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Turk Poems and Poetry from Turkey

Turk poems and poetry from Turkey. Read examples of turk poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Rosette TurkTurkeyA dusty name on shelf, Volkan12/18/2014
cold TurkTurkeySERIN, Feride12/14/2014
What you are to me TurkTurkeyMathew, Fadi12/14/2014
Poets TurkTurkeySERIN, Feride12/09/2014
night TurkTurkeySERIN, Feride12/07/2014
Poetry TurkTurkeySERIN, Feride01/25/2014
autumn TurkTurkeySERIN, Feride11/21/2013
Haiku TurkTurkeySERIN, Feride11/21/2013
Loneliness TurkTurkeySERIN, Feride04/25/2013
Every Morning TurkTurkeySERIN, Feride11/17/2012
Autumn TurkTurkeySERIN, Feride10/26/2012
I Know TurkTurkeySERIN, Feride10/19/2012
WEDDING PROPOSAL OF A SPOON TurkTurkeyErden, Begüm12/27/2011
Butterflies TurkTurkeyErden, Begüm12/03/2011
Like a Pigeon's Flight TurkTurkeyErken, Fide10/25/2011
A Butterfly on a Yellow Flower TurkTurkeyErken, Fide06/06/2011
The Song of Peace TurkTurkeyErken, Fide12/16/2010
Summer TurkTurkeyErken, Fide12/16/2010
The Joy of Sadness TurkTurkeyErken, Fide08/03/2009
A Little Story TurkTurkeyErken, Fide05/22/2009
Butterfly and Life TurkTurkeyErken, Fide05/13/2009
Naughty Love TurkTurkeyErken, Fide04/14/2009
I love you TurkTurkeyErken, Fide03/05/2009
In Your Heart TurkTurkeyErken, Fide03/05/2009
Thanking Bees TurkTurkeyErken, Fide02/23/2009
Garden's White Roses TurkTurkeyErken, Fide02/19/2009
Just a Little TurkTurkeyErken, Fide01/29/2009
The Red Roses TurkTurkeyErken, Fide01/28/2009
Shadows TurkTurkeyErken, Fide01/26/2009
They Called Me to the Country of Poetry TurkTurkeyErken, Fide01/24/2009
The Girl and Her Kitty TurkTurkeyErken, Fide01/22/2009
The Love Tree TurkTurkeyErken, Fide01/21/2009
Snow TurkTurkeyErken, Fide01/19/2009
Elegant Elf TurkTurkeyerkmen, bilkan07/02/2006
Never-ceasing Desire TurkTurkeyerkmen, bilkan06/23/2006
A lightning scorns TurkTurkeyKaratas, Emre01/10/2006
The Chair TurkTurkeyKaratas, Emre01/08/2006
Off the touchings TurkTurkeyKaratas, Emre01/08/2006
Me a bee once TurkTurkeyKaratas, Emre01/08/2006
Called the mendicant TurkTurkeyKaratas, Emre01/08/2006
The dying already TurkTurkeyKaratas, Emre01/08/2006
The soil TurkTurkeyKaratas, Emre01/08/2006
The sinister probable TurkTurkeyKaratas, Emre01/08/2006
Some all TurkTurkeyKaratas, Emre01/08/2006
Had thee me been TurkTurkeyKaratas, Emre01/08/2006
A bodied born TurkTurkeyKaratas, Emre01/08/2006
My the grassed TurkTurkeyKaratas, Emre01/08/2006
The Life of the Author TurkTurkeymirghani, suzannah12/16/2005