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French Poems and Poetry from France

French poems and poetry from France. Read examples of french poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
The sun plunged in the space of silence FrenchFranceChabriere, rene12/21/2014
Dirty windows on the Starship Enterprise FrenchFranceKirk, Tony12/11/2014
Vive le CANADA Libre FrenchFranceLariviere, Etienne12/06/2014
La Peinture noire FrenchFranceLariviere, Etienne12/06/2014
La naissance d'un autre Beau Dommage FrenchFranceLariviere, Etienne12/06/2014
on the face of clear nights FrenchFranceChabriere, rene12/05/2014
Search his reincarnation in the earth - tribute to the painter Antoni Tapies FrenchFranceChabriere, rene12/03/2014
Love me die FrenchFranceKirk, Tony12/01/2014
expressions FrenchFranceLariviere, Etienne11/30/2014
Premium Member Poem The Probe 2 FrenchFranceO'Leary, Terry11/16/2014
Premium Member Poem The Probe FrenchFranceO'Leary, Terry11/15/2014
Arranging on my canvas, colors inhabited FrenchFranceChabriere, rene11/09/2014
Field of the white FrenchFranceChabriere, rene11/07/2014
The shining Path of the walkway FrenchFranceChabriere, rene11/03/2014
eclipse and mourning evening FrenchFranceChabriere, rene11/03/2014
Time, bird, shadow FrenchFranceChabriere, rene11/03/2014
It's too early in the gray sky - from french FrenchFranceChabriere, rene11/01/2014
Black fruits - in french - FrenchFranceChabriere, rene10/31/2014
Premium Member Poem Lotsa Limericks - It Couldn't be Verse FrenchFranceO'Leary, Terry10/21/2014
A fat dog FrenchFranceWilkinson, John10/17/2014
Rossa FrenchFranceKirk, Tony10/10/2014
Premium Member Poem The Gnat FrenchFranceO'Leary, Terry10/06/2014
The Prometheus FrenchFranceKirk, Tony10/04/2014
Premium Member Poem Sweet Butterfly FrenchFranceO'Leary, Terry09/24/2014
Premium Member Poem IMPROBABLE ME FrenchFranceO'Leary, Terry09/19/2014
Rubayiat of Lost Love FrenchFranceblake, vivienne08/30/2014
Premium Member Poem Shut-Down City FrenchFranceO'Leary, Terry08/25/2014
Premium Member Poem Michael Brown FrenchFranceO'Leary, Terry08/16/2014
Premium Member Poem The Evil Eye FrenchFranceO'Leary, Terry08/12/2014
Here's Looking At You FrenchFranceGribble, Shirley07/09/2014
Rumour Has It FrenchFranceGribble, Shirley07/08/2014
Solstice 19439,11 FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges06/21/2014
Commuterland FrenchFranceGribble, Shirley06/17/2014
Belgrade on Champs-Elysees FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges06/17/2014
Paris without Me FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges06/16/2014
A modicum of success FrenchFranceWilkinson, John06/16/2014
Erato theory FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges06/11/2014
Paris my prison FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges06/10/2014
The Call of the Highlands FrenchFranceGribble, Shirley06/10/2014
Paris good soul FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges06/09/2014
The Sadness of Small Things FrenchFranceGribble, Shirley06/08/2014
The Sunday bright FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges06/08/2014
D day FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges06/06/2014
Gymlumcillassol FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges06/04/2014
Crosstextag FrenchFranceBurovac, Milan Georges06/02/2014
Come with me again FrenchFranceKirk, Tony06/01/2014
The harp of time FrenchFranceFaL, Tyris05/31/2014
Christmas without you FrenchFranceWilkinson, John05/27/2014
All The Nice Girls FrenchFranceGribble, Shirley05/27/2014
Unsuccsockful FrenchFranceGribble, Shirley05/27/2014