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Malawian Poems and Poetry from Malawi

Malawian poems and poetry from Malawi. Read examples of malawian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
PAINLESS ENDEAVOR MalawianMalawimwaungulu, Madalitso07/21/2015
THE LIES OF NYAMATHANGA MalawianMalawimwaungulu, Madalitso07/21/2015
COUNTERFEIT LOVE MalawianMalawimwaungulu, Madalitso07/21/2015
FORGIVE ME MalawianMalawiLoti, Christopher06/24/2015
BEGINNING OF END MalawianMalawiLoti, Christopher06/24/2015
FLOWERS MalawianMalawiLoti, Christopher02/05/2015
MELODIES OF SHAME MalawianMalawimwaungulu, Madalitso11/19/2014
AT THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT MalawianMalawiMunthali, Hanif11/07/2014
SUCH MUSLIMS MalawianMalawiMunthali, Hanif11/07/2014
When the hair turns gray MalawianMalawiNdhlovu, Walani09/13/2014
Our blindness MalawianMalawiNdhlovu, Walani09/13/2014
The hat that echoes cries MalawianMalawiNdhlovu, Walani09/13/2014
A PRICK OF A ROSE MalawianMalawiitimu, aisha07/01/2014
A SINGLE ROSE IS ALL I HAVE MalawianMalawiitimu, aisha07/01/2014
WHAT CAPTURED A WHITE MANS HEART IN AFRICA MalawianMalawiitimu, aisha06/28/2014
BEFORE I SEE YOU MalawianMalawiMapengo-Mwanguku, Gilbert06/28/2014
keep the feathers for me MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan06/24/2014
They run 'em nights burning flames MalawianMalawiNdhlovu, Walani06/06/2014
the land can see MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan05/09/2014
elections MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan05/09/2014
snakes sometimes MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan05/09/2014
a word MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan05/09/2014
Oh Nadia MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan05/09/2014
those mortal gods MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan05/06/2014
my ears just heard MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/27/2014
sweetheart MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/27/2014
from the top MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/25/2014
if i must die MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/25/2014
break, break, break MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/25/2014
your heart is of fresh MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/24/2014
dead magical moment MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/23/2014
sad news from home MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/21/2014
our battered verse MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/17/2014
it all has been MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/15/2014
Celina, you must be earth by now MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/15/2014
you say MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/15/2014
the evaded pain MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/14/2014
Thank you for the butchery MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/14/2014
meanings MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/14/2014
questioning is no sin MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/11/2014
Brothers, should it always come to this MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/11/2014
flowering in the showers MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/11/2014
strangled dictum MalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/10/2014
THE MISSING PLANE MH:370 MalawianMalawiitimu, aisha03/24/2014
GIVE ME A CHANCE MalawianMalawiitimu, aisha03/05/2014
DEAR EX MalawianMalawiitimu, aisha03/03/2014
DOUBT AT THE WORSTE POSSIBLEMOMENT MalawianMalawiitimu, aisha03/03/2014
MY VALENTINE MalawianMalawiPhiri, Austin Tenthani02/14/2014
I am me MalawianMalawiBanda, Danitta01/30/2014
DO THE MATH MalawianMalawiMuyepa, Chikumbutso 01/21/2014