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Malaysian Poems and Poetry from Malaysia

Malaysian poems and poetry from Malaysia. Read examples of malaysian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Rest My Love MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/30/2016
Run To You MalaysianMalaysiaZaini, Fatin05/30/2016
The Rhyme Game MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/30/2016
The Glasshouse MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/29/2016
A New Paradise MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/29/2016
A Little Brown Boy MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/29/2016
A Question MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/29/2016
That I'm Unsure Of MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/29/2016
The Path Downhill MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/29/2016
A Song That Can't Be Played MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/28/2016
He and She MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/28/2016
Right and Wrong MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/28/2016
Last Breath MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/28/2016
Thunderstorm MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/28/2016
An Insomniac MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/28/2016
Paintings and Poems MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/28/2016
The Hand I Held MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/27/2016
A Seed Of Hope MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/27/2016
A Writer's Reverie MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/27/2016
The Voyage MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/27/2016
Making Notes MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/27/2016
Youth MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/27/2016
Birthday Cake MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia05/27/2016
Lingering feelings MalaysianMalaysiaHalim, Amirah05/26/2016
Disposable But Undesirable MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/22/2016
Holy water MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah05/19/2016
Forgotten God MalaysianMalaysiaZaini, Fatin05/18/2016
Can You See Me Make Their Jaws Drop MalaysianMalaysiaZukifli, Ain Sofena05/18/2016
City Prism MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah05/17/2016
Underdogs Have Their Days MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/17/2016
Marishka MalaysianMalaysiaSivaraja, Iva 05/17/2016
When I Die MalaysianMalaysiaSivaraja, Iva 05/17/2016
Not Worth It Anymore MalaysianMalaysiaAsmeralda, Lisa05/17/2016
Violet dreams MalaysianMalaysiaVeena, Manni05/16/2016
Fate MalaysianMalaysiaZaini, Fatin05/14/2016
A Conversation in Autumn MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne05/14/2016
A Tangled Web of Lies MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/13/2016
Bang Crime PayOff MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/11/2016
The Worst Of The Lot MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/10/2016
Dreaming In Leceister MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/08/2016
Mother To The Core MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/08/2016
Lie, it's the new truth or King of that hill MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah05/07/2016
Sure Ma Sure MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah05/04/2016
Reality Checks In Woman Squash MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/03/2016
Duracell Bunny MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/03/2016
World Woman Squash Champion MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/03/2016
True You MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah05/03/2016
Raxgazer - My Batch MalaysianMalaysiaHashim, Abdu Muhaimin05/01/2016
Tiara MalaysianMalaysiaHashim, Abdu Muhaimin04/30/2016
Desolation MalaysianMalaysiaHashim, Abdu Muhaimin04/30/2016