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Filipino Poems and Poetry from Philippines

Filipino poems and poetry from Philippines. Read examples of filipino poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Premium Member Poem ECSTACY FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/30/2016
Thirst-quenching June FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon06/30/2016
Premium Member Poem EMBRACING MY BOUNDARIES FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/29/2016
A Familiar Feeling FilipinoPhilippinesSomnium, Angelus06/28/2016
Premium Member Poem LAMB CHOPS FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/28/2016
Clarity In a Treasure Box FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon06/28/2016
Premium Member Poem CYNOSURE OF THE WOODS FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/27/2016
CRUEL WORLD OUT THERE FilipinoPhilippinesLeri, Joe vann06/27/2016
Premium Member Poem SWEET WHITE LIES FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/26/2016
Feeble FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon06/25/2016
Random Art FilipinoPhilippinesDragon, R - 06/25/2016
Maranao Poem - Phorongan tano Ranao FilipinoPhilippinesMangondato, Khadaffy D.06/24/2016
Maranao Poem - Sapolid a Marawi FilipinoPhilippinesMangondato, Khadaffy D.06/24/2016
A free spirit FilipinoPhilippinesAlatraca, Kaylo Miguel06/24/2016
START OF THE CLASS FilipinoPhilippinesStrauss, Lei06/24/2016
Unconditional Love FilipinoPhilippinesDragon, R - 06/24/2016
Black Rose FilipinoPhilippinesDragon, R - 06/24/2016
Our Sacrifice FilipinoPhilippinesDragon, R - 06/24/2016
LONE FilipinoPhilippinesBelir, Dhadz06/23/2016
Premium Member Poem BEING ABANDONED FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/23/2016
Premium Member Poem DUAL PERSONALITY FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/23/2016
Slumber FilipinoPhilippinesGutierrez, Louie Jean06/23/2016
Deathbed FilipinoPhilippinesGutierrez, Louie Jean06/23/2016
Unmasked FilipinoPhilippinesGutierrez, Louie Jean06/23/2016
Hear No Evil, See No Evil FilipinoPhilippinesGutierrez, Louie Jean06/23/2016
Its Lure FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon06/22/2016
143 FilipinoPhilippinesBelir, Dhadz06/22/2016
Words I Miss Hearing FilipinoPhilippinesVitor, Shan06/21/2016
When Eye Met Hue FilipinoPhilippinesVitor, Shan06/21/2016
Happy FilipinoPhilippinesJane, Blurr06/20/2016
Premium Member Poem CLUSTERS OF BLOOMS FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/20/2016
It's Okay FilipinoPhilippinesCanoy, Emerald06/20/2016
DISCOVERY FilipinoPhilippinesCabrera, Maricris06/20/2016
Shade FilipinoPhilippinesAneki, Sheep06/19/2016
The Only Side is Mine to Give up FilipinoPhilippinesortiz, max06/19/2016
Premium Member Poem FACING THE HURT FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/18/2016
My Ailment FilipinoPhilippinesSomnium, Angelus06/18/2016
A Gem Over Waters FilipinoPhilippinesEscol, Ezekiel06/17/2016
Premium Member Poem CONVERSATIONS WITH CHRIST FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/17/2016
Doubts FilipinoPhilippinesYam Ave, Nozeuq06/16/2016
Premium Member Poem RICE FIELD FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/16/2016
Living things especially humans FilipinoPhilippinesortiz, max06/16/2016
Quiet, Be Still FilipinoPhilippinesAntigua, Sweet Loueljie06/15/2016
Paradigm of Life FilipinoPhilippinesVillarosa, Noel06/15/2016
Fading Bliss FilipinoPhilippinesDe Lima, Stephany06/15/2016
Until I Am Worthy Of You FilipinoPhilippinesVitor, Shan06/14/2016
Premium Member Poem KIDS' NAUGHTY GAME FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/14/2016
Math: A Great Challenge FilipinoPhilippinesPeriwperiw, Rhiza06/13/2016
Premium Member Poem STILLNESS OF NIGHT FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette06/13/2016
'Still You' FilipinoPhilippinesOtagan, Geramar06/13/2016