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Japanese Poems and Poetry from Japan

Japanese poems and poetry from Japan. Read examples of japanese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Yijing apprentice - 2 Repellence JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto11/27/2015
The White Tiger JapaneseJapanMo., Nani11/26/2015
Something is going to end, Something is going to begin JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi11/22/2015
Yijing apprentice - 1, First meeting JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto11/21/2015
A Certain Journey JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi11/21/2015
Set us free JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi11/20/2015
Yijing apprentice - Introduction JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto11/16/2015
Inner voice JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto11/10/2015
Life JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto11/10/2015
Honey JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi11/08/2015
Trial JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto11/07/2015
Mismatched Me JapaneseJapanBroken, Unfragment11/04/2015
I want to love you like,,,,,,,, JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi10/24/2015
Changing JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi10/22/2015
Sleepless Night JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi10/22/2015
You JapaneseJapanB.A, Kaila10/05/2015
Morning on the Prairie ---the memory of South Dakota 1--- JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi10/04/2015
Song of the Ocean JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi10/04/2015
Golden Night JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi09/29/2015
Neighbor JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi09/29/2015
Dear D JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi09/19/2015
Refugees JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi09/08/2015
Seasonal Heart JapaneseJapanBroken, Unfragment09/01/2015
REVERSE JapaneseJapanBroken, Unfragment08/30/2015
Forgiveness JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi08/30/2015
Rain JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi08/30/2015
Knife JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi08/28/2015
You may be deep-sea fish JapaneseJapanzenn, zenn08/28/2015
The Moon JapaneseJapanB.A, Kaila08/25/2015
Over and Over JapaneseJapanB.A, Kaila08/25/2015
He was abandoned JapaneseJapanzenn, zenn08/24/2015
recording JapaneseJapanzenn, zenn08/18/2015
gnaw JapaneseJapanzenn, zenn08/18/2015
My Fire Angel JapaneseJapanHaikutwinkle, Angeline08/17/2015
Contemplating JapaneseJapanHaikutwinkle, Angeline08/17/2015
Eyes Closed JapaneseJapanHaikutwinkle, Angeline08/17/2015
Sound of Nature JapaneseJapanHaikutwinkle, Angeline08/17/2015
Nasty love JapaneseJapanB.A, Kaila08/12/2015
Confused JapaneseJapanB.A, Kaila08/11/2015
When it rains JapaneseJapanB.A, Kaila08/11/2015
Free JapaneseJapanBroken, Unfragment08/09/2015
Just Wondering JapaneseJapanBroken, Unfragment07/26/2015
green fluorescent color JapaneseJapanzenn, zenn06/17/2015
sounding JapaneseJapanzenn, zenn06/15/2015
grass JapaneseJapanzenn, zenn06/15/2015
Cloud and rain JapaneseJapanzenn, zenn06/15/2015
Invisible JapaneseJapanMatsuda, Ryo04/05/2015
Winter JapaneseJapanB.A, Kaila03/30/2015
Frustration JapaneseJapanB.A, Kaila03/11/2015
ILove you JapaneseJapanB.A, Kaila03/11/2015