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Dominican Poems and Poetry from Dominica

Dominican poems and poetry from Dominica. Read examples of dominican poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

IS YOUR AMERICA A COUNTRY, OR IS YOURAMERICA A BUSINESS DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah02/26/2013
IS YOUR AMERICA A COUNTRY, OR IS YOUR AMERICA A BUSINESS DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah02/26/2013
Sometimes DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah10/23/2012
And So DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah10/21/2012
Your Problem Could Be This DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah10/21/2012
You Know DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah10/21/2012
Your Love DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah09/30/2012
The Truth DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah09/05/2012
Its not always about you DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah07/25/2012
You Deceiver's DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah07/15/2012
Why Can't You Keep It Real DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah07/10/2012
Either her or him on Valentine DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah02/13/2012
Your Accolade DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah02/09/2012
You DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah02/06/2012
Within me DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah02/05/2012
I survived DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah02/05/2012
If DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/29/2012
Your war, not mine DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/29/2012
I will DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/28/2012
Blissfulness DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/27/2012
I love you DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/27/2012
God's Power DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/27/2012
FORBID DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/27/2012
Liar DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/21/2012
I don't anymore DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/20/2012
My belove eve has not formed me yet DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/18/2012
Persecute me If You Must DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/16/2012
live DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/15/2012
A splendid joy DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/01/2012
My Life DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/01/2012
I contemplate this thought DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/01/2012
WISDOM AND HUMILITY DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/01/2012
GIFT FROM THE LIVING GOD IS NO ORDINARY LOVE DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/01/2012
WHAT A TRAVESTY DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah11/27/2011
GRATITUDE IS DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah05/02/2011
You Are To Me DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah04/11/2011
NINE YEAR OLDED PRISTINE GIANT DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah01/13/2011
THE STORY OF LADY KAYLA DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah11/19/2010
I THINK I LOVE HER DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah09/14/2010
THE WIND DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah08/12/2010
"War" DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah07/18/2010
LADY MARICARMEN, SO SHALL IT BE DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah06/11/2010
LAURA'S SMILE DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah06/04/2010
THE LOVE, OF THE CARING PEOPLE DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah05/22/2010
THANK YOU LOVE DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah05/18/2010
THANK YOU LOVE DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah05/18/2010
OTHER'S DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah05/18/2010
NONE DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah05/17/2010
I LAMENTED, FOR I FOUND NOT MY EYE DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah05/13/2010
I LAMENTED, FOR I FOUND NOT MY EYE DominicanDominicaprophet, elijah05/13/2010