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Ugandan Poems and Poetry from Uganda

Ugandan poems and poetry from Uganda. Read examples of ugandan poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
falling in love with a poet UgandanUgandaASIIMWE, SIMON11/24/2014
Of moss and me UgandanUgandaRain, Erina11/19/2014
A Time of Terror UgandanUgandaKukiriza, Gorret10/06/2014
Your Presence UgandanUgandaKukiriza, Gorret10/02/2014
Gentle Jailer UgandanUgandaKukiriza, Gorret10/02/2014
LAST VISIT TO MY FRIEND UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce09/30/2014
Africa In the News UgandanUgandaKasami, Paul09/29/2014
Much Love UgandanUgandaKukiriza, Gorret09/28/2014
Take me as I am UgandanUgandaKukiriza, Gorret09/28/2014
MoNaLiZa The Fading Light UgandanUgandaRoger Carter, Rodgers09/18/2014
Wasted Tears UgandanUgandaRain, Erina09/18/2014
Long distance UgandanUgandaKukiriza, Gorret09/18/2014
Dont Break Me UgandanUgandaKukiriza, Gorret09/18/2014
BREASTS ARE LIKE COWS UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce09/09/2014
AN AFFAIR WITH MY EX UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce09/09/2014
THE SHYSTER UgandanUgandaRain, Erina08/29/2014
MY TRUE LOVE UgandanUgandaASIIMWE, SIMON08/28/2014
BEYOND THE BRAIN UgandanUgandaMuhereza, Louis08/23/2014
The paint on your wall UgandanUgandaRain, Erina08/22/2014
To wing a dream UgandanUgandaRain, Erina08/22/2014
I seeyou UgandanUgandaNamajja, Irene07/28/2014
Don't UgandanUgandaNamajja, Irene07/28/2014
A LETTER TO MOTHER NATURE UgandanUgandaNamajja, Irene07/28/2014
33 And Beautiful UgandanUgandaDe Poet, Bryan07/20/2014
Million Stories UgandanUgandaAmai, Apolo07/15/2014
I WILL SURVIVE UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce06/27/2014
I WILL SURVIVE UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce06/27/2014
YOU DONT WANT TO MEET MY SISTER UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce06/27/2014
WHAT HE SAYS UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce06/27/2014
MY DARLING UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce06/27/2014
WHY I LOVE YOU UgandanUgandaHeart Of Ink , Abigail06/18/2014
YOUR EYES UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce06/18/2014
WORLD CUP UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce06/18/2014
FREE UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce06/18/2014
My heart is a pen UgandanUgandaGrace Natuha, Jackie06/17/2014
Take Me To Sleep UgandanUgandaGrace Natuha, Jackie06/16/2014
I can Sacrifice For You UgandanUgandaRoger Carter, Rodgers06/16/2014
My Dad: Jim Carter UgandanUgandaRoger Carter, Rodgers06/15/2014
MEMORABLE WALK IN THE MOUNTAINS UgandanUgandaRoger Carter, Rodgers06/13/2014
Raped UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce06/12/2014
I Wish I Had Died Too UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce06/12/2014
A Beautiful Mind UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce06/12/2014
wondereous lover UgandanUgandaBill, Mooneyes 06/11/2014
I SEE ME IN THE MIRROR UgandanUgandaRoger Carter, Rodgers06/11/2014
A Kiss of Life UgandanUgandaRoger Carter, Rodgers06/09/2014
I will UgandanUgandaNamajja, Irene06/06/2014
Letter to my soldier UgandanUgandaNamajja, Irene06/06/2014
Calm with in UgandanUgandaNamajja, Irene06/05/2014
Letter to a soldier UgandanUgandaNamajja, Irene06/05/2014