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British Poems and Poetry from United Kingdom

British poems and poetry from United Kingdom. Read examples of british poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Premium Member Poem Against Such Winds BritishUnited KingdomFraser, James08/29/2015
The endless courage of love BritishUnited KingdomKia, Daire08/29/2015
The Weight of War BritishUnited KingdomAmure, Robert08/29/2015
The Wait of War BritishUnited KingdomAmure, Robert08/29/2015
The Hunger Within BritishUnited KingdomAmure, Robert08/29/2015
A Prayer for Bad Noose BritishUnited KingdomAmure, Robert08/29/2015
A dedication to Marsaila BritishUnited KingdomAmure, Robert08/29/2015
A dedication to Christine BritishUnited KingdomAmure, Robert08/29/2015
The Dullest Days BritishUnited KingdomAmure, Robert08/29/2015
Out of Eden BritishUnited KingdomAmure, Robert08/29/2015
I Am False BritishUnited KingdomMkenzie, Nichola 08/29/2015
Can't Get You Out Of My MInd BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill08/29/2015
Love Letters BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill08/29/2015
Psychopomps BritishUnited KingdomFoster, Gail08/29/2015
You never know BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex08/29/2015
Waiting game BritishUnited KingdomVidenova, Gergana08/29/2015
I died on the last level BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex08/29/2015
when writers block hits BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex08/29/2015
Fie, Sir, thou art a Troll BritishUnited KingdomFoster, Gail08/29/2015
Tell Him BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill08/29/2015
Friends are Priceless BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill08/29/2015
Categorise love BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex08/29/2015
Premium Member Poem TRYING TO HOLD ON TO THE PAST BritishUnited KingdomALLISON, JAN08/28/2015
More of me BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex08/28/2015
Echo and Narcissus Part 2 BritishUnited Kingdomseal, george08/28/2015
I hate gossip BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex08/28/2015
Ronaldo and Messi BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex08/28/2015
Masochist love BritishUnited KingdomBurbek, Jasmine08/28/2015
Fading BritishUnited KingdomBurbek, Jasmine08/28/2015
Justice and revenge BritishUnited KingdomBurbek, Jasmine08/28/2015
Innocent kiss BritishUnited KingdomBurbek, Jasmine08/28/2015
Joan the virgin BritishUnited KingdomBurbek, Jasmine08/28/2015
Premium Member Poem On Palawan Sands BritishUnited KingdomFraser, James08/28/2015
A Cautionary Tale BritishUnited KingdomBroadbent, Robert08/28/2015
Premium Member Poem Atmospheric Circulation BritishUnited KingdomFraser, James08/28/2015
Premium Member Poem Miniature Representation BritishUnited KingdomFraser, James08/28/2015
Moonbow BritishUnited Kingdomleake, kevin08/28/2015
Living On The Edge BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill08/28/2015
Premium Member Poem LYING COMPLETELY MOTIONLESS BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl08/28/2015
Premium Member Poem MAISIE BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl08/28/2015
Premium Member Poem Putting On The Ritz BritishUnited Kingdomholmes, peter08/28/2015
Premium Member Poem SPIDER WEB HAIKU BritishUnited KingdomALLISON, JAN08/28/2015
Premium Member Poem Violation of my spirit - human rights contest BritishUnited KingdomROBERTS, SEREN08/28/2015
The Man In The Middle BritishUnited KingdomBickerstaffe, Keith08/27/2015
Premium Member Poem Meat BritishUnited KingdomHamilton, Shadow08/27/2015
Premium Member Poem Downfall of Joan of Arc BritishUnited KingdomROBERTS, SEREN08/27/2015
Changing the Soundtrack BritishUnited KingdomFoster, Gail08/27/2015
Premium Member Poem Final poem goodbye cruel world BritishUnited KingdomOne, Silent08/27/2015
Demonic tendecies BritishUnited KingdomBurbek, Jasmine08/27/2015
Demonic dreams BritishUnited KingdomBurbek, Jasmine08/27/2015