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Irish Poems and Poetry from Ireland

Irish poems and poetry from Ireland. Read examples of irish poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Hidden Truth IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/18/2014
Faraway Dream IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/17/2014
G-A-P-S IrishIrelandCorvid, Common12/15/2014
The Line IrishIrelandCorvid, Common12/15/2014
Ignition IrishIrelandCorvid, Common12/15/2014
Death Calls You By Your Name IrishIrelandwalsh, peter12/15/2014
True God IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/15/2014
The stilly night IrishIrelandLynch, Martin12/14/2014
Happy Birthday Jesus IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/13/2014
Echoes Deeply IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/13/2014
Snow White IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/12/2014
Truth IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/12/2014
Ill fitting mask IrishIrelandmartin, paul12/11/2014
Treasure Shining IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/11/2014
One Tune IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/11/2014
The Wall IrishIrelandWalsh, Ross12/10/2014
Silver whispers IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/10/2014
A Most Irish Fairy Tale - Merry Christmas to All IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/10/2014
Last Night IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/09/2014
Justice IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/09/2014
Was I Dreaming IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/08/2014
Cool Beauty IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/08/2014
Mirror Flicker IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/07/2014
Our Space Forever Held IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/07/2014
Everything is temporary IrishIrelandmartin, paul12/07/2014
Big Ananab IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/06/2014
Inside out beauty IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/06/2014
Darling It's You IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/05/2014
we our souls will spend our time repenting IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/05/2014
Awakening Sunshine Morning IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/04/2014
On Blood's Own Sand IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/03/2014
poisonously enchanted mushrooms so luscious rare IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/03/2014
Magic star IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/02/2014
Deep Soft Trickles IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/02/2014
Wishing Well Emotions IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam12/01/2014
Drifting away thoughts IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/30/2014
Shield Love IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/30/2014
Shield Love - Quatrain IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/30/2014
Frog Adventures IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/29/2014
Sending Waves IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/29/2014
Distant Pipes Lament-The End IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/29/2014
Distant Pipes Lament - Part-1 IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/29/2014
Chain of Sorrows IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/29/2014
Burning Flesh part 2 IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/28/2014
Burning Flesh part 1 IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/28/2014
Pompeii IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/27/2014
The Frog And The Fairy Princess IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/26/2014
Dreaming faraway drifting IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/25/2014
Love on the rocks IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/25/2014
Greatest Gift IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam11/24/2014