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Brazilian Poems and Poetry from Brazil

Brazilian poems and poetry from Brazil. Read examples of brazilian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

The Pixy BrazilianBrazilMagalhaes, Franklin09/01/2016
575 BrazilianBrazilleite, viviane06/22/2016
I'll dance BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana05/21/2016
Happiness BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana05/21/2016
Premium Member Poem My Sun is you BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max05/14/2016
time BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana04/24/2016
I feel good BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana04/21/2016
Boredom BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana04/13/2016
That Kiss BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana04/13/2016
Summer wind BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana04/11/2016
Action and reaction BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana04/01/2016
homework about empathy BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana04/01/2016
make you up BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana04/01/2016
Paradigmes BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana04/01/2016
Poem for Paris BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana03/31/2016
I am from BrazilianBrazilDyminski, Ana03/31/2016
Premium Member Poem Flowers BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max03/28/2016
575 -Paineira BrazilianBrazilleite, viviane03/24/2016
Greeneries BrazilianBrazilleite, viviane03/06/2016
575 BrazilianBrazilleite, viviane02/29/2016
Premium Member Poem The Fifth Wave: The Time Machine II BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max02/10/2016
Premium Member Poem Flash fiction: The Fourth Wave BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max02/09/2016
Premium Member Poem Flash fiction: The Third Wave BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max02/08/2016
Premium Member Poem Flash fiction: The Second Wave BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max02/07/2016
Premium Member Poem Flash fiction: The Revolt Coffee BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max02/04/2016
Premium Member Poem Welcome to Heavenly groupings BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max01/31/2016
Piecitos BrazilianBrazilleite, viviane01/16/2016
Wonderful BrazilianBrazilleite, viviane01/13/2016
Man of God BrazilianBrazildo Carmo, Roni12/29/2015
575 BrazilianBrazilleite, viviane12/08/2015
Premium Member Poem Oscar BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max12/07/2015
Premium Member Poem Rock of the rocks BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max11/27/2015
The Trip to Paradise BrazilianBrazilNickerson, William06/22/2015
Fiery Snow BrazilianBrazilNickerson, William06/22/2015
My wife gave me a rose BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João05/10/2015
Tell me a story BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João04/19/2015
Premium Member Poem Stages of Relationship BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max04/14/2015
Smiles BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João04/12/2015
Waiting BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João04/05/2015
Premium Member Poem Atticus BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max04/02/2015
Premium Member Poem Desire BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max04/02/2015
The kite BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João03/29/2015
Cold, cold wind BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João03/22/2015
The Cloud BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João03/15/2015
Snow BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João03/08/2015
Winter will come BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João03/01/2015
My Princess BrazilianBrazilArmstrong, Brian02/26/2015
Maybe she wishes to buy a rose BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João02/22/2015
The Campfire BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João02/15/2015
The humming bird and the rose BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João02/08/2015