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Barbadian Poems and Poetry from Barbados

Barbadian poems and poetry from Barbados. Read examples of barbadian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

The Night My Nightingale Flew Away BarbadianBarbadosJones, Calalusiana 09/21/2016
As I Stare Through The Glass Window BarbadianBarbadosJones, Calalusiana 09/20/2016
ENVY BarbadianBarbadosWard, Liz07/22/2016
RAIN BarbadianBarbadosWard, Liz07/19/2016
Sanctuary BarbadianBarbadosWard, Liz07/16/2016
Predator BarbadianBarbadosWard, Liz07/10/2016
A Caribbean Morn BarbadianBarbadosWard, Liz06/30/2016
My Grandparents' Verandah BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel06/19/2016
In my bed I'm lost BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel06/19/2016
FREEDOM BarbadianBarbadosWard, Liz06/10/2016
My Special Gift BarbadianBarbadosWard, Liz06/08/2016
My Blessing BarbadianBarbadosWard, Liz06/08/2016
FRIENDS BarbadianBarbadosWard, Liz06/08/2016
For My Mother BarbadianBarbadosWard, Liz06/08/2016
Roses and Dust BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel09/12/2015
Some Fine Wine BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel10/09/2013
Mankind's Enigma BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel10/09/2013
What Is Poetry BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel08/19/2013
Time and Money BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel07/03/2013
Tree Of Magashi BarbadianBarbadosSealy, Sandra03/17/2013
Suicide Cheats Death BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel03/16/2013
Chair of Death BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel03/16/2013
Love: Contemplating On Your Doorstep BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel01/28/2013
Define Death Please BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel11/09/2012
A MOMENT IN LIFE BarbadianBarbadosKNIGHT, NANCY10/31/2012
STORMS CLOUDS BarbadianBarbadosKNIGHT, NANCY10/31/2012
A Fit of Emptiness: Finding One's Self BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel09/17/2012
Cycle BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel09/12/2012
Not Even Death Could Swoon Him BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel09/12/2012
The Chiming Winter BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel09/06/2012
Dead Bodies and Pretty Flowers BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel06/07/2012
Love Thing BarbadianBarbadosSeuss, Jewel05/30/2012
Aplause BarbadianBarbadosLuke, Akiesha02/17/2012
no prices to pay BarbadianBarbadosLuke, Akiesha02/17/2012
old love BarbadianBarbadosLuke, Akiesha02/17/2012
I am BarbadianBarbadoscodrington, kerri-ann06/12/2007
ice BarbadianBarbadoscodrington, kerri-ann05/29/2007
Life BarbadianBarbadoscodrington, kerri-ann05/13/2007
Son of a poet BarbadianBarbadosWard, Jason05/02/2006
Bones of Iron BarbadianBarbadosWard, Jason02/06/2006
Soldier BarbadianBarbadosWard, Jason01/17/2006
All things grow with love BarbadianBarbadosWard, Jason01/17/2006
The Black Rose BarbadianBarbadosHall, Ken08/25/2005