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Zambian Poems and Poetry from Zambia

Zambian poems and poetry from Zambia. Read examples of zambian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Convicted ZambianZambiaChamatete , Kunda12/06/2016
O' Baobab ZambianZambiaChamatete , Kunda12/06/2016
Enchanted 3 ZambianZambiaChamatete , Kunda12/06/2016
Millions Light Years ZambianZambiaChamatete , Kunda12/06/2016
A Zambezi Saga ZambianZambiaChamatete , Kunda12/04/2016
Savoury Flame ZambianZambiaChamatete , Kunda12/04/2016
The Patchwork Heart ZambianZambiaChamatete , Kunda12/04/2016
At The Brink Of The Earth ZambianZambiaChamatete , Kunda12/04/2016
MISSING MY LOST LOVE ZambianZambiakanshamba, fred11/18/2016
Raw ROLE ZambianZambiaDaka, Emmanuel10/14/2016
The last hour ZambianZambiaBanda, Jabbes10/08/2016
Chronicles of Marriage ZambianZambiakathumba, khumbo09/19/2016
A would be good poet ZambianZambiakathumba, khumbo09/18/2016
The Prophet ZambianZambiakathumba, khumbo09/18/2016
the ballot is stronger than a bullet ZambianZambiakathumba, khumbo09/17/2016
Rat Race ZambianZambiasikazwe, gerry08/17/2016
Dance, Dance ZambianZambiasikazwe, gerry08/17/2016
Evol , Love ZambianZambiaDaka, Emmanuel08/15/2016
YOU CAN TITLE THIS ZambianZambiaDaka, Emmanuel08/11/2016
330 loving you ZambianZambiaDaka, Emmanuel08/11/2016
POLITRICKS ZambianZambiaDaka, Emmanuel08/11/2016
They Speak Out Caged Life ZambianZambiasikazwe, gerry08/11/2016
Glow ZambianZambiasikazwe, gerry08/09/2016
Blood for a Maize Cob ZambianZambiasikazwe, gerry08/09/2016
1 ZambianZambiasikazwe, gerry08/07/2016
Fair Star Shine ZambianZambiasikazwe, gerry08/07/2016
ANGER ZambianZambiaMalawo, Collins07/21/2016
A GUN FOR A GAIN ZambianZambiaMalawo, Collins07/14/2016
HEART CHECK ZambianZambiaNsofwa, Trinity06/07/2016
TWO CHOICES AWAIT ME ZambianZambiaNsofwa, Trinity06/07/2016
CIRCUMCISE MY HEART ZambianZambiaNsofwa, Trinity06/07/2016
Pry ZambianZambiasiyamana, wamulume05/28/2016
No Title ZambianZambiasiyamana, wamulume05/24/2016
Jessica ZambianZambiasiyamana, wamulume05/20/2016
The Silence ZambianZambiasiyamana, wamulume05/20/2016
Nelly ZambianZambiasiyamana, wamulume05/20/2016
Thursday ZambianZambiasiyamana, wamulume05/20/2016
WHAT IS LOVE ZambianZambiakanshamba, fred05/14/2016
WONDER ZambianZambiakanshamba, fred04/07/2016
IF AND ONLY IF ZambianZambiakanshamba, fred04/02/2016
MY UNKNOWN IDENTITY ZambianZambiakanshamba, fred04/02/2016
DREAM GIRL ZambianZambiakanshamba, fred04/02/2016
THE FEMINISM PERCEPTION ZambianZambiakanshamba, fred03/22/2016
WHY SHE YEARNS ZambianZambiakanshamba, fred03/21/2016
RELATIONSHIP FAILURE ZambianZambiakanshamba, fred03/19/2016
The 1 That Matters ZambianZambiaPoetry, SimbaDoes03/18/2016
It Started With A Smile ZambianZambiaPoetry, SimbaDoes03/16/2016
To Love or Not To Love ZambianZambiaPoetry, SimbaDoes03/10/2016
A settler's reply ZambianZambiaPoetry, SimbaDoes02/25/2016
Why Settle ZambianZambiaPoetry, SimbaDoes02/17/2016