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Egyptian Poems and Poetry from Egypt

Egyptian poems and poetry from Egypt. Read examples of egyptian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Alone EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed03/11/2015
Hush EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed03/07/2015
Zeus EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed03/05/2015
A Slave EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed02/27/2015
Hear my whisper EgyptianEgyptbadr, Ahmed02/22/2015
Saving The King EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed02/11/2015
Thick Voice EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed02/03/2015
By You EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed01/30/2015
On This Valentine EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed01/26/2015
Spider EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed01/24/2015
Aladdin EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed01/23/2015
Railway Adventure EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed01/15/2015
On the state of the world today To Alphie, the African baby no died from Ebola today EgyptianEgyptAmmar, Manar01/08/2015
For You EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed01/07/2015
Together We Can EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed01/05/2015
A Must EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed01/04/2015
On The Bus EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed01/03/2015
skin is mortal EgyptianEgyptAmmar, Manar01/01/2015
The Lionness EgyptianEgyptGadou, Ziad12/28/2014
Away From Bless EgyptianEgyptHisham, Maryam12/07/2014
Stanzas OF Regret EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed11/23/2014
Out Of Mind EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed11/14/2014
miss EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed11/08/2014
Getting Nude EgyptianEgyptEl-Shorbagi, Dr. Mohammed10/19/2014
My lonley night EgyptianEgyptEl-Shorbagi, Dr. Mohammed10/18/2014
Last time we met EgyptianEgyptEl-Shorbagi, Dr. Mohammed10/17/2014
Short Poem EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed10/11/2014
Eye Contact EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed10/08/2014
Utopia EgyptianEgyptSarar, Mohamed09/30/2014
A girl EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed09/28/2014
Premium Member Poem The Thing EgyptianEgyptHassan, Tarek09/27/2014
Premium Member Poem The Thing EgyptianEgyptHassan, Tarek09/27/2014
With you EgyptianEgyptSarar, Mohamed09/26/2014
Blue EgyptianEgyptSarar, Mohamed09/25/2014
Devil's road EgyptianEgyptSarar, Mohamed09/25/2014
Just One EgyptianEgyptbadr, Ahmed09/24/2014
Long Ago EgyptianEgyptSarar, Mohamed09/22/2014
Material Civilization EgyptianEgyptSarar, Mohamed09/22/2014
Friendly Fire EgyptianEgyptSarar, Mohamed09/22/2014
Deliverance EgyptianEgyptSarar, Mohamed09/22/2014
You must EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed09/15/2014
Folded EgyptianEgyptGadou, Ziad09/15/2014
Michael EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed09/06/2014
Summer Love EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed08/31/2014
Crime scene EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed08/23/2014
Lovers EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed08/22/2014
Chapter Zero EgyptianEgyptGadou, Ziad08/19/2014
Who Knows EgyptianEgyptGadou, Ziad08/11/2014
Celestial Being EgyptianEgyptGadou, Ziad08/02/2014
Mirror EgyptianEgyptNashat, Andrew07/28/2014