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British Poems and Poetry from United Kingdom

British poems and poetry from United Kingdom. Read examples of british poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

I am Lucifer - I Iived BritishUnited KingdomFullard, Stella 02/05/2016
What a cruel yet funny way to lose BritishUnited KingdomJY, T.I.R.O.02/05/2016
some kind of murder BritishUnited KingdomMkenzie, Nichola 02/05/2016
Without Gorm BritishUnited KingdomJY, T.I.R.O.02/05/2016
Uncertain Lover Hope BritishUnited KingdomPolnik, Rozalia02/05/2016
Premium Member Poem Walk hand in hand BritishUnited KingdomUnderwood, Gail02/05/2016
INSIGHTS OF BEAUTY BritishUnited KingdomStrand, Brian02/05/2016
Basic Black BritishUnited KingdomBickerstaffe, Keith02/05/2016
Ode To The Earthworm BritishUnited KingdomBickerstaffe, Keith02/05/2016
A Square Peg BritishUnited KingdomBickerstaffe, Keith02/05/2016
NO ONE TAKES TIME BritishUnited KingdomBURTON, MARIE02/05/2016
The Night of Enlightenment- my testimony BritishUnited KingdomMcConnell, Gordon02/05/2016
The one who survived Contest write BritishUnited KingdomAnthony, Mark02/05/2016
Premium Member Poem OWL SEE YOU BritishUnited KingdomALLISON, JAN02/05/2016
The Heartbreaker BritishUnited KingdomMcConnell, Gordon02/05/2016
Swiss Born Monk BritishUnited KingdomMcConnell, Gordon02/05/2016
Premium Member Poem Head in the clouds BritishUnited KingdomOne, Silent02/05/2016
Songs of yesterday BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa02/05/2016
My love song BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa02/05/2016
Love you to death BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa02/05/2016
Loving you is easy BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa02/05/2016
Lost in love BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa02/05/2016
Looking up at you BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa02/05/2016
Mr Sensitive BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa02/05/2016
Crawling BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa02/05/2016
Poor old me BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa02/05/2016
Can you hear me God BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa02/05/2016
Premium Member Poem IVOR BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor02/05/2016
Valentine - Your Love In My Heart BritishUnited KingdomRaven, Vladislav 02/05/2016
Premium Member Poem LOST BritishUnited KingdomOne, Silent02/05/2016
Premium Member Poem Hell's Finest Hour BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor02/05/2016
Premium Member Poem Away and Back BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor02/05/2016
Requiem in Confusion BritishUnited KingdomVassallo, Alfred02/05/2016
ATTENTION BritishUnited KingdomTomlin, Steve02/05/2016
The Gift of Redeeming Grace BritishUnited KingdomMcConnell, Gordon02/05/2016
To God BritishUnited KingdomWeatherill, Emmy02/05/2016
Vanities Of The Cast contest write BritishUnited KingdomAnthony, Mark02/04/2016
Premium Member Poem From and To BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Ivor02/04/2016
Premium Member Poem Alone BritishUnited KingdomPage, Roger02/04/2016
The House With The Golden Windows BritishUnited KingdomBickerstaffe, Keith02/04/2016
Mindfully Minding my Mind BritishUnited KingdomJY, T.I.R.O.02/04/2016
Prayer BritishUnited KingdomBickerstaffe, Keith02/04/2016
'Tis Time To Sleep BritishUnited KingdomHorton, Robert02/04/2016
Duncan's Ghost BritishUnited KingdomAhmed, Naseer02/04/2016
One Day BritishUnited KingdomMkenzie, Nichola 02/04/2016
Metamorphosis BritishUnited KingdomBickerstaffe, Keith02/04/2016
Manhattan Soliloquy BritishUnited KingdomBickerstaffe, Keith02/04/2016
Clarexicity BritishUnited KingdomBickerstaffe, Keith02/04/2016
Lovebirds BritishUnited KingdomBickerstaffe, Keith02/04/2016
The Old Hand Saw BritishUnited KingdomBickerstaffe, Keith02/04/2016