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French Poems and Poetry from France

French poems and poetry from France. Read examples of french poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

The Earth's Silence FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/06/2015
Gold FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/06/2015
The Egg Timer FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/06/2015
A Past Performance FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/06/2015
The Worm Ate The Bird FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/05/2015
Pumpkins at Sea FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/05/2015
Premium Member Poem Love dont live here any more RAP FrenchFranceKirk, Tony10/05/2015
Lunch on a Rougher Sea FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/05/2015
Lunch for Us FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/05/2015
A Rougher Sea FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/05/2015
Carved Pumpkin FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/05/2015
The Southern Sky - Andaree FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/04/2015
Dark and Smoky Rooms FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/04/2015
Lucky Coady FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/04/2015
The Understudy FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/04/2015
The Harvest of Maize FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/04/2015
Clouds of DDT FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/04/2015
Recent Titles - 2 FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/03/2015
Sudden Death FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/03/2015
Dinner for Us FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/03/2015
No Contest FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/03/2015
Feeding Time FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/03/2015
Cold FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/03/2015
Pylon FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/03/2015
A Wishing Well FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/02/2015
A Nest FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/02/2015
Photo of Brooklyn Ebbets Field FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/02/2015
Halloween House FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/02/2015
QUINS FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/02/2015
An Unsatisfied Need FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/02/2015
Moving - a dodoitsu in three stanzas FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/02/2015
Which Breast FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/02/2015
My Second Anniversary FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/02/2015
Tom's Face FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/01/2015
Tulip - a cinqku in three stanzas FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/01/2015
Hidden FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/01/2015
I Ask For Peace FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/01/2015
Lessons Learned In Life FrenchFranceWard, Julia10/01/2015
The Golden Eagle FrenchFranceWard, Julia09/30/2015
Green Memories FrenchFranceWard, Julia09/30/2015
Wind Chime FrenchFranceWard, Julia09/30/2015
Parrot Green FrenchFranceWard, Julia09/30/2015
Zambuk in New Zealand FrenchFranceWard, Julia09/30/2015
Green Mountain FrenchFranceWard, Julia09/30/2015
Her Thoughts Were As Music FrenchFranceWard, Julia09/30/2015
Parrot-red FrenchFranceWard, Julia09/29/2015
Zwingli FrenchFranceWard, Julia09/29/2015
Kings to talk to queens FrenchFranceWard, Julia09/29/2015
Dialogue FrenchFranceWard, Julia09/29/2015
CURVES and Victor FrenchFranceWard, Julia09/29/2015