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Slovene Poems and Poetry from Slovenia Republic

Slovene poems and poetry from Slovenia Republic. Read examples of slovene poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

The day when it'll end SloveneSlovenia RepublicJudnic, Lana 01/30/2016
I care for you SloveneSlovenia RepublicGrcar, Matjaz01/20/2016
A kiss SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter11/01/2015
Somewhere SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter10/30/2015
Peace SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter10/25/2015
That Night SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter10/22/2015
La vie en rose SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter10/11/2015
From Kandy to Bentota beach SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter09/29/2015
Mater Naturae SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter09/22/2015
The Window SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter09/19/2015
Home SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter09/16/2015
A dove SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter09/15/2015
Elven King meets Refugees SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter09/06/2015
The hubby and wifee SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter08/31/2015
To Ireland SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter08/31/2015
A lovely sonnet SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter08/31/2015
Shentjernej SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter08/31/2015
Time SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter08/31/2015
Clandestine testimony SloveneSlovenia RepublicRangus, Peter08/30/2015
YOU ALREADY KNOW I'M SORRY SloveneSlovenia RepublicJudnic, Lana 08/12/2015
Survivor Of Mind SloveneSlovenia RepublicJudnic, Lana 05/11/2015
Blue SloveneSlovenia RepublicJudnic, Lana 05/11/2015
SHAME SloveneSlovenia RepublicJudnic, Lana 05/11/2015
DARKNESS SloveneSlovenia RepublicJudnic, Lana 04/09/2015
Butterfly SloveneSlovenia RepublicGrcar, Matjaz11/17/2014
Face SloveneSlovenia RepublicGrcar, Matjaz11/10/2014
And She Wept Oh So Gently Upon My Shoulder SloveneSlovenia RepublicBlazic, Tadej08/01/2014
The Sea Mist SloveneSlovenia RepublicBlazic, Tadej08/01/2014
For Lost I Am In My Dreams Of Terror SloveneSlovenia RepublicBlazic, Tadej06/23/2014
Ballad For The Emerald Soldier SloveneSlovenia RepublicBlazic, Tadej06/23/2014
Composed upon Hyde Park SloveneSlovenia RepublicBlazic, Tadej06/23/2014
From The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand - E PLURIBUM ANUS SloveneSlovenia RepublicBohan, Julian05/09/2013
From The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand - THE RUINS OF THE ANCIEN REGIME SloveneSlovenia RepublicBohan, Julian05/09/2013
THEO-OLIGARCHIC HAPPENINGS IN SLOVENIA SloveneSlovenia RepublicBohan, Julian05/09/2013
Miserere - God have mercy on me SloveneSlovenia RepublicDiRicchardi, Rinaldo04/11/2013
Crown of Thorns SloveneSlovenia RepublicDiRicchardi, Rinaldo12/05/2012
God Almighty SloveneSlovenia RepublicDiRicchardi, Rinaldo12/05/2012
SPRING SloveneSlovenia RepublicDiRicchardi, Rinaldo12/05/2012
Fatherland SloveneSlovenia RepublicDiRicchardi, Rinaldo12/05/2012