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Bahamian Poems and Poetry from Bahamas

Bahamian poems and poetry from Bahamas. Read examples of bahamian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Sun, Sand and Sea BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia07/04/2015
Movie Night BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia07/04/2015
Chickcharney In Androsia Print BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/28/2015
September 17,1994 BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/27/2015
Behring Point BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/25/2015
Tribute To The Father of Bahamian Tourism BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/24/2015
Miss Bahamian Culture BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/21/2015
September 17, 1993 BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/20/2015
We Have Sunshine All Year Round BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/17/2015
Woman Caves BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/16/2015
The Perils of The Menstrual Experience BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/16/2015
Hurricane Michelle BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/14/2015
Mystery Toddler BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/14/2015
Hurricane Floyd BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/13/2015
Red Converse and Camo Trousers BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/13/2015
Put On Your Gold, Black and Aquamarine and Let Them Run Through Your Veins BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/11/2015
My Prayer of Reflection BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/10/2015
A Tribute to My Favorite National Symbol BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia06/10/2015
The Bahama Islands, Our Tropical Paradise BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia05/15/2015
A Tribute To The Color Aquamarine BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia05/04/2015
The Drunken Woman BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/25/2015
The Teacher and The Sea grape BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/24/2015
My Little Poet BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/22/2015
The Things The Mathematician Said BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/14/2015
The Morning My Teacher Made Me Laugh BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/12/2015
To Math BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/12/2015
The Blood BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/12/2015
The Pratt Brothers BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/11/2015
A Written Thank You To A Very Special Teacher BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/11/2015
My Math Teacher BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/11/2015
My Teacher Runs Things BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/11/2015
A Very Special Poem For Albert BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/11/2015
Welcome Home My Friend BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/11/2015
Conch Sound BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/11/2015
Inagua's Son BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/11/2015
Love Is Like A Tropical Island BahamianBahamasPratt, Mia04/11/2015
Idle thoughts BahamianBahamasMIller, Alrio04/05/2015
Unknown pain BahamianBahamasMIller, Alrio04/05/2015
best friend BahamianBahamasstrachan, izaria03/14/2015
having faith BahamianBahamasstrachan, izaria03/05/2015
Bereaved Feeling BahamianBahamasMIller, Alrio11/10/2014
Hurts BahamianBahamasstrachan, izaria09/25/2014
STANDING ALONE BahamianBahamasRussell, Elvernia07/31/2014
Do you remember BahamianBahamasMIller, Alrio06/09/2014
When Your Persona Breaks BahamianBahamasMIller, Alrio06/09/2014
One-sided Affair BahamianBahamasMIller, Alrio06/09/2014
PREPARE THE DREAM BahamianBahamasRussell, Elvernia05/30/2014
BROKEN DREAMS BahamianBahamasRussell, Elvernia05/30/2014
Distant thoughts BahamianBahamasMIller, Alrio05/29/2014
Broken Bliss BahamianBahamasMIller, Alrio05/29/2014