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Chinese Poems and Poetry from China (PRC)

Chinese poems and poetry from China (PRC). Read examples of chinese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Love is a thing that blooms in eyes ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng11/07/2016
A Beautiful Mistake ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng11/06/2016
Ode to the Chinese Haze ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng11/06/2016
A fairy tale ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng11/05/2016
Leave me a chance to love you ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng11/04/2016
Hope is the thing with feathers ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng11/04/2016
Self-conscious ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng11/03/2016
Insensitivity ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng11/03/2016
Our Love will forever be there ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng11/01/2016
Words Written in the Halloween Night ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/31/2016
Evolution makes sense from no sense ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/30/2016
Bad Freedom ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/30/2016
So What ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/29/2016
Excuse me, where to go ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/27/2016
I am a civilized animal ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/23/2016
The Chinese Guanxiology ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/21/2016
The revelation of a duck couple ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/21/2016
Invisible You ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/20/2016
Silent Night ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/20/2016
The Variations of Women's valor ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/20/2016
The melancholy spring ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/19/2016
The breeze is blowing Gently ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/15/2016
Might be a God like this ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/11/2016
Home ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/09/2016
To Robert Burns ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/06/2016
Please gently walk into the night ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/04/2016
How that love is explained ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/04/2016
The mysterious Chinese ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/04/2016
Ode to a Maple Tree ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/03/2016
A Flying Bird ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/03/2016
OOld old Jack ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/03/2016
The Pond ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/03/2016
On Fate ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/03/2016
My Life ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng10/03/2016
Dawn Light ChineseChina (PRC)Star, Lonely09/26/2016
To The One and Only ChineseChina (PRC)Star, Lonely09/18/2016
Ghosts, Go Away ChineseChina (PRC)Star, Lonely09/06/2016
When Autumn Leaves Leave ChineseChina (PRC)Star, Lonely09/06/2016
Wonderland ChineseChina (PRC)Star, Lonely09/05/2016
LOVE ChineseChina (PRC)Star, Lonely09/05/2016
Slam the Door ChineseChina (PRC)Star, Lonely09/04/2016
Forever and a Day ChineseChina (PRC)Star, Lonely09/03/2016
Piece of me ChineseChina (PRC)frommars, Thatgirl 07/17/2016
The one ChineseChina (PRC)budhathoki, sakshat06/15/2016
What about sweet Rosaline ChineseChina (PRC)frommars, Thatgirl 06/07/2016
The GENTLEMAN'S WEEK ChineseChina (PRC)Mwamba , Timothy Kangwa 06/02/2016
We lost each other ChineseChina (PRC)frommars, Thatgirl 05/29/2016
The Eyes of Cats ChineseChina (PRC)Wu, YunZhi05/28/2016
Dandelion ChineseChina (PRC)Wu, YunZhi05/28/2016
The Secret of Heroes ChineseChina (PRC)Wu, YunZhi05/28/2016