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Irish Poems and Poetry from Ireland

Irish poems and poetry from Ireland. Read examples of irish poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
One Man's Retirement IrishIrelandGuckian, Mary05/05/2015
One Man's Retirement IrishIrelandGuckian, Mary05/05/2015
The Weir at Lucan IrishIrelandGuckian, Mary05/05/2015
The Weir at Lucan IrishIrelandGuckian, Mary05/05/2015
Springtime IrishIrelandGuckian, Mary05/05/2015
Springtime IrishIrelandGuckian, Mary05/05/2015
BEING YOURS IrishIrelandByrne, David05/05/2015
Premium Member Poem Invariably when the day recedes IrishIrelandLynch, Martin05/04/2015
Premium Member Poem Lost Souls IrishIrelandSkelly, Delice Arleen05/04/2015
Premium Member Poem The Heron IrishIrelandSkelly, Delice Arleen05/03/2015
Premium Member Poem Deep ocean tune IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/02/2015
Premium Member Poem Walking on Air IrishIrelandSkelly, Delice Arleen05/02/2015
Holy Bread IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael05/02/2015
Big Old House On a Hill IrishIrelandMcDonagh, Martin Joseph05/01/2015
Premium Member Poem Forever Bliss IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/01/2015
Premium Member Poem Name of the beast IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam04/30/2015
KNOWLEDGE IrishIrelandByrne, David04/29/2015
Premium Member Poem When we had woken IrishIrelandLynch, Martin04/29/2015
The Wondering wind IrishIrelandmartin, paul04/29/2015
Soaked in bliss IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/26/2015
The poet IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/26/2015
Premium Member Poem The passions of love IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam04/26/2015
Premium Member Poem - Every Breath You Take - IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam04/25/2015
Premium Member Poem I have sailed these seas IrishIrelandLynch, Martin04/25/2015
Premium Member Poem Tainted Hearts IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam04/25/2015
Measurements of Men IrishIrelandRundle, Shane04/25/2015
Premium Member Poem Lover's death IrishIrelandLynch, Martin04/20/2015
Now or Never IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/18/2015
Gem IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/18/2015
Young Love IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/18/2015
Premium Member Poem - A Bird Sings Only When It Is Happy - IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam04/18/2015
Un-answerable Questions IrishIrelandMuldoon, Sarah04/18/2015
Premium Member Poem Until we Meet again in the end IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam04/15/2015
To The Obsolete IrishIrelandMuldoon, Sarah04/15/2015
Premium Member Poem Seat of kings IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam04/13/2015
Premium Member Poem Towers IrishIrelandLynch, Martin04/13/2015
A Poem In Which To Weep IrishIrelandmartin, paul04/12/2015
Want IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/12/2015
Blink and Wink -2- Left bare IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/12/2015
Blink and Wink -1- Prioritising IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/12/2015
Rising and Rising IrishIrelandMcDonagh, Martin Joseph04/11/2015
Unfulfilled Love IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/10/2015
A human Being IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/10/2015
I Someone IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/10/2015
Pursuit of higher self IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/10/2015
IN DIFFERENCE IrishIrelandByrne, David04/09/2015
Africa Ocean Moon IrishIrelandCogan, Shane04/09/2015
Innocence IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/08/2015
A LOVE NOTE IrishIrelandByrne, David04/07/2015
Timeless IrishIrelandQuinn, Michael04/06/2015