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Chinese Poems and Poetry from China (PRC)

Chinese poems and poetry from China (PRC). Read examples of chinese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

I regret ChineseChina (PRC)frommars, Thatgirl 04/29/2016
Our fairytale ChineseChina (PRC)frommars, Thatgirl 04/28/2016
I can remember ChineseChina (PRC)frommars, Thatgirl 04/28/2016
I miss the stars ChineseChina (PRC)frommars, Thatgirl 04/28/2016
Recognize ChineseChina (PRC)budhathoki, sakshat04/19/2016
A Fugitive of Life ChineseChina (PRC)Wu, YunZhi03/26/2016
He Slammed The Door ChineseChina (PRC)Wu, YunZhi03/24/2016
The Owner of Time ChineseChina (PRC)Wu, YunZhi03/24/2016
Questions ChineseChina (PRC)budhathoki, sakshat01/03/2016
We promise ChineseChina (PRC)budhathoki, sakshat12/14/2015
fake ChineseChina (PRC)budhathoki, sakshat12/09/2015
i am where i dreamed to be ChineseChina (PRC)budhathoki, sakshat11/10/2015
Goodbye ChineseChina (PRC)budhathoki, sakshat11/09/2015
where do i belong ChineseChina (PRC)budhathoki, sakshat11/07/2015
trying to hold sand ChineseChina (PRC)budhathoki, sakshat08/15/2015
Hen-pecked ChineseChina (PRC)Nash, Chris04/23/2015
Fish Bones ChineseChina (PRC)River, Turbid04/07/2015
Language of tea ChineseChina (PRC)River, Turbid03/31/2015
Hidden Love ChineseChina (PRC)River, Turbid03/30/2015
Ma Nian ChineseChina (PRC)Nash, Chris03/03/2015
The glance of an eye ChineseChina (PRC)Wamulungwe , Samantha01/23/2015
Friend's Voices ChineseChina (PRC)Girl, Jamie01/11/2015
Instruments ChineseChina (PRC)Girl, Jamie01/11/2015
Blind ChineseChina (PRC)Girl, Jamie11/26/2014
Reflecting Pool ChineseChina (PRC)Girl, Jamie11/24/2014
Flames and Ice ChineseChina (PRC)Girl, Jamie11/24/2014
Desert Rider ChineseChina (PRC)Girl, Jamie11/23/2014
Merciless Thieves ChineseChina (PRC)Girl, Jamie11/23/2014
Insults ChineseChina (PRC)Girl, Jamie11/23/2014
Heroin ChineseChina (PRC)xu, hanyue11/06/2014
love rule ChineseChina (PRC)Zhao, Bar02/11/2014
Angel's tear ChineseChina (PRC)Zhao, Bar03/12/2013
Waiting ChineseChina (PRC)Zhao, Bar02/27/2013
do da dishes yo ChineseChina (PRC)Xiong, Pang03/05/2012
Dat lady ChineseChina (PRC)Xiong, Pang03/02/2012
in class assignment l0l ChineseChina (PRC)Xiong, Pang02/23/2012
Why you no work ChineseChina (PRC)Xiong, Pang02/21/2012
Confessions ChineseChina (PRC)Zheng, Sarah08/05/2011
You are a precious gift of love ChineseChina (PRC)Zhuang, Lan09/29/2007