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French Poems and Poetry from France

French poems and poetry from France. Read examples of french poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Infants and all ages FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/30/2015
Cantaro Blanco FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/30/2015
The Windmill FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/29/2015
A pale horseman FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/29/2015
Purple Trees FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/29/2015
The trees are on fire FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/29/2015
sleet FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/28/2015
Self-acceptance FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/28/2015
Moonlight FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/28/2015
The Moon FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/28/2015
no adjectives FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/27/2015
In Praise of Short Poems FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/27/2015
In Mornington Street FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/27/2015
Poetic Diabetes FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/27/2015
Glad for the country lanes FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/27/2015
The Train FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/27/2015
Sullen Night FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/27/2015
My Leaves FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/27/2015
To my Sister - Lawn on D FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/26/2015
The Painted Field FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/26/2015
Lamb FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/25/2015
Washing Day FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/25/2015
Sadness FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/25/2015
We shall be belles one day FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/24/2015
Charlie Dent - Part 2 FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/24/2015
The end of nothing FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/24/2015
A Consideration FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/24/2015
Vera - Be Quiet prompt FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/23/2015
We shall be bells one day FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/23/2015
Talc de Venise FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/23/2015
Charlotte's Pram FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/23/2015
Burning Sand - For Contest FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/23/2015
No Almonds in my Almond Milk FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/23/2015
Sweet Privilege FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/23/2015
Princess in her Pram FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/22/2015
White and Black Virgins FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/22/2015
Forty-seven hills FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/22/2015
He gave me love FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/22/2015
Tradition FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/21/2015
Sweet Singer FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/21/2015
opium story FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/21/2015
Street Singer FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/21/2015
cherry on a plate FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/21/2015
Cherry Sorters in Manila FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/20/2015
Dead Fish Mosaic FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/20/2015
Cobbles FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/20/2015
Flowers, windblown FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/20/2015
A cat, be-ribboned FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/20/2015
Striped Bathing Lady FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/19/2015
Intertextuality FrenchFranceWard, Julia07/19/2015