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Austrian Poems and Poetry from Austria

Austrian poems and poetry from Austria. Read examples of austrian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Even In Success There's Frustration AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks06/05/2016
The sixth sense AustrianAustriaHofer, Celine03/27/2016
Cupidity AustrianAustriaAziz, Hilary03/26/2016
Finding me AustrianAustriaAziz, Hilary03/25/2016
Jesus on the Mount of Olives AustrianAustriaAumann, Sir Kristian Goldmund 03/24/2016
Night of Broken Glass AustrianAustriaAumann, Sir Kristian Goldmund 03/16/2016
I LOVE YOU AustrianAustriaAumann, Sir Kristian Goldmund 03/09/2016
When the Night Comes AustrianAustriaAumann, Sir Kristian Goldmund 03/09/2016
Greatest feeling of love AustrianAustriamihandoust, nina02/28/2016
What's up, old boy AustrianAustriaHofer, Celine02/22/2016
The old and new mes AustrianAustriaHofer, Celine02/20/2016
Missing Family AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks09/14/2015
Confused Landscape AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks06/01/2015
Alzheimers-for Wallace AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks04/01/2015
King Solomon AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks03/26/2015
Relapse AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks03/19/2015
Love AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks02/06/2015
Kissing Sea Froth AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks02/04/2015
Train Breath Arithmetic AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks01/13/2015
New Medicine Show AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks01/06/2015
Fidgeting Thoughts--- AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks12/18/2014
Some Of My Poems Suck AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks12/12/2014
The Affair AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks12/09/2014
Pre-Rehab AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks12/02/2014
Will you leave before my beauty and youth do AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks12/01/2014
My Grossvater the Jew AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks11/29/2014
Slouching Toward Ferguson AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks11/25/2014
UTIs AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks11/24/2014
Hometown AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks11/18/2014
What Became of the Soul Stripped from Johnson: AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks11/15/2014
Curved Lips AustrianAustriaLindberg, Brooks11/14/2014
Delusion AustrianAustriamihandoust, nina10/17/2014
Trust me AustrianAustriamihandoust, nina10/07/2014
I am a dreamer AustrianAustriamihandoust, nina06/17/2014
How beautiful it can be AustrianAustriamihandoust, nina12/28/2013
Do you believe in life after love AustrianAustriamihandoust, nina12/25/2013
the beat of your heart AustrianAustriaC, Rachael11/21/2006
lost AustrianAustriaC, Rachael11/14/2006
__Always love me<3_ AustrianAustriaC, Rachael11/14/2006
with her AustrianAustriaC, Rachael11/13/2006
The angel of the night AustrianAustriaC, Rachael11/13/2006
Now your gone AustrianAustriaC, Rachael11/13/2006
<3 forever yours_ AustrianAustriaC, Rachael11/13/2006
Faith in humanity restored! AustrianAustriaAziz, Hilary10/29/2006