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Nepalese Poems and Poetry from Nepal

Nepalese poems and poetry from Nepal. Read examples of nepalese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

SATORI THAT COMES WITH A SUDDEN HEAVY RAIN NepaleseNepalOne, Awakened10/07/2015
Secret message on the match box to you for a lucid dream meeting NepaleseNepalOne, Awakened10/06/2015
Platonic Poem Hostel-Dedicated to platonic love-revised NepaleseNepalOne, Awakened10/04/2015
The power of letting go-A song of Gratitude NepaleseNepalOne, Awakened10/03/2015
Lifeless NepaleseNepalKarna, Sweksha09/29/2015
Company of life no more interests me NepaleseNepalKarna, Sweksha09/29/2015
where am I NepaleseNepalrawal, anbes09/17/2015
Susan Carruthers NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak09/15/2015
Jack of All NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak09/15/2015
A Step In Garden NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak09/14/2015
Regal in me NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak09/12/2015
Coverage NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak09/12/2015
Real Bliss NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak09/11/2015
A Fear of Love NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak09/11/2015
I find you completely different NepaleseNepalSharma, Nirzal09/11/2015
Candlelight dinner NepaleseNepalSharma, Nirzal09/11/2015
Before Search NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak09/08/2015
Sobbing of Mother NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak09/07/2015
Tell me the mistake NepaleseNepalRose, Malvis09/03/2015
Believe It or Not NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak08/29/2015
tension Rose NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak08/29/2015
Slight NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak08/29/2015
State of Love NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak08/29/2015
A Matter of Odd NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak08/26/2015
Leaving Lot of Things NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak08/26/2015
So you know me NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak08/26/2015
A class of Success NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak08/26/2015
AS A Satchel NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak08/26/2015
Fear of Tremor NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak08/26/2015
A SKY FULL OF GHOSTS NepaleseNepalrawal, anbes08/25/2015
NIGHT NepaleseNepalrawal, anbes08/24/2015
STARS AND THE SUN NepaleseNepalrawal, anbes08/24/2015
wealth NepaleseNepalrawal, anbes08/23/2015
INFINITE NepaleseNepalKarna, Sweksha08/10/2015
what's mine is always mine NepaleseNepalKarna, Sweksha08/10/2015
This Purity NepaleseNepalKarna, Sweksha08/10/2015
come NepaleseNepalrawal, anbes07/11/2015
MOON LIGHT AND BEYOND NepaleseNepalrawal, anbes06/26/2015
Love NepaleseNepalUpadhyaya, Sajak06/24/2015
Find me where the clouds meet NepaleseNepalUpadhyaya, Sajak06/24/2015
Daddy The Best In the World NepaleseNepalSharma, Diwash 06/14/2015
Memory NepaleseNepalrawal, anbes06/05/2015
WORKSHOP POEM:DISASTER NepaleseNepalThapa, Sijan06/05/2015
WORKSHOP POEM:DISASTER NepaleseNepalThapa, Sijan06/05/2015
people NepaleseNepalrawal, anbes05/09/2015
Nepal Earthquake NepaleseNepalSharma, Diwash 05/06/2015
Amid Sun Rays NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak04/20/2015
Fly's flew NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak04/20/2015
I'm Never Over NepaleseNepalKarna, Sweksha04/13/2015
Science Puzzle NepaleseNepalChalise, Deepak04/11/2015