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Pole Poems and Poetry from Poland

Pole poems and poetry from Poland. Read examples of pole poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Quick and forever PolePolandPolewana, Dorota05/03/2016
When I don't read poem because it has not catchy title enough PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/29/2016
To listen to you PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/28/2016
Mentally about a bout PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/27/2016
Heel over heads PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/26/2016
Self problem control PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/26/2016
The other side of the ticket PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/26/2016
We the cheaters of existence PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/25/2016
Happy counting PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/25/2016
A part PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/25/2016
Life irony PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/25/2016
Lost in wild imaginations or vain schemes of some anticipated good PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/24/2016
Daydreams PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/24/2016
No other PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/24/2016
And maybe not PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/24/2016
Gingering it up PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/24/2016
And so we did PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/24/2016
Under cover PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/23/2016
Preferer PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/22/2016
Epilogue PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/22/2016
Killer PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/22/2016
Let the fun begin PolePolandPolewana, Dorota04/22/2016
Tree PolePolandSikorska, Danka04/20/2016
Funny how much we love our kids PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric10/17/2015
Burned Roses PolePolandSikorska, Danka09/20/2015
Clouds PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric07/29/2015
Creators PolePolandSikorska, Danka06/18/2015
turning point PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric04/25/2015
My Angel PolePolandSikorska, Danka04/24/2015
Green Sun On The Night Sky PolePolandSikorska, Danka04/18/2015
Meadow PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric03/24/2015
Forgiveness PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric02/16/2015
Magic Beans PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric01/26/2015
Thirsty soul PolePolandSikorska, Danka01/03/2015
FROST PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric12/11/2014
What is up with Santa PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric12/04/2014
My soul smells of the wind PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric10/17/2014
Feel me PolePolandSikorska, Danka10/08/2014
Maybe PolePolandSikorska, Danka10/02/2014
Choose life PolePolandSikorska, Danka09/27/2014
scribbles PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric09/22/2014
You know I need a miracle PolePolandSikorska, Danka09/19/2014
Deep in the desert PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric09/16/2014
Dreamers PolePolandSikorska, Danka09/15/2014
Freedom PolePolandSikorska, Danka09/08/2014
Killer PolePolandSikorska, Danka09/05/2014
Does Sanity Even Exist PolePolandSikorska, Danka09/05/2014
Do Not Look Under The Bed, There Is Where The Past Hides Its Nightmares PolePolandSikorska, Danka09/03/2014
Witch, Witch You're a Witch PolePolandSikorska, Danka09/03/2014
The Taste I Have Never Known PolePolandSikorska, Danka09/02/2014