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Jedi Knights

They are spiritual warriors;
Keepers of the peace;
Knights of the Old Republic
But they are not ordinary knights

They were knights of the Force
Their ranks include legendary men
Such as Master Yoda, Mace Windu,
Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Soon after their enemies the Sith were toppled
After so many years of ruling the galaxy
The Jedi Order came back to defend
The galaxy and the revived Republic

This time they are led by
Luke Skywalker and Leah Solo;
The children of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker
And then just like that

The Jedi Academy came back
Like a phoenix reborn from the ashes
And today they use their agility, their knowledge of the Force,
And their lightsabers to defend the New Republic of the Galaxy

Copyright © James Loggins

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I Deserve to Be Loved

All the women who knew me growing up
Told me they could never see me in the way
As a man that they could see themselves with
They would tell me I would find somebody one day

But to me, that was not good enough
I tried to give them my heart
They all thought I was tough
But the truth is, I was not

I suffered after each time I got shot down
I guess I will never know why
They never saw me as an interesting man
I knew that I was a very nice guy

But I guess that was not what they wanted
In a man they could see themselves with
Their choices used to have me haunted
Because again, I was willing to give them

All that I could possibly give
And not a day goes by
Where I realize for as long as I shall live
I deserve to be loved just like all of you

Copyright © James Loggins