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Swiss Poems and Poetry from Switzerland

Swiss poems and poetry from Switzerland. Read examples of swiss poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
The Shadow Of Love SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James05/23/2015
Mother and the day SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.05/10/2015
I can only smile SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.05/07/2015
Slavery cave SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.04/24/2015
Memories SwissSwitzerlandCabral, Francesca04/17/2015
In the Darkness and out of the Light SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.04/10/2015
Endless End SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.04/10/2015
Belonging SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.03/24/2015
Precious Stone SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James03/16/2015
Buyer's Remorse SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James03/11/2015
Our Spring SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James03/11/2015
Humility SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James03/05/2015
Not This Day SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James03/03/2015
The Beginning SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James02/28/2015
Getting To Know You SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James02/28/2015
As Good As It Gets SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James02/28/2015
First Flowers of Spring SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James02/28/2015
Bliss SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James02/28/2015
Resistance SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James02/28/2015
If this was my last poem SwissSwitzerlandRappaz, Sam02/27/2015
I Am Not Alone SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James02/27/2015
After The Fall SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James02/27/2015
Content SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James02/27/2015
Will You Be My Valentine SwissSwitzerlandPaul, Emmanuel02/14/2015
Trespassers SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James01/31/2015
Sunset SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James01/30/2015
All I Know SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James01/27/2015
Prison Trauma SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.01/24/2015
I Know This Feeling SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James01/15/2015
Green fingers SwissSwitzerlandLe Mesurier, Sue12/18/2014
The Garden Of My Soul SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James12/11/2014
Mona Lisa SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James11/26/2014
Backpackers SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James11/21/2014
Denouement SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James11/21/2014
Never Enough SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James10/24/2014
Set In Stone SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James10/22/2014
East and West SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James10/16/2014
I Can't Love That Way SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James10/13/2014
Empty Nest SwissSwitzerlandFredholm, James10/13/2014
Friends SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.09/13/2014
Friends SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.09/13/2014
Peace in the War SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.09/13/2014
A Mess on the Table SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.09/05/2014
Living in a narrow world SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.09/04/2014
Separated Souls SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.09/03/2014
The Art and the Pain SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.09/02/2014
The Bicycle SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.09/01/2014
Forbidden Happiness SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.08/29/2014
A Passenger SwissSwitzerlandTennakoon, Udaya R.08/29/2014
Behold Africa SwissSwitzerlandnjie, betty08/12/2014