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British Poems and Poetry from United Kingdom

British poems and poetry from United Kingdom. Read examples of british poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Dear Grandpa BritishUnited KingdomWeatherill, Emmy05/03/2015
Premium Member Poem A PRIVILEGE TO BE LIVING BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl05/03/2015
Premium Member Poem Maybe, Not Just a One Night Stand - For Contest BritishUnited KingdomFraser, James05/03/2015
Assassination U S A BritishUnited Kingdomseal, george05/03/2015
Premium Member Poem WELCOME TO MEERKAT HOLLYWOOD MOVIES BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl05/03/2015
At te cross BritishUnited Kingdomchristian, diane05/03/2015
God To Me BritishUnited KingdomMrP, Thisis05/03/2015
The World from the Shadowlands BritishUnited KingdomHalling, Carl05/03/2015
Premium Member Poem Spirit of Hope BritishUnited KingdomHamilton, Shadow05/03/2015
Premium Member Poem WET DREAMS - FOR CONTEST BritishUnited KingdomALLISON, JAN05/03/2015
Not in the Job Description - Part 2 BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor05/03/2015
Not in the Job Description - Part 1 BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor05/03/2015
Nearer to God BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor05/03/2015
Premium Member Poem I am a Daffodil BritishUnited KingdomRoberts, Seren05/03/2015
Premium Member Poem Do it properly - quote contest BritishUnited KingdomRoberts, Seren05/03/2015
I Saw Him Standing There - By Mary Jo Hoose BritishUnited Kingdomclarke, michael05/02/2015
Stand your Ground, even as the world Falls apart BritishUnited KingdomRazz, Rizz05/02/2015
Premium Member Poem ON REFLECTION - FOR CONTEST BritishUnited KingdomALLISON, JAN05/02/2015
Premium Member Poem The Ancient Seer BritishUnited KingdomFraser, James05/02/2015
Premium Member Poem THE LORD WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl05/02/2015
Premium Member Poem ELFIN SAFETY AT THE WOODS BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl05/02/2015
Premium Member Poem DISASTROUS DOUBLE DATE BritishUnited KingdomALLISON, JAN05/02/2015
Premium Member Poem NEW ROYAL BABY BritishUnited KingdomALLISON, JAN05/02/2015
russian roulette BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex05/02/2015
Premium Member Poem THE GHOSTS OF SUMMERS PAST BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl05/02/2015
The Traveller BritishUnited KingdomMrP, Thisis05/02/2015
Premium Member Poem Red hot Moon BritishUnited KingdomRoberts, Seren05/02/2015
Keyboard BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor05/02/2015
a day at the park BritishUnited Kingdomslater, tamara05/02/2015
Many Mansions BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor05/02/2015
Judgement Day BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor05/02/2015
Premium Member Poem Moon Talk BritishUnited KingdomRoberts, Seren05/02/2015
Premium Member Poem Within you - Rumi BritishUnited KingdomRoberts, Seren05/01/2015
A Multitude of Woes BritishUnited KingdomHalling, Carl05/01/2015
For a Long Lost Espanya BritishUnited KingdomHalling, Carl05/01/2015
In God's Name BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor05/01/2015
I don't believe in God BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor05/01/2015
Gods and Sinners BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor05/01/2015
Softly You Dream - A Collaboration With Mary BritishUnited Kingdomclarke, michael05/01/2015
Gamers Unite BritishUnited KingdomMicheals, Edward05/01/2015
Premium Member Poem WHO DO I VOTE FOR BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl05/01/2015
she BritishUnited KingdomBuck, Stuart05/01/2015
Premium Member Poem THE JOY OF DIY BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl05/01/2015
Premium Member Poem BETRAYAL BritishUnited KingdomALLISON, JAN05/01/2015
a magical day BritishUnited Kingdomslater, tamara05/01/2015
memories we won't forget BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex05/01/2015
best thing that i found BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex05/01/2015
been so long BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex05/01/2015
Grandma's Balls BritishUnited KingdomHumphries Artist, Steve04/30/2015
Tapering Off BritishUnited KingdomMicheals, Edward04/30/2015