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Nigerian Poems and Poetry from Nigeria

Nigerian poems and poetry from Nigeria. Read examples of nigerian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Letter To A Dying Mother NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/29/2016
Do You Have A Hug For Me NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/29/2016
Poets Are Poor NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/29/2016
INCONSTANT BELOVED NigerianNigeriaMayowa, Ifedayo06/29/2016
Letter to Arwen - IV NigerianNigeriaOlubodun, Babafemi Yinka06/28/2016
Letter to Arwen - III NigerianNigeriaOlubodun, Babafemi Yinka06/28/2016
Those Who Win Are Those Who Wait NigerianNigeriaAlumbugu, Esson06/28/2016
Letter to Arwen - II NigerianNigeriaOlubodun, Babafemi Yinka06/28/2016
Letter to Arwen - I NigerianNigeriaOlubodun, Babafemi Yinka06/28/2016
BE THE CURE NigerianNigeriaChika, Sylvia06/28/2016
Rape on Songhai NigerianNigeriaTerdue, Ginger Amee06/28/2016
EARTH, FORGET MY CRIES NigerianNigeriaTerdue, Ginger Amee06/28/2016
Years Ago NigerianNigeriaIzehi, Destiny06/27/2016
SINGULAR A WIDOW NigerianNigeriaMayowa, Ifedayo06/27/2016
TWIST US TWAIN NigerianNigeriaTerdue, Ginger Amee06/27/2016
The Evil Bone Of Glory NigerianNigeriaAdeniji, Martins06/27/2016
I'M ALONE NigerianNigeriaMayowa, Ifedayo06/27/2016
I'M A WOMAN NigerianNigeriaMayowa, Ifedayo06/27/2016
Corrupt Papers Of The Ancient Wisdom NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/26/2016
History Is Written With Blood NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/26/2016
Don't Look For Me NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/26/2016
Black Roses Perfectly Grown NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/26/2016
We breathe again NigerianNigeriaIzehi, Destiny06/26/2016
my craves NigerianNigeriaIzehi, Destiny06/26/2016
night butterflies NigerianNigeriaIzehi, Destiny06/26/2016
CONFESSION NigerianNigeriaSamuel, Emerho O.06/25/2016
THE HALVES NigerianNigeriaSamuel, Emerho O.06/25/2016
A SATURDAY MORN NigerianNigeriaMayowa, Ifedayo06/25/2016
TAKEN NigerianNigeriaMayowa, Ifedayo06/25/2016
Who Is The Cow Among Us NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/24/2016
God Is Not Dead NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/24/2016
Funny Cows On Crude Oil NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/24/2016
A WISH NigerianNigeriaAbel, Joshua06/23/2016
Omawunmi NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/23/2016
Adewunmi NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/23/2016
Not My Nigeria That Failed Us NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/23/2016
We are Not Cows To Be Slaughtered NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john06/23/2016
its dark NigerianNigeriageorge, tonye06/23/2016
If tomorrow comes NigerianNigeriaMusa, Mariam06/23/2016
A Refugee's sorrow NigerianNigeriaMusa, Mariam06/23/2016
Foolish Man NigerianNigeriaAkanbi, Olusegun06/22/2016
DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL NigerianNigeriaSamuel, Emerho O.06/21/2016
YOUR PLACE NigerianNigeriaSamuel, Emerho O.06/21/2016
Ne'er NigerianNigeriareign, latoya06/20/2016
SHE BICKERED NigerianNigeriaChika, Sylvia06/20/2016
Too Late NigerianNigeriaNdukwu, Chiemena06/19/2016
Madly In Love NigerianNigeriaIkwuamaesi, Celestine06/18/2016
Day Or Night We Stand NigerianNigeriaIkwuamaesi, Celestine06/18/2016
The Man Ali NigerianNigeriaIkwuamaesi, Celestine06/18/2016
Soul Dirge NigerianNigeriaedolo, yinlaifa06/18/2016