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French Poems and Poetry from France

French poems and poetry from France. Read examples of french poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Heresy FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/19/2015
My Dream FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/18/2015
My Heart FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/18/2015
Tomorrow I will fall in love FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/18/2015
Selfigood FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges04/18/2015
Pink paper FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/18/2015
Crosswords FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/18/2015
I am asking to be born FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/18/2015
Ego Boy FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/17/2015
shimmering FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/17/2015
shingle FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/17/2015
I let you go FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/16/2015
In my Caravan FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/16/2015
Svelte FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/16/2015
The Carver's Religious Poem FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/16/2015
Girl in Poplin FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/16/2015
serried FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/16/2015
parched FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/15/2015
Blue Toffees FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/15/2015
Lone Lily FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/15/2015
Verse for Sharon FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/15/2015
moonlight FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/15/2015
To Rain FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/15/2015
Rainfall FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/15/2015
Falling Leaves FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/15/2015
There was an old man FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/14/2015
the moon FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/14/2015
Like a novel FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges04/14/2015
Coconut Shy FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/14/2015
Ornament Ship FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/14/2015
Judgement Day FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/13/2015
icicle FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/13/2015
Dew FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/13/2015
oak leaf FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/13/2015
To Waves FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/13/2015
The Telephone FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/12/2015
KRR FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/12/2015
My Jewelled Heart FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/12/2015
Hope to hope FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges04/12/2015
Sabbatum Sanctum FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges04/11/2015
edelweiss FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/11/2015
the grapnel FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/11/2015
a punt FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/11/2015
fireworks FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/10/2015
suffusion FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/10/2015
a disbudded flower FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/10/2015
May's maritime plants FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/10/2015
On the links FrenchFranceWard, Julia04/10/2015
Love Comes From Your Sun FrenchFranceSolis Radius, Rita04/10/2015
The Inspiration Of The Poet FrenchFranceSolis Radius, Rita04/10/2015