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Pole Poems and Poetry from Poland

Pole poems and poetry from Poland. Read examples of pole poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

My thing PolePolandAster, Nel K12/07/2016
Supermoon PolePolandSikorska, Danka11/19/2016
The freak collector PolePolandWillow, Weeping11/19/2016
First things first PolePolandWillow, Weeping11/18/2016
Amidst the Waves PolePolandAster, Nel K11/15/2016
More PolePolandWillow, Weeping11/08/2016
Mow the lawn PolePolandAster, Nel K10/20/2016
Rainbow current PolePolandAster, Nel K10/14/2016
Hot intro PolePolandWillow, Weeping10/10/2016
Points, endings and immortaliy PolePolandAster, Nel K10/10/2016
Syncopated in misunderstanding PolePolandAster, Nel K10/08/2016
untitled PolePolandAster, Nel K10/08/2016
Misattribution PolePolandAster, Nel K10/08/2016
Cacophemism PolePolandAster, Nel K10/08/2016
Lifetime is one big surprise, part 10 PolePolandWillow, Weeping09/29/2016
Thank you PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric09/12/2016
Diner PolePolandSikorska, Danka09/12/2016
Dancing slow close, part 9 PolePolandWillow, Weeping09/04/2016
My muse PolePolandWillow, Weeping09/02/2016
Fairyland PolePolandSikorska, Danka09/01/2016
Janky Jack PolePolandWillow, Weeping08/28/2016
Hair style and regular flossing PolePolandWillow, Weeping08/27/2016
Oxymoron PolePolandWillow, Weeping08/19/2016
The band PolePolandWillow, Weeping08/16/2016
Marry me then, part 8 PolePolandWillow, Weeping08/12/2016
Freeverser PolePolandWillow, Weeping08/10/2016
S fit PolePolandWillow, Weeping08/09/2016
Raining tears PolePolandWillow, Weeping08/05/2016
My-ority PolePolandWillow, Weeping08/01/2016
I don't have a heart PolePolandWillow, Weeping07/29/2016
He has just funked it all, part 7 PolePolandWillow, Weeping07/27/2016
THE BOX PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric07/26/2016
Sunglass PolePolandWillow, Weeping07/24/2016
Salty bucket PolePolandWillow, Weeping07/22/2016
Ex changing PolePolandWillow, Weeping07/22/2016
To a wanted PolePolandWillow, Weeping07/19/2016
Lifer PolePolandWillow, Weeping07/12/2016
Golden woman PolePolandWillow, Weeping07/07/2016
Go and get stuffed with full sour sorrel PolePolandWillow, Weeping07/06/2016
Follow the sun PolePolandSulkowski, Miroslaw Eric07/02/2016
Writer PolePolandWillow, Weeping07/02/2016
However corny that seems, Hailey 1 PolePolandWillow, Weeping07/01/2016
Going to morrow PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/27/2016
DH PolePolandSikorska, Danka06/23/2016
On my ex-nothing birthday my next-nothing dumped me PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/22/2016
I did not slip on a teardrop PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/20/2016
The pain was indescribable as that color was part 6 PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/19/2016
Superhopeful PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/15/2016
Bad rhyming muse PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/14/2016
There was no other kind of love in my eyes part 5 PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/12/2016