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Malaysian Poems and Poetry from Malaysia

Malaysian poems and poetry from Malaysia. Read examples of malaysian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Sure Ma Sure MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah05/04/2016
Reality Checks In Woman Squash MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/03/2016
Duracell Bunny MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/03/2016
World Woman Squash Champion MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG05/03/2016
True You MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah05/03/2016
Raxgazer - My Batch MalaysianMalaysiaHashim, Abdu Muhaimin05/01/2016
Tiara MalaysianMalaysiaHashim, Abdu Muhaimin04/30/2016
Desolation MalaysianMalaysiaHashim, Abdu Muhaimin04/30/2016
Chocolate MalaysianMalaysiaHashim, Abdu Muhaimin04/30/2016
Dance MalaysianMalaysiaHashim, Abdu Muhaimin04/30/2016
Summer MalaysianMalaysiaHashim, Abdu Muhaimin04/30/2016
Sacrifice MalaysianMalaysiaHashim, Abdu Muhaimin04/30/2016
Shed MalaysianMalaysiaHashim, Abdu Muhaimin04/30/2016
FOR ALL THE THINGS THAT I HAVE DONE MalaysianMalaysiaElle, Mich04/29/2016
Sleep MalaysianMalaysiashahirah, ayuni04/28/2016
Crush MalaysianMalaysiashahirah, ayuni04/28/2016
How I wish MalaysianMalaysiashahirah, ayuni04/27/2016
Vector MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah04/26/2016
Another Sky Diver MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG04/24/2016
Sir,My Deepest Condolences MalaysianMalaysiaElle, Mich04/22/2016
Pointless Blank MalaysianMalaysiaPatchouly, Dellila04/21/2016
Humans MalaysianMalaysiaZukifli, Ain Sofena04/16/2016
A Will Of Sorry MalaysianMalaysiaElle, Mich04/16/2016
A Will Of Thank You MalaysianMalaysiaElle, Mich04/16/2016
Universe MalaysianMalaysiaZaini, Fatin04/15/2016
Lie is the new truth MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah04/14/2016
To The Victor Goes The Spoils MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG04/12/2016
The End MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah04/12/2016
Forgetful Loop MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah04/12/2016
A PATH TO AGREE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy04/12/2016
An Aging Squash Fan MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG04/07/2016
Exploding Airbags MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG04/06/2016
Friendship MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne04/06/2016
A Night of Wishful Reverie MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne04/06/2016
Becoming being MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah04/05/2016
From a Student's POV MalaysianMalaysiaAsmeralda, Lisa03/31/2016
Lies and Scars MalaysianMalaysiaAsmeralda, Lisa03/31/2016
Monster MalaysianMalaysiaLee, Choo Sum03/29/2016
Save Malaysia Today MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG03/27/2016
Government Sales Tax GST MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG03/27/2016
The Brightness of Dawn MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne03/24/2016
We The One Who Die MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG03/22/2016
ShopLift To A Job MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG03/19/2016
When The Cradle Fails MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG03/18/2016
Zika Virus End Within Sight MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG03/17/2016
PAMPERED SMILES MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy03/16/2016
TODAY IS YOUR DAY MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy03/14/2016
A WAY OF SEA CURRENTS MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy03/11/2016
In Christ: Confidence in Our Salvation MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne03/09/2016
The Great People I Came Across In Life MalaysianMalaysiaLasarus, Emilia03/09/2016