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Short Betrayal Poems | Short Betrayal Poetry

Short Betrayal Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Betrayal by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Betrayal short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Betrayal poem by breanna christopher| Details |


You love them
hold them close
loyalty or betrayal!

Short Betrayal poem by mourning mist| Details |

Comments On Insane Cause Pain

Morning comes again,
Hear betrayal sing its' tune,
Insanity pain.

Short Betrayal poem by Dr. Upma A. Sharma| Details |


Keeping me in wait,
Not even withdrawl,
What else is betrayal ??

Short Betrayal poem by Jack Jordan| Details |

Haiku 71

	Haiku 71
	the trust of a friend
	my poor judgment

Short Betrayal poem by Monique McMiller| Details |

Three Things

Three things are certain:
Death, love, betrayal of self.
A work of art indeed.

Short Betrayal poem by Jeralynn Clark| Details |



A BIG black hole
in my heart
where the cutting wind
blows through.

Jeralynn Clark

Short Betrayal poem by Ngoc Nguyen| Details |

''Betrayal'': a True Story

Our friend, Jennifer. She wanted me; I said, "No." So you slept with her!!

Short Betrayal poem by mourning mist| Details |

Knife in Our Backs

Throw a knife in my bare back,
And my little daughter too,
Betrayal and blasphemy,
Wound and spun by you.

Short Betrayal poem by mourning mist| Details |

Blog Branding Breach

Blasphemous beastly betrayal braced brutal barren babble. Bruising baleful backbites 
become branding breach.

Short Betrayal poem by Demetrios Trifiatis| Details |



The gates of deception
Into the inferno of

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     09 JUNE 2013

Short Betrayal poem by Veronica Joseph| Details |


without heart he walks the house
finished with her foolish lying
he moves carefully
not to touch anything of hers

Short Betrayal poem by Dawn Gordon| Details |

Heedless Heathens

The heedless heathens
Dancing storms of betrayal
Chanting together

**carrying on from another poem I wrote
about selfish man in visual hades...

Short Betrayal poem by Suzanne Delaney| Details |

Sense of Betrayal

Lies are a thin veil -
A filmy shield
Through which the heart can sense
The shape of betrayal 

 For Francine's 5 lines or less Contest

Short Betrayal poem by Mac McGovern| Details |


born in the fire of youth
foster to preserve
lost to betrayal
regained in trust
through decades of growth
capitulate all 
nevermore lose

Short Betrayal poem by Terry Riley| Details |


My honor I placed
On a sepulcher
A gift unto myself

I plunged a knife
Into it's heart
With betrayal
And excuses

Now -
Its death is
A dark shadow
My shame

Short Betrayal poem by Brian Strand| Details |

Vignette- IN A GARDEN

Asleep, under yon olive tree
Disciples one,two three;
A flicker of torches in the breeze
Then,betrayal with a kiss-
Could thirty ducats be worthy of this.

Full story @Mt 26:36-50

Short Betrayal poem by Matthew Robison| Details |

Trust Now Broken

I once Confront this familiar look into ones vacant soul. I now see what seems darkened by echoing anguish. Here and now a betrayal presses denial into a love lost stare of disappointment

Short Betrayal poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |

The Pain Of Betrayal

O, I speak the tongue
That you understand,
But, when a betrayal
Distracted my spirits,
Fires engulf my soul!

I run into solitude,
In my room, thinking…
Why you have hurt me? 

Short Betrayal poem by William Hughes| Details |

Love in 30 words

Love, a curse
An emotion irremovable in our lives
Pain, suffering, betrayal, and wet eyes
Love, a blessing
Magnifying feelings of lust and belonging
Hiding faults and inspiration for improving

Short Betrayal poem by Frank F. Atanacio| Details |


Her eyes wide,
her chin fell,
she couldn’t hide,
the hurt inside,
and he could tell,
that she wouldn’t understand,
why he was in bed,
with another man,
and this was her tale,
of another betrayal.

Short Betrayal poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |


Mercury nights unrelieved
betrayal passionately suggests
Our future- parallel in jest
From jumping many potholes
Freewheeling college enterprises
Found my candle beside a manhole
Your tongue is dirty like fame

Short Betrayal poem by Rhia Madison Thomer| Details |

Thirty Coins

I felt the ghost of your kiss
along my cheek,
behind you I heard
coins drop, counted;
one to thirty.
My eyes widened
as you slunk the knife
into my back.
Your kiss bit into my lips,
a taste of betrayal.

Short Betrayal poem by Brenda Atry| Details |

Loving Hearts

                                           A heart that knows love,
                                           Bears no scars from betrayal.
                                           Tears stop no heartbeat.

Short Betrayal poem by Grace Williams| Details |

How Could I

How can I not love her? For I know She would give all that she is, and does, and has for my good How can I not hate her? For it is as true: My obedience is betrayal of our shared values

Short Betrayal poem by Brian Strand| Details |


laughed much,
won respect,
and love of his
in false friends,with
sought out
beauty ,in 
others found the
earth he
lived and left
it a better

Short Betrayal poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

Satin Gown Divorce

abaabba  A4-8 syllables rest

Satin gown glow
Brides face shows Love; betrayal now
Satin gown glow
Sheen and luxury colors show
Exit graceful stage left I bow
In satin gown I can't frown, wow!
Satin gown glow!!

Short Betrayal poem by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders| Details |


Friend no more deceiver your betrayal like a sharp dagger thrust through my tender skin you were the rope that saved me when tidal waves crashed on my shore now, heartbroken, will I trust again?

Short Betrayal poem by J B| Details |

no goodbye

there is no goodbye
no, till next time
or see you soon
not a sentiment
expressed in any way
which cuts me deep
and wounds my heart
a slight that hurts
like a betrayal
of emotions shared
felt by one
and one alone

Short Betrayal poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

The Kiss

The deep
Voice of His holy eyes
Was this sea of calm
I planted the kiss to Him
He whispered in my ear that
A betrayal was on the horizon
Then, I quietly sit to the right of Him
Taking full communion of this last super

Short Betrayal poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Question of Faith

knowing my feelings
use to be so hard
told that I had none
teens and twenties hard
later life mellow

feelings I know
I try to be
faith something else

too much lies
no more trust

no fear


Short Betrayal poem by Katherine Pittman| Details |

Now Broken

Once a trusting soul
Now broken
Betrayal just the start
Lies to follow

Once an open heart
Now Broken
Lost is her innocence
Taken without consent

Her spirit was carefree
Now Broken
Life dragged her through
With no remorse

Short Betrayal poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |

Shock after 6 months

Shock after 6 months

Pure love filled two souls.
They wed, hoped eternity...
First X-wife not X...

©  Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
     January 14, 2010

Inspired by Poetry soup member contest Betrayal 	
Sponsored by: Olusegun Adelan

Short Betrayal poem by Kim Bond| Details |

My Kiss

by Walks In Shadows
(Motif: spiritual)

Let me kiss your face,
Oh beautiful child,
Before the crack of the whip,
Before a sponge touches your lip,
Before the betrayal you will sip,
Before your blood must drip,
Lord, can you feel this?
It’s my kiss.

Short Betrayal poem by Natalie Sands| Details |

Windows To death

Windows to death often open to me,
I have every opportunity,
To die without pain,
To cry without tears,
To take away the years
Of lies and betrayal,
But still I am unable,
To take my own life,
Because of my will,
To beat the pain and to heal.

Short Betrayal poem by Jay Smith| Details |

James Downing

Strong, Emotional, Talented, Caring
Brother of Thomas
Lover of Music, Art, and Soccer
Who feels Love, Curiosity, and Paranoia
Who fears Betrayal, Failure and Loss
Who would like to see Wales, Brazil, and Austria
Resident of Davis, California

Short Betrayal poem by Christy Hardy| Details |

Always The Same

Your heart is  a mystery,
as a canyon is deep,
the sunlight caresses,
many secrets from me.
Generous with gifts,
always something new,
where are your memories,
hidden from view.
A smile of betrayal,
reveals such pain,
always nothing,
always the same.

Short Betrayal poem by mourning mist| Details |

Sword and Shield of God For Family

He is only a sword and shield when you do what is right for man,
Otherwise he runs the other way and as fast as he possibly can!
He will not tolerate betrayal, lies or any form of deceit you do,
So do not count on his sword and shield when you life reflects POO!

Short Betrayal poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |


the nasty taste of betrayal, the false god, with his feet of clay, shallow men, a truth that fails, toothless liars get to pay, when handsome gets a coat of grey, and no one wants ya anyway:) yer mojo has set sail... re: Debbie Duncan "Missing Pieces" Don

Short Betrayal poem by Teresita Cailo| Details |

Lost Dream

Thorn pierced to your heart
Betrayal of love
Mercy cry heard loud,
You're unforgiving
Trust I broke, sinner.

Pleading eyes now
Hoping for light
But sun you hide
Vanishing still.

Head tilted,
Farewell sign
My hands lame.

Tears peek
To lost


Short Betrayal poem by Victoria Anderson-Throop| Details |


                                                  ADULTEROUS TRYST

                                                   Mountain fog
                                                Descends on betrayal
                                                    Steals the kiss

Short Betrayal poem by John Allen| Details |


Bruised angered heart
languidly torn apart
ripped inside out
through trouble and doubt
why do you love so much
when all you know is betrayal's deceitful touch
is it because to stop beating
means turning back and retreating
from another day without a lover's crutch

Short Betrayal poem by Jeanne Berger| Details |

The Beast

Burning, burning, the breath of the beast
Beating, beating, the heart of the beloved
The beast beset a black-hearted betrayal
Bestowed by the beast upon the beloved
The bellowing, unbelieved by the beloved
Boundaries bitten, bonds broken
Becoming a beast, to the beloved

Short Betrayal poem by Juli- Michelle| Details |

Silver meets Red

There's a sweet taste of oblivion
That echoes when silver meets red
Through the lips of everlasting liars
Who secretly imagine you as dead
And a look of utter betrayal 
As the clock strikes the chime of one
To know that You're merely a teenager
And, child, your life has merely begun

Short Betrayal poem by richard holmes| Details |

turbulent grounds

As i walk on the earth's turbulent turf, Iook back on events that occurred after my 
birth.  I dealt with what i felt was the worst and starved after being over-worked.
Relationships aren't safe because betrayal lurks.  You can't trust what wears 
skirts, earrings and carries a purse.

Short Betrayal poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

For Thirty Shekels of Gold

on that last day of super
we dine with Jesus

i sat at His right hand
he always knew

that the flesh is 
weak in man

He look at me again
fresh eyes journeyed into my soul

there to find the reason
for the unholy betrayal

my soul replied in broken tears
for thirty shekels of gold

Short Betrayal poem by Krissy Ward| Details |

Reality Check

The ultimate betrayal:
The giving of body and soul.
Enjoy those stolen kisses 
Before your actions take their toll.
Hearts aren't unbreakable 
And nothing is free.
Most good things
Just aren't meant to be.
Something better
Doen't just come along,
Not unless your life is a cheesy love song.

Short Betrayal poem by Elizabeth Skiba| Details |

The Day After

His touch
His kiss
His hugs
Don’t miss

His silent
His violent
I hate

His lies
And betrayal 
Those tears
Empty nights

He left
Heart was broken
And than I was free

To go
And to try
To do different things

To search
And to find
And spread 
Broken wings

To reach
And to do
So many new things

Short Betrayal poem by Jill Martin| Details |

To Shoot a Friend

Self righteous piety reeks like a blanket of wet dog hair,
odoriferous and foul.
My friend.
Sagging spirit like a pillowcase of drowned kittens.
For what profit to you?
At what cost to me?

We walk this same earth.
Pray your moccasins do not cross the balance point of the universe.

Short Betrayal poem by Marty Owens| Details |

Worse When Betrayed by Family

It hurt very bad.
When land was taken away.
Betrayal complete.
Land is not worth it.
Land surveyor wonders why,
Reasons were selfish.
Just give least amount.
For granting right of way road
Cannot build house now.
Don't want to live there.
Too close to my family.
The ones who betrayed.

Short Betrayal poem by Arnold Mutugi| Details |

My Wife is in Love With Another Man

She said it, yesterday,
That she is in love
With a


Ironically, it did not breed in me
A feeling of:

Resentment nor
Ravenous-ness nor
Jealousy nor
Jeopardy nor
Betrayal nor

Because I was the other man
A transformed soldier of my wife

Short Poems