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Brazilian Poems and Poetry from Brazil

Brazilian poems and poetry from Brazil. Read examples of brazilian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
An angel when faced with beauty BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João12/14/2014
Stuck BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João12/07/2014
575 BrazilianBrazilleite, viviane12/06/2014
Inner trenches BrazilianBrazilleite, viviane12/06/2014
Flower of the night BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João11/30/2014
Another Life BrazilianBrazilArmstrong, Brian11/25/2014
When we first kissed BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João11/23/2014
Beauty before a mirror BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João11/16/2014
A true rose BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João11/09/2014
Essence BrazilianBrazilparra, airton11/09/2014
Blow me your heart BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João11/02/2014
Love on the sidewalk BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João10/26/2014
In our memory BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João10/19/2014
Spring BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João10/12/2014
Another dance BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João10/05/2014
Premium Member Poem Tale: Mary Magdalene BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max10/04/2014
I imagined a rain BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João09/28/2014
Desert BrazilianBrazilparra, airton09/24/2014
Clear Water BrazilianBrazilparra, airton09/24/2014
Premium Member Poem Raise a bridge BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max09/22/2014
Premium Member Poem The building and the scissors BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max09/22/2014
Premium Member Poem The path of Freedom BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max09/22/2014
Dreams BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João09/21/2014
Premium Member Poem Stars of the New York BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max09/19/2014
Premium Member Poem Hit the target BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max09/19/2014
Too Fast BrazilianBrazilparra, airton09/10/2014
A rose everyday BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João09/07/2014
Who am I BrazilianBrazilparra, airton09/07/2014
Premium Member Poem Tale: Loaves and Fishes BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max09/02/2014
I see a garden BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João08/31/2014
Mary and Joseph traveling to Egypt BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João08/24/2014
Premium Member Poem Satellite BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max08/21/2014
Premium Member Poem A message to the United States BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max08/21/2014
The napkin BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João08/17/2014
Cold Night BrazilianBrazilparra, airton08/16/2014
Aesthetic and Static BrazilianBrazilparra, airton08/12/2014
What We are made of BrazilianBrazilparra, airton08/11/2014
A wife and her husband on the bed BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João08/10/2014
A lesson BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João08/03/2014
Bedside BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João07/27/2014
Premium Member Poem Post of the Night: The sensory testing BrazilianBrazilDiniz Cruzeiro, Max07/20/2014
After a dream BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João07/20/2014
Morning BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João07/13/2014
When I go BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João07/06/2014
A tear, a lonely tear BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João06/29/2014
Love has discovered a nest BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João06/22/2014
The river and the lily BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João06/15/2014
Hear the wind calling your name BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João06/08/2014
I love you BrazilianBrazilCamilo, João06/01/2014