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Nigerian Poems and Poetry from Nigeria

Nigerian poems and poetry from Nigeria. Read examples of nigerian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
A PASSAGE TO THE HEART NigerianNigeriaYusuf, Prince09/03/2015
My Guitar NigerianNigeriaBello, Maryam09/03/2015
Punching Bag 1 NigerianNigeriaBello, Maryam09/03/2015
T FOWLER NigerianNigeriaBello, Maryam09/03/2015
All within my power NigerianNigeriaMuideen, Afolabi09/02/2015
A LOVER'S TALE NigerianNigeriaBertrand, Ikenna Emmanuel09/02/2015
IN YOUR EYES I'VE SEEN MY PAST NigerianNigeriaBertrand, Ikenna Emmanuel09/02/2015
IF WISDOM ACCRUES WITH BOOKS NigerianNigeriaBertrand, Ikenna Emmanuel09/02/2015
A WALK IN THE PARK NigerianNigeriaArowolo, olusegun09/01/2015
LOST POEM NigerianNigeriaAbdulrahman, Aliagan09/01/2015
Imperfect NigerianNigeriaedolo, yinlaifa09/01/2015
Traumatic experience NigerianNigeriaMuideen, Afolabi08/31/2015
Giant trapdoor Spider NigerianNigeriaArowolo, olusegun08/31/2015
Memories NigerianNigeriaDavis, Abimbola Mosobalaje08/30/2015
Time To Crow NigerianNigeriaIkwuamaesi, Celestine08/30/2015
Lullaby NigerianNigeriaDavis, Abimbola Mosobalaje08/30/2015
The Woman NigerianNigeriaDavis, Abimbola Mosobalaje08/30/2015
Scent of a Woman NigerianNigeriaDavis, Abimbola Mosobalaje08/30/2015
The Crooning Dove NigerianNigeriaIkwuamaesi, Celestine08/29/2015
Hostage Taker NigerianNigeriaIkwuamaesi, Celestine08/29/2015
Beyond The Clouds NigerianNigeriaIkwuamaesi, Celestine08/29/2015
We all are prisoners NigerianNigeriaDavid, Olorunsogo08/28/2015
mortal consolation NigerianNigeriaDavid, Olorunsogo08/28/2015
No Hard Knocks NigerianNigeriaMmeka, Chuma08/28/2015
Towards the land NigerianNigeriaOluwaseun, Afolabi08/26/2015
The light NigerianNigeriaMuideen, Afolabi08/26/2015
Room disorder NigerianNigeriaMuideen, Afolabi08/24/2015
October Sky NigerianNigeriaArowolo, olusegun08/23/2015
To my lovely NigerianNigeriaokechukwu, victor08/22/2015
Fear Of Unknown NigerianNigeriaArowolo, olusegun08/21/2015
Good news NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 08/21/2015
Don't get me wrong NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 08/21/2015
The den of the unknown NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 08/21/2015
Break the game NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 08/21/2015
First NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 08/21/2015
The good the bad the fellowers NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 08/21/2015
They beat us away from our right NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 08/21/2015
Am I here NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 08/21/2015
Someone should have told me on time NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 08/21/2015
The mask behind the smiles NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 08/21/2015
streets of darkness NigerianNigeriaMuideen, Afolabi08/20/2015
Regardless2 NigerianNigeriaGodwin Holiday, Emenaha08/20/2015
Regardless NigerianNigeriaGodwin Holiday, Emenaha08/20/2015
What If NigerianNigeriaGodwin Holiday, Emenaha08/20/2015
Truth Over Apology NigerianNigeriaGodwin Holiday, Emenaha08/20/2015
First Dream NigerianNigeriaGodwin Holiday, Emenaha08/20/2015
Written In The Skies NigerianNigeriaGodwin Holiday, Emenaha08/20/2015
Mama Nigeria NigerianNigeriaMmeka, Chuma08/20/2015
Ordeal of the unemployed--Hexsonnetta NigerianNigeriaArowolo, olusegun08/19/2015