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Taiwanese Poems and Poetry from Taiwan

Taiwanese poems and poetry from Taiwan. Read examples of taiwanese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Shattered Vase TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre07/08/2016
Across the Shadows, Athwart the Dark TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James06/15/2016
Hide TaiwaneseTaiwanChen, Alice04/17/2016
Washed Away TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James04/05/2016
The Spring of Separation TaiwaneseTaiwanWang, Tang-Wei04/03/2016
You said you saw the pastor TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James03/29/2016
A Young Life Perished, Earlier Today TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James03/28/2016
Kids Were Playing TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James03/25/2016
The Snowstorm TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James03/20/2016
You Lay There TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James03/14/2016
Ocean TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre03/06/2016
Destroying Poison TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre03/06/2016
Here Alone TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre02/17/2016
She Sighs, Heart's Drained TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre02/16/2016
i would do It Again TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre02/02/2016
Waiting for Erosion TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre02/02/2016
Away From Berlin to Settle TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre02/02/2016
I See Colors TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James02/01/2016
Helpless, redefined TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James01/12/2016
Lonely Winter Route TaiwaneseTaiwanChen, Alice01/03/2016
Black butterfly TaiwaneseTaiwanChen, Alice01/03/2016
I woke up tonight, with fear TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James01/02/2016
Forever they sleep in flames TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James01/02/2016
Relations TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James01/02/2016
The Goblet TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James12/30/2015
Tonight TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James12/30/2015
The deepest fear TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James12/30/2015
You sat inside there, said nothing but stare TaiwaneseTaiwanHou, James12/30/2015
Love and Seasons TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre11/23/2015
Discarding TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre11/22/2015
Her TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre11/05/2015
I had walked The earth TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre07/11/2015
If I had A Choice TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre07/11/2015
Wars and Wishes TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre07/11/2015
The Girl Across TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre07/11/2015
m o n s t e r TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre07/09/2015
w i t h d r a w a l TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre07/09/2015
Leaving TaiwaneseTaiwanVarzena, Bre07/09/2015
Yoke TaiwaneseTaiwankecsedi, laszlo02/18/2013
Hope TaiwaneseTaiwankecsedi, laszlo02/18/2013
Without a Reason TaiwaneseTaiwankecsedi, laszlo02/16/2013
Wild Flower TaiwaneseTaiwankecsedi, laszlo02/16/2013
Traffic TaiwaneseTaiwankecsedi, laszlo02/16/2013
To the Unknown TaiwaneseTaiwankecsedi, laszlo02/16/2013
The Well TaiwaneseTaiwankecsedi, laszlo02/16/2013
The Fool TaiwaneseTaiwankecsedi, laszlo02/16/2013
The Call TaiwaneseTaiwankecsedi, laszlo02/16/2013
The Beast is King TaiwaneseTaiwankecsedi, laszlo02/16/2013
The Battle Lost and Won TaiwaneseTaiwankecsedi, laszlo02/16/2013
Swan song TaiwaneseTaiwankecsedi, laszlo02/16/2013