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Irish Poems and Poetry from Ireland

Irish poems and poetry from Ireland. Read examples of irish poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Premium Member Poem DANIEL IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/28/2016
SOLSTICE ii IrishIrelandDe Burca, Seosamh05/28/2016
Rest IrishIrelandDe Burca, Seosamh05/28/2016
Premium Member Poem Iced feelings warmly kissed away love IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/28/2016
Premium Member Poem You and me Love IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/26/2016
Summer Solstice IrishIrelandDe Burca, Seosamh05/26/2016
Premium Member Poem Lord of the skies song IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/26/2016
Dreams IrishIrelandDe Burca, Seosamh05/25/2016
Premium Member Poem BOOGEYMAN IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/25/2016
Premium Member Poem FIFTY SHADES OF RED IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/24/2016
Premium Member Poem TRACES OF YOU IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/23/2016
We've been down this road IrishIrelandLynch, Martin05/23/2016
Premium Member Poem FANCY DRESS IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/23/2016
my demons IrishIrelandCorbally, Stephen 05/22/2016
Premium Member Poem Light of your promise shines IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/22/2016
Premium Member Poem SUMMER SOLSTICE IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/22/2016
Premium Member Poem Drifting away on a cloud IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/21/2016
Premium Member Poem I surrender to you my weakness IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/21/2016
Nobody told me IrishIrelandmartin, paul05/21/2016
Premium Member Poem WEEPING CHILD IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/21/2016
IRELAND 2008-2016 IrishIrelanddoherty, john05/21/2016
Premium Member Poem ANNIVERSARY IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/20/2016
Premium Member Poem GRIP OF DEATH IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/20/2016
Premium Member Poem Under the flower moon IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/20/2016
Premium Member Poem When You Fall IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/20/2016
Premium Member Poem REALITY IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/19/2016
Premium Member Poem PLENTY OF FISH IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/18/2016
Where There's Darkness, There Is Light IrishIrelandByrne, Nicola05/18/2016
Premium Member Poem MY PSYCHIATRIST IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/18/2016
Chamber of Secrets IrishIrelandByrne, Nicola05/17/2016
Premium Member Poem Phantom Slippers of Thoughts IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/17/2016
Untitled IrishIrelandOBranigan-Briars, Jacob Francis 05/17/2016
A sprawling mess IrishIrelandOBranigan-Briars, Jacob Francis 05/17/2016
Premium Member Poem SPLIT PERSONALITY IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/16/2016
Premium Member Poem The Poet And His Mistress IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/16/2016
Premium Member Poem You are an Angel IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/15/2016
Sempiternal Sanctuary IrishIrelandByrne, Nicola05/15/2016
Premium Member Poem Finding the source of paradise IrishIrelandmcdaid, liam05/14/2016
Premium Member Poem TOUCH SKIN IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/14/2016
Premium Member Poem SUMMER SIGHTS IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/13/2016
summer nights IrishIrelandMCILWAINE , DAVID05/12/2016
On Two Old Characters at the Bus Stop IrishIrelandWan, Eva05/12/2016
Feelings inside IrishIrelandMCILWAINE , DAVID05/11/2016
Deflected reflections IrishIrelandDe Burca, Seosamh05/09/2016
TILL THE SWALLOWS RETURN IrishIrelandDe Burca, Seosamh05/09/2016
Premium Member Poem FAIRYLAND VISION IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/09/2016
Premium Member Poem ODE TO MY FIRST BORN IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/09/2016
She IrishIrelandDe Burca, Seosamh05/08/2016
Premium Member Poem BUTTERFLIES IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/08/2016
Premium Member Poem CORSET IrishIrelandMURRAY, JEAN05/08/2016