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Brazilian Poems and Poetry from Brazil

Brazilian poems and poetry from Brazil. Read examples of brazilian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
A mermaid was found by the seaside BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João01/25/2015
Leontopodium alpinum BrazilianBrazilArmstrong, Brian01/20/2015
A swing BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João01/18/2015
Our world Today BrazilianBrazilArmstrong, Brian01/13/2015
A demand BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João01/11/2015
A demand BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João01/04/2015
The Christmas tree BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João12/28/2014
575 BrazilianBrazilleite, viviane12/25/2014
A phone call BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João12/21/2014
An angel when faced with beauty BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João12/14/2014
Stuck BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João12/07/2014
575 BrazilianBrazilleite, viviane12/06/2014
Inner trenches BrazilianBrazilleite, viviane12/06/2014
Flower of the night BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João11/30/2014
Another Life BrazilianBrazilArmstrong, Brian11/25/2014
When we first kissed BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João11/23/2014
Beauty before a mirror BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João11/16/2014
A true rose BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João11/09/2014
Essence BrazilianBrazilparra, airton11/09/2014
Blow me your heart BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João11/02/2014
Love on the sidewalk BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João10/26/2014
In our memory BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João10/19/2014
Spring BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João10/12/2014
Another dance BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João10/05/2014
Premium Member Poem Tale: Mary Magdalene BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max10/04/2014
I imagined a rain BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João09/28/2014
Desert BrazilianBrazilparra, airton09/24/2014
Clear Water BrazilianBrazilparra, airton09/24/2014
Premium Member Poem Raise a bridge BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max09/22/2014
Premium Member Poem The building and the scissors BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max09/22/2014
Premium Member Poem The path of Freedom BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max09/22/2014
Dreams BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João09/21/2014
Premium Member Poem Stars of the New York BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max09/19/2014
Premium Member Poem Hit the target BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max09/19/2014
Too Fast BrazilianBrazilparra, airton09/10/2014
A rose everyday BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João09/07/2014
Who am I BrazilianBrazilparra, airton09/07/2014
Premium Member Poem Tale: Loaves and Fishes BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max09/02/2014
I see a garden BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João08/31/2014
Mary and Joseph traveling to Egypt BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João08/24/2014
Premium Member Poem Satellite BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max08/21/2014
Premium Member Poem A message to the United States BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max08/21/2014
The napkin BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João08/17/2014
Cold Night BrazilianBrazilparra, airton08/16/2014
Aesthetic and Static BrazilianBrazilparra, airton08/12/2014
What We are made of BrazilianBrazilparra, airton08/11/2014
A wife and her husband on the bed BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João08/10/2014
A lesson BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João08/03/2014
Bedside BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João07/27/2014