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Ugandan Poems and Poetry from Uganda

Ugandan poems and poetry from Uganda. Read examples of ugandan poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Christmas memories UgandanUgandaGee, Amelia11/26/2015
Premium Member Poem Caliphate UgandanUgandaApell, Agona11/22/2015
AMELIA UgandanUgandaGee, Amelia11/22/2015
FLOWER PLEIADAS PLEASE UgandanUgandaGee, Amelia11/22/2015
FANTASY FISH UgandanUgandaGee, Amelia11/22/2015
EPIGRAM COUPLET UgandanUgandaGee, Amelia11/22/2015
Favourite food for Xmas UgandanUgandaGee, Amelia11/20/2015
SNOW UgandanUgandaGee, Amelia11/20/2015
Ooh Lord UgandanUgandaLamony, Maurice11/10/2015
Missing you UgandanUgandaLamony, Maurice11/10/2015
My cup of poetry UgandanUgandaLamony, Maurice11/10/2015
JuliaZ Numbers UgandanUgandaDe Poet, Bryan11/09/2015
Premium Member Poem Freedom for Tree-dom UgandanUgandaApell, Agona11/07/2015
MY Confession UgandanUgandaLamony, Maurice11/02/2015
The trial of a lord Part 1 UgandanUgandaRain, Erina10/31/2015
A woman's eyes UgandanUgandaRain, Erina10/30/2015
Hold me for the last time UgandanUgandaRain, Erina10/30/2015
Ave-Maria UgandanUgandaLamony, Maurice10/30/2015
Premium Member Poem Pissful Religion UgandanUgandaApell, Agona10/30/2015
THE POEM THAT NEVER WAS UgandanUgandaLamony, Maurice10/27/2015
Premium Member Poem Parting Hearts UgandanUgandaApell, Agona10/27/2015
Premium Member Poem Smitten Strangers UgandanUgandaApell, Agona10/16/2015
The Letter of My Love UgandanUgandaDe Poet, Bryan10/07/2015
BURIED DOWNTOWN UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce09/29/2015
GIVE ME WHAT I LIKE UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce09/29/2015
COMING INTO ME UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce09/29/2015
Premium Member Poem Tales of a worn shoe UgandanUgandaApell, Agona09/28/2015
Premium Member Poem My Beloved UgandanUgandaApell, Agona09/19/2015
I grew UgandanUgandakyamulabye, maria09/01/2015
It Was That Dance UgandanUgandaRoger Carter, Rodgers08/28/2015
How to live without love UgandanUgandaRoger Carter, Rodgers08/25/2015
CLEAN AS CLAY UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce08/04/2015
God speaks UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce07/08/2015
Silenced By the Night UgandanUgandaDe Poet, Bryan06/19/2015
Tears of Love UgandanUgandaAmai, Apolo06/08/2015
26 Mirrors - Vingt-Six Miroirs Part 1 UgandanUgandaDe Poet, Bryan06/02/2015
Money Problems UgandanUgandaMukama , ThomasBron05/31/2015
Premium Member Poem Nelson Mandela: Many stumbles, no mumbles UgandanUgandaApell, Agona05/30/2015
cold Heart UgandanUgandaMukama , ThomasBron05/27/2015
Tense like cactus 3 UgandanUgandaMukama , ThomasBron05/27/2015
MY WHITE BOY FRIEND UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce05/26/2015
Premium Member Poem Corporate Bull UgandanUgandaApell, Agona05/22/2015
Brused UgandanUgandaMukama , ThomasBron05/19/2015
MIRROR ON THE WALL UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce05/19/2015
VILLAGE HERO UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce05/19/2015
WAITING UgandanUgandawolayo, joyce05/19/2015
Cross Border UgandanUgandaMukama , ThomasBron05/17/2015
A Word To The Poets UgandanUgandaMukama , ThomasBron05/17/2015
My Fears for You UgandanUgandaMukama , ThomasBron05/16/2015
personal UgandanUgandaMukama , ThomasBron05/16/2015